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Shin P.O.V.

It's raining and I have nowhere to go. Figures. I guess I could always call up a girl but I'm just not in the mood today.

The rain is coming down and it's almost too dark to see. Where to go, where to go. I've made my way down to the bridge. I guess I'm close enough to Nobu's house to crash there but sometimes he can be pretty depressing especially with all the negative publicity BLAST has been getting lately.

I slosh through puddles and stop to stare at my reflection. My hair, once spiked, flops into my eyes and my many piercings glisten. A worn gray t-shirt clings to my thin frame and tattered jeans end with scuffed brown boots.


What the heck was that? My head snaps up and I whirl around. I get some odd stares but nothing too weird.


There it is again. I'm able to pin point it this time. To my left. I don't turn, I simply peer over. Someone's over there with a camera. Paparazzi. I groan and take off after them. They turn and run clutching their camera for dear life. But I'm faster. I catch up with ease and grab their wrist. A bit violently, I pull them back. I snatch the camera away and hold it up high.

"No! Please give it back!" it's at that point that I actually take the time to examine who it was I was chasing. Stringy pink hair frames a brown face and I find myself staring into giant brown pools. I almost smile until I remember the camera.

"Okay who the hell are you? Damn paparazzi? Trying to make BLAST look bad again?" I look her over again. "How old are you anyway? Fifteen? Sixteen? They start you guys off young."

"Wait you got it all wrong. I'm not with the paparazzi. I'm just a fan." She tried reaching for her camera. She had to get on her toes to even get close.

"A pretty shady looking fan hiding in the bushes like that." I look at the camera and pull out the film then pocket it. "Here I don't know who you are but quit with the photos." I toss her the empty camera. She nods quietly and runs off.

It's still raining and I still need a place to stay. I call up Yasu and after a bit of coaxing I'm able to get him to let me stay at his place. It's a short walk and he's at the door waiting.

"Not in the mood for female company?" he asks cooly, taking in my sodden clothes.

I shake my head and go to the bathroom. I run a hot shower and step in. Letting the water stream down my face I find my thoughts stuck on that girl. Pink hair and tanned skin but not in a bad way. An odd one either way. I dry off and walk out. I always leave some clothes at my friends' houses so I get dressed and sit on the mat Yasu set up. My still soaked jeans sit in the corner. I dig in their pockets and pull out the film. It's dry for the most part.

"Hey, Yasu, can you do me a favor and get these printed?" he took it with a nod and told me he'd get it done in the morning.

When I woke up he had left. He sent me a text telling me he went to work and that he left the pictures to be ready by five. I spent my time wandering around the market district. I gaze at the signs and advertisements. "New clothes in stock", "fresh produce", "hit music". But only one catches my eye. "Open mic night." I hadn't realized a walked that far but I was at the small pub where BLAST first performed. I smiled and decided my plan for tonight.

At five o'clock I picked up the photos. They didn't look too sleezy. If anything they looked like glamour shots. Like for a cd or magazine. What would that girl plan on doing with these? I shrugged off the thought and walked back to Yasu's house. He had just gotten home and was sitting on the sofa watching television.

"Yasu call the guys, we got ourselves a gig. Free of course."