Emma Tutweiler was just cleaning up the classroom, when she heard howling from outside. Ms Tutweiller stopped for a moment to listen at the howling, but it already stopped. Ms Tutweiller didn't need to be told twice, 'cause she already closed the classroom, so she could go sit in her room and read the book she wanted to read for a while. Again, she heard the howling. Emma looked up, but couldn't see anyone near her. She smiled awkward at her reflection in the window. "I really need some spare time. I work too much. I'm going crazy,' She mumbled.

However, the howling didn't stop. Emma looked around, to find Bailey in one of the corners of a room. "Bailey?" She asked, not believing what she saw. The blonde-haired girl looked up.

"Not now, miss Tutweiller." She sniffed. "I don't want to talk about the math test we had yesterday." The older lady smiled, when she bend and sat down next to her pupil.

"Bailey, it's late, and you're crying in a corner of the room. Why do you think I want to talk to you? Of course it's not about the math test!" The woman said, when she put her arm around the younger girl.

"What's wrong?" Ms Tutweiller asked. Bailey stayed silent for a moment, and then burst out in tears. "I.. My.. He.. Cody and I broke up." She finally cried out.

"Awh, darling, shhh, it's allright." Ms Tutweiller tried to comfort her, when Bailey let tears stream down over her cheeks. "Why?" She asked. Bailey shrugged. "We aren't ment to be. Everyone could see it lately." She cried. Miss Tutweiller patted her head. "Don't you cry.."

She tried, but Bailey only cried louder and more.

"I thought you two went great together?" Emma asked surprised. Bailey shoke her head. "No, everyone thinks that, but we just don't fit. We hug, we kiss, we hold hands and we're hanging out together, but we don't love." Bailey said.

Ms Tutweiller hugged her.

And they sat like that for almost the whole night, talking about all the lost loves they have had in their lives and about crushes. And finally, Bailey had found the mother she missed and never had. And Emma Tutweiller had found the daughter she always wanted.