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They're invisible to the naked eye. But that doesn't mean you can't tell that they're coming. You know that wrong feeling you get when someone's glaring at you from across the room and you haven't seen them yet? Or when that creep from Algebra is stalking you?

It's like that, but a hundred thousand times worse. So long as there's just one, you can tell where they are sort of. That wrongness starts in the back of your mind. The closer they get, the worse it is. And if you bump into them—they're invisible, but they're there—God help you, 'cause no one else can.

My older brother told me about something his psych teacher told him, about how humans are the only species who don't listen to their instincts. Like, a zebra won't get this sort of feeling and be like, "Huh, is there a lion behind me? Nah."

Instead, the zebra'll run like hell.

That's what we should have been doing. Maybe. I mean, they're so efficient. They swept through so fast, I doubt an evacuation would've really worked. The north is gone. Greenland, Canada, Norway, Finland, and Sweden are confirmed to have fallen completely. There's rumors that Russia's still holding out near its southern border, but...it's hard to know what to believe anymore.

Here in the U.S., we lost a good chunk before some youtuber in Germany figured out that just because you don't see them doesn't mean they don't emit thermal energy. The internet's really unstable now, by the way.

But, the whole thermal heat thing really helped. With some infrared goggles, you can see just how outnumbered we really are. Seven billion people on our planet—well, there used to be—and there's more of them.

My brother, Greg, was up in a college in New York. I think he might still be alive. I know, I know. It's stupid to hope for anything, but...he sent me some emails two days ago and New York fell almost a week back. Maybe it's just the internet being stupid, but...

It's been almost two months since they first showed up. They took the north in six weeks and the only reason it took them so long was because they walk everywhere. It's like they know we can't stop them, so what's the rush?

At first it was just like...parts of our world were disappearing. And most of us didn't notice. I mean, what would alert me, here in North Carolina, USA, that some little barely-a-thousand-population-town in Greenland with only one road leading to it just got wiped off the face of the map?

It wasn't until they started hitting the bigger towns and cities that people started noticing.

You know, that kid in Germany probably wasn't the first one to figure out the thermal imaging thing. But he was the first one to have time to get the information out before...if humanity survives this, he'll be remembered as a hero.

But, um...

I'm sorry. My mind is so scattered right now, with what I'm thinking of doing.

Pretty much every country is under some type of martial law. People aren't supposed to leave their houses. Some governments have been completely toppled because people are scared that if they don't run south now, they'll be killed. My town's been okay. Most people are just staying indoors. Virginia hasn't fallen yet, so people think we still have some time, I guess.

The police have formed a perimeter around this thing that showed up, near the courthouse, and if I'm gonna get to it...

They're already here, you know? I'm sitting here, in a shop that I broke into across the street from this...monument thing that just appeared over night, and they're already coming through it. Not a lot...only maybe five of them so far, but...I saw the video someone in Ohio shot using the imaging stuff. They're an army. I have no doubt there's gonna be more and I don't know how I'm gonna get past them and past whatever is beyond that...portal thing. I don't even know if it goes two ways, but...

I should explain a bit, shouldn't I?

The emails my brother sent me...I was all excited at first, right? He's a total gamer and into things like zombie apocalypses and stuff and I figured that if anyone can survive the end of the world, it'd be him and his friends. I thought he's probably metal-gear-soliding his way through New York, heading home, but...the stuff he sent me.

It didn't make sense at first. It was a captioned picture of this humanoid looking thing with a really thick neck and a horn coming out of its head holding a sword. The caption said, "Burning Legion. World of Warcraft. Look it up."

The official site is completely down, but I found some fan sites. They're taking them down, I think. Trying to keep us from spreading the word of what they are. But, sites keep popping up with bits of information and I have enough of an idea that I think I know what I have to do.

Apparently the Burning Legion destroys worlds and we're up. In Warcraft, the species could all see them—the demons, they're called. They like, tamed them or something.

My brother, he played a witch thing—warlock, I think the sites are calling them. Anyway, a few months before they came, when he was still at home, he'd been playing the game when mom wanted him to go to the store for something. He was all annoyed and stuff, but he grabbed me out of my room while I was seeing which shirt I wanted to wear to Bethany's party and sat me down in front of the computer. He told me to press the space bar once a minute while he was gone. Apparently he was in a group and that'd let them know he was still there?

Well, I sat there, hitting the space bar way more than once a minute and it was kind of fun. I mean, the hopping animation is cute, I guess. But there was this dude beside me and he wasn't hopping at all. So when this other guy stopped near us and said some stuff I'd rather not repeat, I figured it had to be directed at that guy. So I figured out how to type in game and told him to jump. He ignored me. I didn't want to get in trouble with those other angry guys for hanging around him, so I decided I would take my jumping a bit to the left. And he followed me. So I moved again and he kept following me.

While it was really frustrating, when my brother came back, he asked me why I was screaming at his felguard to leave me alone. He shouldn't play with his name turned off. If I'd known that I was Lololock, then I would have known that thing was my minion. As it was, I'd been capslock typing for that jerk to come get his thing.

Greg laughed at me every time he saw me for the next week.

So not my point. Greg's character owned a felguard. One of those things attacking. So that means those people in...Aze-whatever control these things, right? Maybe if I can go there, I can appeal to their better nature and get them to call them off. Like, maybe they think we're a threat. Maybe they think we're gonna use nukes on them. I can explain that we won't and maybe they'll call their minions off.

You might wonder why I'm so quick to connect the Warcraft stuff to what's happening now. It's two things. That felguard picture my brother sent? So, I would rather not say how I procured my infrared goggles, but I have a pair. A lot of people are getting them one way or another because nobody wants to be caught off guard. My parents are in a convention on the west coast right now, assuming there still is a west coast. So...I mean, I'm seventeen, so being home alone isn't a big deal, but...you'd be amazed how much you want someone else around when there are demons slaughtering your country. Or maybe that's just common sense. Like I said, I'm kind of freaking out right now.

So I got my goggles and I've been watching out my window and I saw one walking down the street. My street. Just like, walking. It wasn't trying to destroy anything. But it was there. Meaning they were here.

And it fit the shape of the felguard.

The other reason is that this thing showed up near the courthouse right about when that felguard did...it's from Warcraft. My brother's been playing that game forever and I know that for a long time whenever I used to walk by the computer, if he wasn't there I'd see this big gate thing with those two statue guys on either side, eyes all glowy. Eventually it got replaced by a dragon that flew around, and then a bigger, scarier dragon on a castle, but I digress. I asked him about it once and he said it was a portal between worlds.

So with that showing up in town, I'm figuring we don't have long at all and I should do everything I can. I mean, I sent a tip to the police to destroy it, but I don't think they can. So I'm gonna try to use it. That's why I came here.

When I asked Greg about it, way back, it was one of my parentally forced attempts to 'bond'. I'd asked if you had to talk to the statues or something—it's a fantasy game so you could have to talk to inanimate objects, right?—and he said that you just walk through the center. No ceremony required.

Now I just have to figure out how to get past the police and the demons. No sweat, right?


A/N: These chapters probably won't be terribly long, namely because I'm just getting comfortable using first person story-telling techniques. I generally prefer third person omniscient, so this will be a bit of a challenge for me. Most sentence fragments are intentional, because if you listen to people, when we talk we do use a lot of them.

However, as always, feedback would be awesome. Also, I'm an avid warcraft player, so if any of my little non-gamer's explanations fall short or you think she knows too much, let me know.