There was a war afoot – a great war, a war of many magics and many deaths. And Kotetsu, being the emperor of the land cursed with such a war, found himself at a loss as to how to handle it.

The answer came in the form of his loyal magical unicorn. The unicorn's name was Barnaby, and as a human, he was a beautiful thing – pale and golden-haired with curls that were never out of place. But that was not how he knelt at the foot of Kotetsu's throne; no, at the foot of his throne he was in his truest form, that of an ethereal being with long wisping mane and cloven hooves.

"I swear never to desert my post before your throne," Barnaby said, and with those words, they were sworn to be as one – Barnaby would never kneel to another.

Kotetsu knew the war was won.