Robin, Cyborg and Alexander were all panting heavily. The Enchantress, however, didn't look the slightest bit ruffled. And it seemed, that they were the ones getting their butts kicked instead of her.

Robin watched as Alexander picked himself up and dashed forward bravely, trying to swipe her with the sword. But she teleported to the other side of the room and Alexander was unable to stop in time. He rammed his sword into the bricks of the castle walls and was stuck.

Then, he and Cyborg tried the sonic boom. But the shield she created around her deflected everything and Robin and Cyborg got the impact instead. They flew backwards and hit the wall, on either side of King Alexander who was still trying to pull out his sword.

"Is that your best? I somehow expected more …" The Enchantress said smilingly.

Robin knew that their attacks would be of no use if Raven, Beast boy and Starfire weren't here. They weren't operating as a full team. Speaking of which, Robin hoped that they were alright. Especially Starfire, why were they gone for so long?

"You know, it's curious ..." The Enchantress flicked her wrist at them and a pile of stone rubble created from their fight earlier, divided themselves into three equal parts and flew towards them. Then, the stones began to wrap themselves around their bodies, this left the three stuck on the wall, struggling to get out.

"It is really curious that your other two friends are missing. Perhaps you could give me a clue to where they are?" The Enchantress whispered in Robin's ear.

Robin head butted the Enchantress and she backed away angrily. And then, something green and powerful hit her from behind and she stumbled front, almost losing her balance. Turning around, she saw Starfire, Beast boy and Raven!

"Raven?" she gasped in shock. How did they find her? How did they manage to get her to follow them?

"His friends, are right here, and always will be!" Raven said, stepping forward.

"Teen Titans GO!" yelled Beast boy.

Starfire charged forward and started to spar with the Enchantress while Beast boy changed into a bear and broke the rocks off Robin, Cyborg and King Alexander. They rushed to help Starfire as soon as they were free.

Raven could slowly feel her powers returning. With each blow the team managed to land on The Enchantress, a little bit of her power would be restored back to her. Robin tossed her his staff and together, they ran towards The Enchantress and kicked her face twice before Raven jabbed the staff hard in her stomach and she flew back and hit the wall.

She then felt a huge surge of power and she dropped the staff immediately. Looking at her glowing hands, she slowly found herself rising. Yes! Her powers were back!

Raven hovered in the air, her eyes black, "Azarath Metrion ZINTHOS!"

The Titans shielded themselves as she raised her hands, palms up, and everything became dark. They could feel her energy, pulsating and strong, and then, the throne room exploded with a loud, "BOOM!"

When they all opened their eyes. It turned out that the place hadn't collapsed after all. It was still standing, but the Enchantress? She was … gone.

"There she is!" pointed Beast boy to a pile of white ash.

Everyone surged forward at once, everyone except for Raven. She descended rapidly and Beast boy caught her just in time. Raven felt exhausted from using up so much power. She could feel it, it was so strong, and that's because she's poured all her emotions into it. Though she knew she'd be burnt out for a while, Raven felt better after a release of the turmoil going inside of her.

"Raven?" Beast boy asked softly.

Raven's eyes opened. She saw the face of the boy whom she's been thinking so much about when she delivered that final blow to the Enchantress. She's hurt her friends, the King, and him … whom she strangely cared about the most. Raven smiled slowly, she was so glad he was safe and alright. And she felt safe too, when he was holding her, as if he'd never let anyone hurt her.

Raven's hand's unknowingly wrapped around his neck, and she pulled him closer …

"Hey! Do you think this urn could be used to keep that ash - thingy?" Cyborg yelled, holding up a green porcelain urn.

Raven and Beast boy pulled apart quickly and he helped her to her feet. Blushing slightly, they both looked down.

"Err … yeah." Raven said with a nervous laugh. Beast boy turned away from her and scratched the back of his head and gave a nervous chuckled too.

Cyborg shrugged and returned back to blowing all the white ash into the urn since no one wanted to touch it. The pair was so strange at times … he thought. But he sighed, trying to find what Beast boy or Raven was thinking felt like he was entering a maze and could not find the entrance. Their minds can be so confusing at times.

King Alexander walked towards Raven, "Lady Raven?"

"Oh!" she looked at him, now that she wasn't in love with him anymore, it was slightly awkward to be in his presence.

"I just wanted to let you know, that Rose, err … the Enchantress actually put a spell on us."

Raven nodded, "It was a love potion actually. You know the vials I keep giving you to drink? I apologise."

King Alexander smiled, "That's fine. Friends?"

"Friends." Raven returned the smile and they hugged.

The following morning, King Alexander was crowned as King of England properly once more, proudly holding up the Excalibur when he was finally King. This evoked lots of cheers and applause.

The Titans sat at the front pews of the church and they clapped for him loudly. Alexander had really gone a long way.

"People of England! I'd like to make a speech." he called to all, standing right in front.

"Last night, The Enchantress took over England. But we managed to defeat her, and save everyone. Also, all her spells were broken. And her ashes, will be placed at an urn and buried deep beneath the ground.

Rose, the Enchantress, used witchcraft and magic, to take over England. And thus, to some of you, it may strengthen your belief that all witches and sorcerers are evil. However, throughout this journey, I've had help and learnt that magic can be used for good. Magic is not evil, it is only the people who possesses the magic that is either evil or good.

Therefore, I realised how wrong we were, burning witches at the stakes just because they possess a rare ability. I truly believe there are some among us, who only want to use their powers to make England a better place. In fact, I've already met people who wields a great responsibility because of their powerful magic, and chose to do good instead of evil. And for that, I thank you, Teen Titans.

So I have decided, my people, that it is time to change our ways. For without them," King Alexander gestured to the Titans, "We wouldn't be here today, and neither will I. From this day forth, we shall eliminate the burning of witches and instead, will welcome them as an English, just like the rest of us.

I hope that we can bring peace and harmony between the two worlds, and that we can co-exist together as One." King Alexander finished.

The crowd was silent for a while. Pondering … they've been burning witches for so long, it was hard to get rid of the idea that they were enemies. But he was right, for without magic, they wouldn't be here today. And magic can be used for good too.

A slow applause started, and then, it soon became a standing ovation. King Alexander smiled and Raven can't help but feel a tinge of pride for him. He's done the right thing. And she believes, he can bring peace to the world.

Later on, he and the priest announced, to clear any misunderstandings, that Raven and he weren't married, since, they weren't doing it in their right minds and were controlled by a witch. And therefore, their actions and words were not their's and Raven was not the Queen of England.

Also, when the whole ceremony was done. King Alexander offered to find the materials they needed to get back home. The Titans had told him that they needed to build a sort of machine, though, they didn't say that it was for transporting through time. King Alexander had just accepted that magic can be good, it may be too much for him to know that they were from the future too.

So the Titans kept mum about that fact and stayed in the castle for a few days until all the materials were collected. Though, they made a few improvisations, since metals weren't invented yet, they were just going to use an oval, full-length mirror. The one found in the Enchantress's shop.

They said their goodbyes and though King Alexander was sad to see them leave, he knew that somehow, they just didn't belong to this world.

The team made their way to the shop and everyone pitched in, with Cyborg's guidance, to build a new Time-machine. It took hours and by the time they were finished, it was late at night. Raven read out a Home Spell from one of the Enchantress's spell books they found hidden away in a corner of a shelf.

She began to recite:

Nos dumum

Ubi sumus

Nos dumum

Volumus est fortis

The crystals around the mirror started to glow and that gave the mirror surface energy and power. The surface of the mirror started turning white in colour and it looked as though it was just made up of light instead of solid silver.

"Come on!" Raven said, dropping the spell book.

Robin quickly jumped instead, holding Starfire's hand and the two went through. Cybrog went next and Beast boy fell in afterwards. Raven looked around the place, after so many weeks, they were finally returning home …

She wanted to remember this moment forever, no, not just this moment, her whole adventure. From the time when Beast boy accidentally pushed her into The Brain and Mallah's Time-machine, to the secret of the Red Daggers and to England forging a bond with magic.

Then, the mirror surface began to waver. It was now, or never. Raven took one last breath of air of the 1700s and jumped into the mirror.

It felt like she was being sucked up a tunnel. A tunnel of white, she closed her eyes, everything was so bright around her. And she was flying, faster and faster … Then, when she though she couldn't go any faster, she hit the ground … hard.

Opening her eyes, she saw the Titans all surrounding her.

"Welcome back to the Titans Tower, Raven!" Robin smiled broadly and held out a hand.

Raven took it and she stood up, looking around. Her face broke into a wide smile too as she saw the living room of the place. The humongous screen TV, the semi-circle red couch, the corridors leading down to their various rooms, the windows, overlooking Jump City … It was her home, at last.

But the best thing was, her friends were all here. Raven ran towards them all and the Titans initiated a group hug.

And Raven knew then, this was where she truly belonged.

"I knew I'd find you up here."

It was after the group hug that Robin decided they should all go out for pizza to celebrate. So everyone was given 45 minutes to settle down back at home before they went out. Beast boy had went to his room and dived lovingly into his pile of dirty laundry and jumped about a hundred times on his bed before he pulled out his secret stash of stuffed toys and told them all about his adventure.

Then, he realised, that he should probably go find Raven. He had no idea why but all he knew, was that he wanted to talk to her. And so, he gave every object in his room one last hug before he made his way to Raven's room.

He knocked on the door and waited. There was no answer, he tried again, and still there wasn't any response. Is she even in the room? Beast boy called her name over and over again but it seemed like no one was inside.

Beast boy searched the living room, the kitchen, everywhere, but Raven was no where to be found. And then, it had just occurred to him that she probably wanted peace and quiet after such a long stay away from home. She was probably in a really private place where she could be home at the same time and be in the atmosphere of Jump City. It was most likely an open area.

So Beast boy went up to the top of Titans Tower and there he found her. Sitting cross-legged and meditating, facing the beautiful sunset and overlooking the City.

He called and she opened her eyes and stopped chanting.

"Beast boy? What are you -"

"I just wanted to make sure you were fine." Beast boy said. Raven uncrossed her legs and faced him with a smile.

"I am. Thank you."

"Your welcome."

"No, Beast boy. I meant thank you for everything. You never gave up hope on me, even when I was so horrible to you. And also, for all the times you've been with me, when you took care of me when I was in the cave having a fever in the Cretaceous period, or when you saved me from being drowned when I was walking the plank on Death Skulls' ship." Raven said sincerely, walking towards him.

"It's times like those where you truly realise who your real friends are and Beast boy, you're definitely one of them. Thank you for always being there." Raven whispered, and she hugged him.

Beast boy was surprised, but he hugged back, and … never wanted to let go.

"So," he whispered into her ear when they were still hugging, he didn't know what came over him and though he was blushing like mad, he had to ask, "I'm just a friend?"

Raven smiled, her cheeks slightly pink also, "Maybe more than that."

And then, she cupped his face with both her hands and kissed him. Beast boy felt a surge of joy when their lips met and his heart wanted to burst, he did love Raven. He's always had. But all that they've been through showed that she loves him too, more than he's ever known.

When they pulled apart, Robin was climbing onto the top of the tower calling to them, "Beast boy! Raven! Let's go!"

Sheepishly, they walked towards their leader.

"Why are you two so red?" Robin looked at them in confusion, his eyes traveled down to their interlocked fingers, "Ok …" he looked away, grinning slightly, "Maybe, I don't want to know."

~ And they all lived happily ever after ~

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