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Red beeping filled the tower and flashes of red light were everywhere.

Robin sat up quickly from his bed. What could be the trouble now? Couldn't a superhero rest for the night without being disturbed nowadays? Sighing, he leapt of bed and dashed to the living room.

There, he met his other teammates, his fellow Titans. Cyborg was standing right in front of the huge screen that took up nearly one whole wall. He was typing furiously into a keyboard below, trying to locate whatever that had caused the alarm to sound.

"It's The Brain and Mallah. They're at this abandoned warehouse near Dovey Harbour." Cyborg said, pointing to a small red dot with red rings pulsating out from it on a map of Jump city, shown on the screen.

"You mean the new harbour they just built?" Beast boy asked.

"Yep. The one just built last week. But apparently, they didn't knock down the old warehouse situated there. It's still standing." Cyborg confirmed.

"Of course they didn't knock it down! Did you know that it is rumoured to be haunted?" Beast boy shivered despite the warmth of the tower.

Raven rolled her eyes. How can he be so gullible? What nonsense! It was probably still standing for some historical value. The mayor of Jump City always wanted some historical sites, like the Old Library for instance.

"What are they doing?" Robin demanded. It was 2 AM in the morning and he highly doubted that The Brain and Mallah were there to celebrate a party.

"Can't tell. But they're using up more than ¾ of the city's main power. Soon, there'll be a massive -"

That's when the lights flickered off and the room was plunged into pitch-black darkness.

" - blackout." Raven finished tonelessly for Cyborg.

"Let's go team! We need to find out what they're up to and stop them before it's too late!" Robin clenched his fists and ran swiftly out of the door.

The Titans looked at one another then followed closely behind their leader.


Robin kicked down the warehouse's front door and rolled inside, his battle staff at the ready.

The other Titans came up behind him, prepared for battle.

A few moments of silence passed as they all took in the scene. The warehouse was indeed old, it looked ready to crumble. Cobwebs and dust were collected at every corner. Not only that, but it was also dark and had a musty smell about it. The only light came from the moon's rays from the outside, and which silhouetted the Titans as they stood at the doors.

The Brain and Mallah were indeed there. They were standing in the center of the room and appeared to be working on something quite … enormous. In the darkness, it wasn't clear what it was but Robin thought he saw a gleam of silver on a rather circular surface.

Monsieur Mallah who was initially bent over tweaking on that something slowly straightened up the face the Teen Titans. Both he and The Brain were looking unsurprised as they faced their enemies.

"Ah, the Teen Titans. Took you long enough to find us." The Brain stated calmly in his annoyingly annoying robotic voice.

"Whatever it is that you're planning to do, it won't work!" Robin held up his staff, glaring.

"I see you have little faith in my capabilities." The Brain replied, "No matter. Soon, you shall see exactly the full extent of what I can do when I reveal my masterpiece and change the course of history … forever!"

"Not if I can do something about it! Titans, GO!"

Everyone charged, but was suddenly stopped by robotic men which dropped from the ceiling to the ground, barricading the Titans from the Brain and Mallah.

"Just a little something to keep you busy while I add the finishing touches." The Brain and Mallah then turned back to whatever they were working on a moment ago.

And the robots certainly did keep the Titans busy. All were skilled in combat, had protective armour and were surprisingly fast and agile. Robin had already knocked down two of the robots but more seemed to appear out of nowhere.

"It is finished, master." Mallah took a step back to let The Brain admire their masterpiece.

Though it was still too dark to see it clearly, he could make out the strong steel shell, the glittering crystal rim with a few knobs at the side, and a shiny, silver surface that looked as clear as water but yet, dark and bottomless.

Perfect, it was perfect, and nothing could stop them now.

"Turn on the switch. Let's make this quick, Mallah." The Brain commanded.

"Yes, master." Mallah flicked on a switch which was one of those knobbly things at the side and immediately, the crystal rim began to glow while sparks of electricity surrounded it.

Meanwhile, the Titans were still desperately fighting the robots. But none were having as much difficulty as Beast boy who now found himself trapped in a very sticky situation.

Ewww! Why did he have to step on that huge blob of disgusting, sticky bubblegum on the ground? Beast boy thought. He glared at Mallah. He probably spit it there on purpose! But what gave it away that it was Mallah's bubblegum? Well, the wrappers around him sure were a telltale sign.

Beast boy tried turning into various animals to yank himself out of his sticky situation. But it was no use and the robots were closely in fast. One of the robots held out both hands, balled into a single fist over the top of his head. Beast boy shrank back and covered his face with his arms, anticipating the crushing blow that will surely follow.


There was the crushing sound of metal falling apart as wooden splinters ran down his head. Beast boy looked up, confused. Standing before him was Raven, floating up high in the air and holding, with her dark energy, half a beam that had once been supporting the roof of the warehouse.

Instinctively, Beast boy look up and saw a whole beam torn from the rest. Suddenly, the roof seemed very unstable. He looked down again to see the other half of the beam in splinters on the ground with three robots and their various decapitated metal heads.

Giving a shudder, he stood up, grateful for his friend.

"Hahahahaha! So long Titans! I'm off to change history!" The Brain gave a loud cackle.

Robin kicked a robot away and looked up just in time to see the machine The Brain and Mallah were standing in front of properly. The dark, silver surface turned white and numbers blinked on the top of the crystal rim. Robin realised it was a date - 25/09/2005. There were also words blinking beside the date, it read "America".

"No!" Robin cried as Mallah, carrying the Brain stepped inside the white surface and disappeared. He started to run but he was too far away …

"NO!" Came a louder cry, closer to the machine. It was Beast boy and he had noticed a trembling beam about to crash down from the roof, directly above Raven!

He turned into a Pterodactyl and pulled with all his might. Snap! Beast boy was free!

As a result of his mighty pull, he flew straight into Raven and shoved her to safety as the beam crashed down to the ground. But he realised, he couldn't stop! He was still going full speed ahead.

Beast boy's eyes widened as he realised what was right in front of them - the machine, and it's surface was still gleaming white!

Three more seconds until they hit, two more, one! To his surprise, they did not crash, instead, they flew straight in!

That's when Starfire, still trying to blast a robot away, missed her target and blasted on of those knobs! The date changed and Starfire gasped at what she had done.

Robin, still running, leapt over the crashed beam and straight to the machine. Everything seemed to be happening in slow motion now.

His fingers could almost touch the gleaming white surface! Yes, he was almost there! But then suddenly, the surface turned dark again and he crashed headfirst into the cold, dark surface which looked once again, like a bottomless pool of water.

The machine tipped over as Robin fell on it.

And then, everything came crashing down.





Beast boy, now back in his human form, with Raven, tumbled through and crashed into two other hard objects in front of them.

Soon, they were all in a tangled mess.

"Get OFF!" Raven blasted her dark energy around. That seemed to work, though it sent everyone else sprawling to different directions on the ground.

She stood up slowly, as did the others. There was Beast boy to her left, and the Brain and Mallah on her far right. They were all groaning in pain.

"Where are we?" Beast boy looked around confused. Right now, the sun was shining brightly in the sky. It was day, but he was pretty sure it was night just a minute ago.

"This doesn't look like America, master." Mallah said, equally unsure.

Raven took in the scene before her. They were all at a lush green jungle with all sorts of strange flora and fauna around them. In the distance, they heard great roaring and thumping of feet that sounded like it came from a huge herd … of what? There were tall trees surrounding them and lots of strange creatures that Raven had never seen before.

Or had she? She vaguely remembered seeing them somewhere …

"You fools!" shrieked the Brain suddenly, "We're in the Cretaceous period!"

Then it clicked. Yes! Now she remembered, she had seen artist drawings of the creatures in a book about dinosaurs that she read when she was younger. They were all under the chapter "Period: Cretaceous".

Wait, dinosaurs? The Cretaceous Age? This cannot be good …

"Starfire! Let go!" Robin tried to wriggle out of Starfire's grasp.

The Titans had barely escaped the collapsing warehouse in time, due to Robin who stubbornly wanted to save the machine which was obviously used for time-traveling.

Now, the warehouse lay in ruins. Debris covered the ground and the Brain with Mallah had probably succeeded in returning to the past and triumphing there. Robin had regconised the date a second too late, it was the day when they first met the Brotherhood of Evil. The day when Beast boy had reunited with his former team - The Doom patrol.

And now, The Brain and Mallah are probably going lauch their Black hole earlier, before the Titans came to interfere and destroy Earth!

But that's not the worst part, they have Beast boy and Raven with them too. Starfire put Robin down to the ground gently but he kneeled over cradled his head in his hands.

"Don't worry, man. I think I can fix the machine if we all pitch in and look for all the scraps." Cyborg laid a hand on Robin and tried to sound reassuring. But Robin could still hear that tinge of doubt in his voice.

"What use is it now? The Earth is going to be swallowed up in a Black hole in a matter of minutes!" Robin yelled.

"Err … wait …" Starfire began unsurely.

"Beast boy and Raven are with them. They'll stop The Brain and Mallah from warning their past selves!" Cyborg tried to sound upbeat.

"My friends, I think there is something -"

"But what if they don't? And even if they do, what'll become of them? Will they remain trapped in the past forever?" Robin cried, exasperated.

"Friends! I need to tell you -"

"They'll figure something out. Even if I don't trust Beast boy, I have complete faith in Raven." Cyborg consoled.

"ATTENTION!" Starfire shouted.

Robin and Cyborg turned to her, shocked but both now silent.

Starfire looked at them sheepishly, "Forgive me for shouting but there is something important …"

Robin and Cyborg looked at each other.

"When I was fighting one of those horrid robots, I may have hit a knob with one of my star bolts …" Starfire looked at the ground, not daring to meet their eyes, "And then, the date changed."

"What?" Robin and Cyborg cried out in unison.

"So you see, my friends, the Earth is not doomed after all!" Starfire brightened up.

"Star, what was the date when you changed it?" Robin asked in a strained, dry voice.

"Actually, there wasn't any. It just read 120 million years ago …"

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