It's freezing outside, and Kotetsu is walking around as per usual – never mind the wind, the snow, the fact Barnaby is shivering in his heavy, fur-lined coat. Never mind that his hands are clad in real, warm leather: they're still cold, and Kotetsu's bare fingers have to be freezing.

There's only so much of this he can take, even though Kotetsu seems fine, even though he ran out on impulse with him without grabbing his coat and said he wasfine.

"You're going to get sick," Barnaby finally says, exasperated, "and I won't be the one taking care of you." Except yes, yes I will. I'll always take care of you, no matter what you do.

"I won't get sick – my endurance is my best quality, rig-"

"You're still a human."

And with that, Barnaby simply strips his coat off, scarf tangled about his neck as he huffily drapes the thing around Kotetsu's shoulders. It's a little big on Barnaby, so it actually looks even bigger on Kotetsu – the length of it brushing the man's heels, and the only thing fitting better being the shoulders.

"Now you're going to be cold," Kotetsu points out with a blink, even though he instinctively withdraws into the warmth of the heavy coat, reaching a hand up to grasp at it and pull it closer. His fingers have to be positively icy.

"Then you can take care of me," Barnaby sniffs, leaning forward to button the thing up.

And Kotetsu just grins, shrugging acceptance of that, and leans up to press a kiss to the blond's cheek – regardless of setting, regardless of cold, regardless of anything.

"I'll always do that."

Then we have an agreement, Barnaby thinks, and breathes an internal sigh of fond relief. Sharing coats on cold days were, at least, a surprising balm to his nerves.