To my dear readers and reviewers:

I have been writing this story for 18 months now, and wouldn't have gone this far without your steadfast support and encouragements. You have greatly helped me with the plot and the description of the characters. It gives me a warm feeling in the heart knowing you are enjoying the OC characters as much as the NCIS-trademarked ones!

I am sorry to announce you that I have to put this story on 'hold': the results of my MA dissertation have not come up to my expectations. Long story short, I have to rewrite the whole thing and present a new copy in May 2014. To say I am disappointed and discouraged is an understatement! :o(

You will understand I cannot concentrate on both the dissertation and the story, since English is not my native language and writing new chapters is always a challenge – not to forget that I work full-time!

Hence, this story is on hold… but I am resolute in posting new chapters in May.

Again, I am sorry to disappoint my marvelous readers and reviewers, and all the kind people who have put this story on their Favorite lists. But sometimes, RL comes and bites you on the… posterior.

Best regards,

Rose de Sharon