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Shin POV

Saturday night. A time where the students at the local high school stay up and mingle in with the adults. Finally they day for BLAST to get a free gig! Everyone was pumped up and excited. It's been a while since we've been on stage. When we got inside Yasu signed us up and we sat at a few tables. Nana O. was talking -listening rather- to a very excited Nana K. as a band finished up a song on love and deceit. We were next. Nana K. screamed and shouted and cheered as we walked on stage. We started off playing rose. The guys in the crowd had their eyes glued to Nana O. as she hit a pitch perfectly. Of course I couldn't ignore the stares of the girls in sparkly short dresses and heels. I had the eye of every female. Not surprising. I always turn heads where ever I go. I looked at every girl. All of them looked so plain, regardless of how hard they tried otherwise.

I noticed the door open and looked to see who had come in. I was caught off guard by a truck load of pink and black lack. Thigh high black leather boots clung to fish net clad legs. A bright pink tutu was flecked with black paint splatters. A silver, black and pink corset held an already tiny waist. The sides of said corset were vacant showing off smooth brown skin. A jacket that started at the top of the rib cage was made of black leather and had a pink zipper and cuffs. On her neck was a black choker with pink jewels. Her lips were plump rosy and pink. Her cheeks lightly dusted with blush. Her eyes were big and brown. And her hair was short and pink.


IT WAS THAT CHICK FROM LAST NIGHT! What the hell is she doing here? I thought furiously. I was so distracted that I missed about five seconds of my solo. I caught up and I could feel her eyes on me. What kind of freaky stalker chick is she? This is ridiculous! Eventually the song came to a close and we were given a hearty applause.

"Hey Shin! What was your problem up there?" Nobu slapped me on the back, making me stumble. I gave him a less than playful shove and nodded to the girl.

"That chick has been stalking me. I caught her yesterday and now she's back!" I partially hid behind him, avoiding eye contact.

Nobu nodded but looked her over. "Oh, but she looks like your type." He watched her as she walked through the chairs and tables. "And it looks like she's about to sing."

"What!?" I watched as she walked up on stage followed by five guys who looked almost exactly the same. Quints maybe?

They quickly tuned and she took off her jacket showing off multiple bracelets over long fishnet arm warmers. She makes even me feel underdressed. Every eye was on her as the band start and then she spoke.

"Hello everyone and welcome to the realm of bubblegum noir." She grinned and stared straight at me. I wanted to leave but I was captivated. Stunned. Paralyzed.

"You should never leave me home alone."She stroked the mic stand and whispered,
"Heaven knows where I might wanna go" she bit her lip. "Everything I do is oh so wrong .That's why you like it." She winked and walked off the stage. "When you ask if you could be my man
I say, thank you honey, come again" She waved at me and giggled. "Strange boy .Innocent. You're here. Magnificent. Strange boy. Innocent. You're here .Magnificent. Magnificent"

"Should have told you 'bout the way I choose." She pouted her lips. "Everything that we are gonna do. Everything that we are going through. Just how you like it." She licked her lips and shook her hips. "Strange boy .Innocent. You're here. Magnificent. Strange boy. Innocent. You're here."

"Baby don't you realize? Baby don't you realize? Oh no, no, no. You're waiting for the world to pass you by .Living in a state of compromise. Waiting for the world to pass you by. No, no, no, no, no, no, no."

She began to walk off stage and toward me. I was getting nervous. Such a weird feeling. As she began the final chorus she walked by and ran her fingers over my shoulder and I shivered.

"Strange boy .Innocent. You're here. Magnificent. Strange boy. Innocent. You're here .Magnificent. Strange boy .Innocent. You're here. Magnificent. Strange boy. Innocent. You're here .Magnificent. Strange boy .Innocent. You're here. Magnificent. Strange boy. Innocent. You're here .Magnificent. Magnificent. Magnificent."

My heart pounded as the crowd cheered for her. I quickly stood up, knocking over my chair and ran out not daring to look behind me.