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Chapter 1

It was 9:47 p.m. when I woke up and I got ready for work. Late, I know. But this was a unique store I worked at. It was probably the only music store that was open 24/7. I was tired because I wasn't use to the night shift. I ran around, gathering myself together and headed out.

It was really dark and cold; I had gotten use to the cold a long time ago. I buttoned up my coat and drove to my job.

I'm usually not one to brag but I will admit that I am a very good musician and composer. I was even accepted at the most finest school in the country for musicians. I attended it for a year before I dropped out. I was still heartbroken over Edward. I couldn't concentrate and music didn't have the same affect one me. I was very thankful that I got my inspiration back. I never realized how I missed it.

I wrote a handful of songs anonymously that a couple famous singers bought from me. That was one of my proudest moments. I didn't want the fame that came with this type of thing so I never revealed my identity.

When I arrived at the store, I greeted my fellow employees and went to my section and did more paperwork. I worked for a couple hours when I saw three people walk in my section. I couldn't see them properly because their backs were facing me.

They were two women and a man. The man was tall and had black hair. The smallest woman had long brunette hair and the taller one had blond hair.

I got out of my chair and walked toward them and smiled, "Good evening. Can I help you with anything?"

They all turned around and my breath caught in my throat. They all had the same thing in common: golden eyes, pale skin, flawless and beautiful faces. I thought back to Edward and his family. These people were vampires. My body tensed a little but relaxed somewhat when I told myself that they didn't feed off animals.

I swallowed hard as the blonde's stare bore into my eyes. I could feel my heart beat pick up. She smiled familiarly which caught me off guard. It was like she knew who I was.

The blond stepped forward, "Yes. We were interested in buying a couple instruments." I let out a gasp. I forgot how musical and lovely a vampire's voice sounded.

I nodded and looked to the ground for a moment. I was trying to get my bearings together. I felt an overwhelming sense of familiarity and euphoria. I didn't know why; I have never seen them before. The feelings I was experiencing reminded me of when I first was attracted to Edward. It was funny because this feeling was ten times stronger and more passionate. I didn't know what was going on. I really was a masochist, wasn't I?

I looked up to them and smiled, "What kind of instruments?"

The shorter woman smiled and grabbed the man beside her, "My husband was looking for a piano."

I nodded, "Okay. Well, they are right over here." I said pointing.

They followed me into a gigantic dimmed room that held quite a collection of pianos. "Were you looking for a portable or…"

"A grand." The man answered.

I nodded, "We have a lot of those." I led them to a few. "If you need anything, I will be around." I said. I didn't want to pressure them into buying anything. I hated when people tried to do that to me.

"Thank you." They all said.

I smiled, "Not a problem." I walked back to my desk.

I heard the keys play and smiled. I never heard that song before but it was beautiful. I was finishing up a piece of paper when I felt a heavy feeling. I looked around to see the blond from earlier look at me. From what it looked like she was staring at me for a while. She smiled and shifted her gaze back to the man who was playing. I was still affected by the intensity of her gaze.

The music stopped and picked up again several times. I knew he was trying out different pianos. After a while, the music stopped playing. I saw them walking toward me. "You find anything to your liking?" I asked.

They all nodded. I couldn't help but feel that the blond was thinking about the pianos. I nodded, "Okay." I got up and walked back to where they came from. "Which one?"

"I seem to favor this one." The man said, running his hand on a beautiful glossy black piano.

I nodded, "I have one just like that at home. I love it."

"You play?" The blond asked.

I nodded, "I love music." The blond smiled at me and I saw the other two smirk knowingly.

I ran the purchase up and handed the man a receipt and told him when it would arrive. I had to hold in a laugh because since he was a vampire, he could easily pick it up and carry it home.

The man took the receipt and thanked me. "I'm Eleazar Denali by the way." He said, holding out his hand.

I took it, "Isabella Swan."

The brunette woman held out her hand as well, "I'm Carmen." I shook hers and held out for the blond to take which she took without hesitation.

"I'm Tanya." The blond smiled lovingly and caressed my hand with her thumb. I felt tingles and chills (The good kind) I managed to hold in a shiver.

"Pleasure to meet you." I said.

"Same here." Carmen said.

"We were also interested in something else." The man said. He looked to Tanya, "My wife and I have to get going but Tanya was interested.

I raised an eyebrow. "Oh. Okay."

"Do you carry violins?" Tanya asked.

I nodded, "Yes we do." I led Tanya to another room filled with violins. I noticed she shit the glass door and my heartbeat picked up. We were the only ones in the room. I mentally slapped myself and told myself she probably closed the door to hear the sound better. That's when something inside my head told me, 'You don't honestly believe that, do you?'