Meetings in grief

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Summary: Two mothers lost. A plot to kill king and son. A disguised elfling in Rivendell. A traitor.

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The twins are 15 year

Arwen is 9 year

Legolas is 12/13 year.

Dear lord Elrond,

I write this letter to announce a great evil. No longer is their peace under the trees of Mirkwood. My wife has been found dead, brutally slain by humans. My son was injured grievous, both mentally and psychically, during the attack.
I shall hereby describe how these humans look; Their leader is a men called 'Basson.' He speaks Westron with a strange accent; He cannot speak the letter 'H.' He has red hair and he is about 180 centimetre. His men are all Easterling, we know a few names; Brandon, Yorrick and Olaf. We do not know where these humans are now.

I declare hereby these humans guilty of murder at the queen and attempt murder at the crown prince. Everybody who has the chance to kill them is permitted to do so. In the name of vengeance for the life of queen Mirilya.


Thranduil, King of Mirkwood.

The letter was still in Glorfindel's hands when he walked towards Elrond's study. He was sure Elrond had other business but it would surely do no good if they didn't respond to the king. He sighted, he had never thought that running Rivendell was so much work. Glorfindel stopped by the library. He could as well write a respond himself, Elrond surely wouldn't do now. There was actually very little Elrond did nowadays. He had locked himself up in his study, slowly fading away. He opened the door and found Erestor sitting there. 'Erestor! Still busy with paper work?'

Erestor sighted and nodded. 'Aye, it seems there is no end on. I already had so much and now with all that is going on…'

He spoke no further, nor did he have to. Everybody knew what was going on this days. Only a few weeks ago Elladan, Elrohir and Glorfindel himself had brought the lady Celebrían to Rivendell, for healing. The balrog slayer could still see those images. The orc cave. The lady Celebrían on the ground, as if she were already dead. The battle cries the twins had screamed when they charged. It seemed all still so unreal. But yet it was not. The lady Celebrían had sailed, saying she couldn't find light and happiness on Arda had gone from bad to worse. Firstly, small Arwen had left Rivendell, to dwell in Lothlorien. Secondly, Elrond had locked himself up in his study, only coming out to eat and sleep, refusing to talk to anyone. And Thirdly, Elladan and Elrohir. Since their mother had gone the had changed. A lot. On every opportunity they sneaked out the house and went orc hunting, sometimes with the rangers, sometimes on their own. Even now they were outside, fighting orcs.

'I am too busy. I was on the way to Elrond but I don't think he wants to see me. A letter has arrived from Mirkwood. It needs answering. What shall I write? I'm not very good in diplomatic, I am a warrior, after all!'

Erestor smiled. Since Celebrían was gone, he had not done that very often. Only on the rare occasions that Glorfindel came in his office. It was strange, their friendship. He was a calm librarian, a lover of books and a skilful diplomat. Glorfindel was almost exactly the opposite, a great warrior, maybe even the best that still existed. But not a very good at diplomatic. He sometimes had his bright moments but not often. He most of the time said exactly what he thought of something, no matter what the consequences could be. Even in their appearance they were each other's opposite. Glorfindels blond, shining locks seemed even brighter compared to Erestors pitch black hair. And while Glorfindel always carried a sword, Erestor always carried his writing stuff. Still, the two were best friends.

'Just write something like: We shall do our uppermost best to find those humans and kill them. Condolence with your lost.'

'I shall do that. Many evil has happened the last weeks. Two mothers are forever lost to their children, I'm afraid.'

'You do not know that. Elladan, Elrohir and Arwen shall see their mother when they pass to the undying lands.'

'I do not mean that. Of course they are going to see their mother in the undying lands, but their mother has not seen them. She shall not see them grow, she shall not share the many happy moments to come. Her children shall seem strangers for her, when they sail. And the Queen of Mirkwood is now in Mandos' halls. After a time she shall be revived, of course, and live in Valinor happily, but she didn't want to be there yet, and she can't go back to Arda. The little prince shall not be small anymore when he meets her again and thus he becomes a stranger for her, someone she loved and someone she wanted to raise but couldn't.'

'Mellon nin, I'm afraid you are right. but I'm afraid that Celebrían is going to meet the twins sooner then she and we would like. They care not for the risk they take. They are not even adults! Still they sneak off to kill those foul beasts. What if they journey to Mandos' halls during such a trip? No one of the Peredhil will survive another loss, so shortly after this one.'

At that moment, the dining bell rang. Erestor jumped up from his chair, saying a few words that are not to be repeated here. 'The banquet! I totally forgot about that. I'm supposed to welcome those traders!'

He ran down the corridor, to his room to find formal clothing, leaving behind a very surprised Glorfindel who muttered, 'I wonder where he learned those words, he surely never used them when his is being diplomatic.'

'No! I beg you, take me! Leave my boy, leave him!' a voice screamed. The voice belonged to a fair elven maiden, her name was Mirilya, glittering jewel, and she was the queen of Mirkwood.

'Take me! Please! Take me!' The ones she begged were standing in a circle. In the middle lay a boy. His golden hair was muddy and he was injured. Everything hurt. The humans continued to kick him, viciously, and he started to wish he could just sink away. No scream escaped from his lips, no tear escaped from his eyes. They had already been shed and his voice was hoarse from his screams earlier.

'Shut up! Or he'll just suffer something more!' A human sneered. He wanted to say something more but the leader stopped him. 'I think 'e's 'ad enough. Kill the queen, the boy will not live for much longer. We're going, I don't want to explain to the king who did this.'

The boy on the ground didn't move. He had learned to fear this voice. It was from the leader, Basson was his name. Only a second later he remembered what the man had said. 'No! Nana! No!'

Her voice was a mere whisper, drifting to his ears as he lost consciousness. 'Legolas, Ú-firo i laiss e-guil gîn. My little Greenleaf.' /may the leaves of your life never die/


Legolas woke up, screaming and crying. Everything slowly started to fall into place. He was in his bedroom again. Sweat covered his forehead .Someone came rushing in. 'Legolas! What happened?'

Thranduil hugged his son closely, letting the tears stream again. It seemed all that was left to do. 'Shh, Greenleaf, you are safe… Odulen an gi meriad.' /I am here to protect you/

'Ada! I'm sorry, I'm so sorry!'

'You don't have to be. There was nothing you could do. Be quiet my little Greenleaf. I will not leave you.'

'Hannon le, ada.' The prince was yawning again.

'Just sleep, my little Greenleaf, just sleep.'

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