Chapter 1: The day we met part 1

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'Did he have to come today? Why couldn't he come…I don't know two days later or something. It just had to be the day dad FINALLY let me go outside the kingdom with Linali, but nooo the jerk had to come today. God damn him! (don't get me wrong I like him) but I wasn't expecting to meet him today as well…'


"I'm really sorry, Allena." Prince Neah, the king's younger brother said with a frown.

Allena smiled at her uncle. "It's okay uncle. It isn't your fault Kanda suddenly decided to come." The princess said with a roll of her eyes.

Neah chuckled. "But you have to admit, you're pleased he's coming to see you." He said teasingly.

Allena blushed. "I-I'm more angry than pleased." She stuttered. Though she truly was, pleased.

Neah sighed. "At least we didn't have to deal with a lot of suitors. I think he'll propose you soon." He muttered.

Allena smiled. She and Kanda do fight a lot, but she couldn't help liking him. It wasn't that she loved him though.

'Maybe I will after he stops calling me beansprout.' She thought bitterly.

Before she knew it, she and Neah reached her room. "They should be here in a few minutes. I'll send Miranda to get you as soon as possible." With that he turned on his heel and left.

Allena sighed as she entered her room. It was going to be her 16th birthday in 3 weeks time. Usually princes whose proposals have been accepted by the princess come 2 weeks before the princess' 16th birthday to get to know her. The princess then chooses the one she likes and gets married to him on her birthday. Allena had turned down all proposals that were send to her except Prince Kanda's.

A princess was allowed to marry a man from a lower linage if he's deemed fit to rule a kingdom. But Allena never got to know anyone other than royalties and the bookman. Allena was not seen by many, but those who have seen her would be entranced by her beauty, with her soft white hair, pale skin, rose red lips and glorious gray eyes. But this princess had a flaw; above her left eye was an upside down red pentacle which was her birthmark. But at that age that was a mark of evil. People who have sinned greatly have that mark printed to their forehead. Therefore, the princess had to cover it up with makeup. There was not the beauty of this beauty that was the prize to being wed to her. Her father's kingdom, The Kingdom of Hexan* was one of the most powerful and wealthiest kingdoms in the world. That is also why she was isolated from the world.

A knock on her door snapped Allena out of her thought. "Come in!" she called. Her lady-in-waiting, Miranda came in timidly.

"Your highness, the gusts have arrived. Everyone is waiting for you in the throne room." She said with a bow.

Allena smiled. "Thank you, Miranda. I'll be on my way then." She replied. Miranda nodded and left.

Allena got up and made her way towards to throne room which was not far from her room. Before entering, she straightened her hair and made sure her dress was fine. 'I'm doing it for Kanda…only because I want to look presentable in front of King Tiedoll.' She thought (We all know that's a lie though.) and pushed open the door.


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