If you haven't read Claymore volumes 15 and 16 then you're in for a spoiler. This is told from Miria's point of view. Enjoy and review.

They call us monsters.

I can't say they are wrong about that. We are monsters. When we were just little girls, our bodies were cut open and we were turned into abominations. It is a constant struggle to keep the monsters inside us in check, and eventually, we will lose this battle. Our silver eyes mark us as unnatural and the sword on our backs mark us as dangerous. But who is the real danger?

After Hilda awakened and I took her head, I swore I would have revenge. I almost awakened that day, but I held on. And I was lucky, too, for several reasons. One being that Ophelia, the Number 4 with a lust for awakened one's blood, was standing next to me when it happened and it was she that provoked me. Two: Ophelia and my other team members were the only ones to see. Three: only one watcher was told and he never spoke a word of it to anyone.

I wanted revenge.

I began to investigate the Organization. I kept quiet and did my duties to the letter. I walked from one end of the continent to the other and found that everything I knew was a lie.

This continent wasn't the only one in the world. The metal our swords were made of did not exist on this continent. When I traveled to the southwest, I found a village who never heard of yoma, though they supposedly had been around for hundreds of years. I learned that this place was just an experimentation ground for awakened ones. It was the Organization who created the yoma, who created the warriors, who created the awakened ones. And for what? To help fight a war in another land.

It was the Organization from the beginning. All of this is their fault. That is why I seek to destroy them. I will not allow them to destroy any more lives. I just pray I am not too late. That we are not too late.

So, who are the true monsters?