Meetings in grief

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The twins are 15 year. (about a century)
Legolas is 12/13 year. (50/55 year)

The first thing Legolas was aware of was a rhythmic shaking, but he paid it no heed. Soon the shaking stopped and he was gently laid on a soft surface. He groaned softly. 'Sleep, my son. You are home.' Someone pulled his boots off and kissed him gently on his brow. Then Legolas let the sleep overwhelm him.

Thranduil stood up quickly and walked to his own chamber. It eased his heart greatly that Legolas was home once again. With a sigh he pulled of his travel stained cloak. He quickly made a warm bath and relaxed in the warm water. When the water was almost completely cooled he got out and dressed in his royal robes. He groaned when he thought about what awaited him. His advisers would surely complain about his sudden departure. He placed his crown on his head before heading to the throne room.

He was only halfway when he encountered the first advisor. 'My lord, a moment please?' He handed Thranduil a bunch of papers. 'These are the trade agreements with Dale. They want an answer as soon as possible.'

With a quick bow he walked away. Thranduil could do no more than walking on. It was not soon after the first advisor had left, that the second was standing beside him. 'My lord, a moment? These are demands of the woodmen for more land. If I may be so free to suggest I would say they have plenty already.' With that he dumped another staple of papers on the ones the king was already holding.

Thranduil watched irritated how this advisor, too, walked away. He had not set ten steps when the next adviser came. 'My lord, can I have a bit of your time? Some of the rafts are leak, this are the prices of repair and materials. It is of the uttermost importance for our trade.'

It took all that Thranduil had not to snap at the advisor. He watched calmly how the elf walked away. The staple papers he was now holding came above his own head. This was absurd. He entered the throne room, only to be greeted with various elves that all demanded 'a moment please?' or 'A bit of your time, your Highness?' He sat on his throne for a moment, just watching all the elves around them. He was not aware that another advisor had decided to bother the other member of the royal family.

'My lords, I must insist. This is important for the whole Woodland realm.' The oiled voice of the advisor spoke.

Elladan glared back angry. 'I don't care. Your prince is sleeping after a tiresome journey. You cannot wake him.'

The advisor, whose name was Camendir, tried again to go past the twins. 'My lords, please, the prince must do this work. It is part of his duties.'

Elrohir stepped forward. 'One. The prince must do nothing. Two. Go to Caradhras with your duties!'

'My lord! You have no right to speak to me thusly!' Camendir spoke offended. 'I could tell your father, you know?'

'Go ahead.' Elladan said with grim amusement. 'Go ahead and tell him. I am sure he would love to hear about you trying to disturb his patient. And we do have the right. Might we remind you who our father is. So unless you are the son of the king, we may speak to you as we please. Now get away!'

'The king will hear about this!' Camendir shouted, while storming away.

'Give him our kindest regards!' Elrohir cried back.

The door behind them opened, revealing a somewhat bemused prince. 'Elladan? Elrohir? Why all the shouting?'

The twins quickly put their arms around his shoulders and ushered him inside. 'You should not worry about it. Come, let us get you back in bed.'

Although Legolas protested he still let them lead him to his bed. If he was completely honest with himself he would admit that he was still tired. The three boys sat for a moment in silence when Elladan started to fidget. A few times he opened his mouth but he never made a sound. 'What is it 'Dan? Out with it.' Elrohir said.

Elladan took a deep breath. 'I wanted to thank you, Legolas. And you too, 'Ro, for coming to me when the spiders had me. Ada told me how you two tried to find me all by yourselves.'

Elrohir quickly hugged his brother. 'You don't have to thank us therefore! You would have done the same!'

'Yes, but I still felt the need to thank you. Elrohir, you are already my brother. Legolas, I would be honoured to call you my gwador.' /Sworn-brother/

Legolas smiled before hugging Elladan too. 'I would be honoured to accept such a title.'

The doors from the throne room flew open. 'My king, this is unacceptable! Absolutely discourteous!'

Thranduil looked up from where he was seated. 'Camendir, a good day to you too, I'm fine, thanks for asking.'

'After I heard the happy news that your royal highnesses were back, I went straight to the prince's room, since there is much work to be done.' The advisor did not notice the sudden silence that had fallen in the room. 'Suddenly, when I was just opening the door, those two twins, nay rascals, blocked my way. I asked them politely to move, yet they refused! Not only that, they also insulted me!'

'You Did WHAT!?' The king thundered. 'Did you wake my son?'

Surprised by the furious tone Camendir quickly stepped back. 'My lord?'

'Did. You. Wake. My. Son?!'

'No, my lord, like I said, they wouldn't let me in.'

'Good. Be very happy about that, advisor, or you would have been in much more trouble. My son is resting and he should remain resting. And let me never hear you insult our honoured guests again.'

'My lord, please, I know you must have had a tiring journey, but duties first. The prince is royalty and he must sacrifice things, like sleep, every now and then.'

Some others in the room took a quick step back, Thranduil's glare could have turned the sun into ice. 'My son is injured. He has been in life-threatening situations and he carries the wounds still. I will not have him disturbed.'

Camendir still dared to go against his lord, making others wonder if he was even sane. No one in his right mind would oppose the king when he looked like that. 'Child-injuries! When he was little he could escape his duties with a broken toe or other small wounds, but not now. He has reached adulthood, my lord, the time for cuddling and protecting is over. He should do his duties, not make excuses for them!'

'CAMENDIR, if you speak just one word more, I would do something that I could possibly regret. My son, your prince, is injured and must recover before he can see to his duties once more. Or do you doubt my capability as a father? Do you think that I would accept weak excuses from my son? No, I know well the price for being royalty, and so does my son. I would let him work if he could, but he can't. Now get out of my eyes. And if I hear you have come to my son, you will regret it.'

With a hasty bow, Camendir practically ran out the room. With a deep sigh Thranduil turned back to the others. 'That counts for you all. I will not have my son be disturbed, am I clear?'

A chorus of 'Yes, my lord' and 'crystal-clear, my lord' echoed through the chamber. Then another advisor spoke. 'My lord, forgive me if I am wrong, but I believe that Lord Angasicil was with the prince when they left. Why is he not here?'

Thranduil sighed, again, and then told the story of the treacherous advisor. He himself had only heard the full tale of what happened from the twins a few hours ago. He let out some of the happenings but did reveal that Angasicil was also behind the dead of his wife. After the tale was finished he sat on his throne, thinking again of his beloved.

'That filty-'

'The traitor!'

All around him where accusing to the ex-advisor.

'Wish I could personally kill that scum!'

Thranduil wished that too.

'Stupid Noldor! To just let him escape.'

The king was abruptly shaken out of his thought. 'Who said that?' When he found the one, he waved for him to stand before him. 'I will not have anyone insult my guest! I want you to go to the Imladris elves, and apologise, not only too lord Elrond, but too every warrior, aye and to the lords Elladan and Elrohir too, and also to the lord Glorfindel and the lord Erestor.'

The advisor bowed and hurried away, quick to do his king's bidding. Thranduil stayed in the room until it was almost dark. Then he too stood up and moved to his chambers. One of the advisors had given him an idea.

It still dark but close to the morning when a hooded person quickly walked to the stables. Without doubt he made his way to the king's stallion. Sirdal neighed happily when he saw his master. 'Hush.. be quiet, I do not want anyone to stop me.' The king whispered.

He had gathered some food, his weapons and some spare clothes for a long journey. He did not deem it necessary to saddle or bridle his horse. His father had declared him mad for riding as the wood elves did, but he rather liked it. Quickly throwing the pack over his shoulder he led his horse outside.

He was almost there when his path was blocked. He grabbed the hilt of his sword before realising that it was Elrond. 'Do not think you can stop me!'

Elrond just smiled, before grabbing his horses bridle and leading him outside. 'I do not intend to. He hurt and tried to kill my sons. That is enough for me to justify his death.'

Thranduil laughed grimly. 'The filth killed my wife. My son is injured because of him. I do not need justice, I need vengeance.'

'And we shall have it, Thranduil, we shall. May he rue the day that he turned his back on the elven realms and tried to harm it's children. I will not rest until he lies death.'

Thranduil nodded in agreement. 'A curse be upon you, Angasicil, may you never find rest under the stars and may vengeance find you!'

The two lords were unaware of it, but they looked terrifying. Anger was written on their faces on their graceful movements promised death to the traitor. If Angasicil saw it, he would be terrified.'

Then, blades raised in the air, the lords rode away, to vengeance.

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