Distracting Kotetsu never takes too much effort, but Barnaby has it down to an art. Today is one of those days – the man is seated on the couch, legs crossed, cellphone pressed to one ear as he apparently finds himself trying to talk his way out of fines yet again.

Barnaby thinks, of course, that this is a good time to begin distracting him.

He slinks over to the couch and Kotetsu doesn't as much as spare him a glance until he's sliding to his knees, long, elegant fingers a delicate splay over Kotetsu's calves and coaxing his legs apart. Kotetsu pays attention then, sputtering on the phone, nearly swearing as Barnaby nuzzles his way up the inside of one of his thighs.

It's even more enjoyable, because he guesses Kotetsu is talking to Judge Petrov, of all people. He can hear the judge's drone on the other end of the line as his teeth catch hold of Kotetsu's zipper and drag it down in one swift pull, hear the judge's derision as Kotetsu stutters and gasps out excuses.

"A-ah – I think – " And Barnaby's fingers are prying down trousers and undewear, sliding along the already hardening length of Kotetsu's cock. Barnaby watches Kotetsu swallow hard, watches the bob of his adam's apple, watches the trickle of sweat that slides down his throat and watches the clench of his jaw as he tries to set his wits about him. "I think – I need to call you back, Judge – "

"If you hang up now, Mr. Kaburagi – "

There's some other threat there that Barnaby can't quite here, and he smirks as his tongue flicks over the head of Kotetsu's length, a wet, hot slide against too-sensitive flesh. Kotetsu makes some choking sound and although his hand tightens around his phone, fingers white-knuckled and arm wobbling, he doesn't hang up.

Barnaby seriously doubts Kotetsu is digesting a thing that Yuri is saying to him, especially when Barnaby's lips part and actually wrap around the other man, sliding down the length of him in one, hot swallow. Kotetsu's other hand snaps up, burying itself into his hair, twisting and tugging and holding him down for a moment – forcing him to stay there with his nose damn near nuzzling into Kotetsu's stomach as the man sucks in a ragged breath and obviously, obviously savors the slick, wet heat of Barnaby's mouth around him.

His hold loosens a moment later, but only slightly. It's enough to let Barnaby move – hard, long sucks and swipes of his tongue, pulling back with slick, wet pops and sticky drags of his lips over the hard flesh. Kotetsu's cock twitches between his lips with every slide, with every upward thrust of the man's hips, and Barnaby laughs at how easy it is to make him like this – how easy, especially when there's essentially another pair of ears to hear everything. Barnaby wonders if the judge can hear the wet, messy sounds of him sucking Kotetsu's cock, and for a moment, really hopes that he does, especially when Kotetsu shoves him down again, biting his lip to keep back a groan as his hips snap upward and Barnaby feels him come, hot and slick down the back of his throat.

Barnaby pulls back gasping, sucking in a ragged breath and licking sore, bruised lips as he looks up at Kotetsu through his lashes, watching him struggle not to pant and groan and whine. Yes, he's made Kotetsu whine – it's easy, so easy, when the man is off-kilter and flustered and eager, something Barnaby knows his mouth can bring about at the drop of a hat.

'Fuck you' Kotetsu mouths as Barnaby climbs to his feet with little more than a sway and an absent wave of his fingers. Mission accomplished, as far as he's concerned – Kotetsu can deal with Yuri and the aftermath of that on his own.