"Oh my God, we are going to be knighted" Jayne screamed a little louder than was necessary.
The next thing they knew, they were surrounded by all of the cast and crew of Dancing on Ice who all started clapping and cheering and wolf whistling.
Grinning insanely, Chris gave an impromptu speech of thanks.
"Are you ready to get back to work Jayne?"
"I think that we deserve the afternoon off don't you?"
"We definitely deserve it but even the Queen is not going to stop Sunday from looming ahead and we have to finish the choreography for the celebs at least. But I will take you somewhere special this evening to celebrate" he winked at her.

Later that evening, Chris was once again howling in frustration as Jayne took forever to get ready.
"Jayne you are stunning already, you don't need all that makeup"
"I want a chance to dress up, you know how I love it, you impatient man, " she sighed as she bent closer to the mirror to apply her eye makeup.
Chris gave an exaggerated sigh once more as he collapsed backward onto the bed in a dramatic pose that was as overacted as he thought possible.
His drama only made her laugh but as he caught her eye he took a breath.
"God, you are gorgeous. I don't know if I am going to make it to the restaurant without ravishing you first!"
"Patience, Mr Dean, is a virtue that you seem to be missing" she said batting her long eyelashes at him.
"I can't help it, you are so sexy and beautiful and if you don't hurry, I am just going to take that dress off you!"
"Oh you will, will you? Well I'm ready Sir Christopher Dean. I like the sound of that"

They went to a cosy Italian trattoria and sat at a table tucked into the corner. Chris ordered a Pinotage and toasted her as the wine was poured. "To us and most of all to you my gorgeous angel, to being honoured by the queen" he said as he raised his glass. "You know pinotage is almost purple when you hold it up to the light so it will almost remind me of us"
"Speaking of wine, I am really going to take you to South Africa when the tour is over" he stated boldly, "imagine walking hand in hand through the vineyards and on the beaches and I have always wanted to dive with sharks"
"Only you Chris, would go from the most romantic idea to the most ludicrous!"
"I'm serious Jayne - about the trip and about the sharks, it seems amazing from what I've heard!"
"south Africa sounds heavenly and I don't think that a single person there will know who we are. But shark diving! You are a crazy man you know, it is a wonder that you haven't had more injuries or that I haven't had a heart attack from watching you yet"
"And who's the romantic now?" he said pulling her hand toward his mouth to kiss it.

Their evening was perfect, the dinner and the wine, each other's company And most of all the end of the evening, when they made slow, passionate love. No more frantic need for each other, their love making was sensual and arousing.
"Chris?" Jayne asked as lay in bed afterwards, fingers entwined with each others.
"Please can we get to sleep" he moaned turning to look at her.
She was sitting up in the bed looking like sleep was not necessary.
"What do you wear to a knighting ceremony?"
"Well, I'll wear a suit and tie"
"I'm not talking about you, what am I going to wear?"
"Oh God," he moaned again, "you are never going to sleep if you start thinking about clothes. How about you stop worrying and go to sleep now and on our day off, I'll take you shopping."
"With your credit card or mine?"
"Mine! Now go to sleep"
Jayne shuffled down under the duvet and spooned against his body.
"What now?"
"I love you"
"I love you too" he whispered and bent down to kiss her shoulder.

The morning of their big day finally arrived.
Chris had set the alarm early to make sure that Jayne was going to be ready on time.
And when he saw her dressed in her new dress and Jimmy choos it took his breath away. It was worth every pound even though his bank balance had been severely dented.
"Ms Torvill, you look exquisite" he smiled at her admiringly.
"You don't look so bad yourself" she grinned back at him as she took in his fine form in a new chocolate brown suit, "but please let me redo your tie. I don't like how you tie it all skinny."
"I like it that way, it's fine"
"Just humor me Sir Dean, do it for the Queen if not for anyone else"
She undid the tie and started redoing it staring seductively into his eyes.
"I can't resist a man in a nice tie" she whispered to him and she slowly kissed him as she completed the knot "sexy man"
"I am going to have trouble keeping my hands off you at the palace"
"Keep focused Jayne and the palace is a good place to think about the Queen rather than my hot body" he chuckled as she made a grab for him.
"Uh uh you don't. Let's go. Are you ready to meet your Queen Ma'am?"

They were both overwhelmed by emotion at the knighting ceremony though Chris was surprised the queen did not actually say arise Sir Christopher like he had always read in books as a child.
Afterwards they were gathered in the ballroom to meet members of the royal family and the press.
"Jayne! Chris!" shouted the photographers all keen to get the best photo but one member of the press noticed the way that Jayne and Chris were holding hands with their fingers entwined and he zoomed his lens to focus on their hands to capture the perfect shot.
They lined up to greet her majesty.
As the queen stood in front of them, Jayne curtsied deeply as Chris bowed. It looked choreographed because they had been doing it for audiences and judges for years but it made her majesty smile at them.
"At last," she said "I should have done this a long time ago"
She looked from Jayne to Chris and tilted her head sideways as she smiled, "so are you two together as a couple?"
Chris just smiled and nodded at her.
"At last, you should have done this a long time ago" she laughed.
"And Sir Christopher Dean, have you proposed marriage to this fine lady of yours?"
"I have your majesty but alas, the lady refuses"
"Dame Jayne, as your sovereign and leader I insist that you marry this man!"
"Thank you Ma'am" said Chris a little too loudly.
"So what about it Jayne?" he asked as the queen moved on.
"Don't go there now Chris" she whispered out the side of her mouth. "And don't do those puppy dog eye things at me, they have never worked their charms on me"
"In that case, I will just go to the toilet, been dying to go for ages" he said with a mock look of sulking on his face.
"I'll wait for you" she said as he opened the toilet door.
Jayne smiled randomly at people coming past to congratulate her.
"What is taking him so long?" she wondered tapping her foot impatiently.
She looked left and right and pushed the door slightly open to see if she could see Chris and then decided to go in.
As she closed the door, Chris opened the door of the stall.
The look of surprise on his face was priceless as she pushed him back into the stall and locked the door behind them.
He fell backwards and sat roughly on the toilet and looked up at Jayne who had what can only be described as an evil grin on her face.
She hitched her skirt up and climbed onto his lap, straddling him and pulling his face towards her.
"Jayne" he mumbled beneath her mouth, " we are in the palace, people are going to wonder where we are."
"Don't care" she laughed as she pulled him closer to her with his tie
"Oh my God Jayne, you are a minx" he said feeling a familiar warmth starting to spread in his groin.

Just as he thought that they would just have a bit of fun and then leave, Jayne reached down between them to undo his zip and release his throbbing cock. Pulling her panties to the side she sat down on him.
"Oh God Jayne" he moaned as he watched her stunning body bouncing up and down rhythmically in front of him.
"Oh God Jayne" he said again "we're in the palace... we've just been knighted...and I'm going to come"
At that moment they heard the bathroom door opening. Chris frowned in frustration but Jayne covered his mouth with her hand as she continued riding him. His eyes bulged at her but she just grinned back as they heard the toilet door next to them close. Still she carried on as quietly as she could until they heard the toilet flush and the door open again.
She burst out laughing as she climbed off him and gave him a wink.
"Let's get back to the celebrations" she said.
"Check is the coast is clear before we leave Chris"
He opened the door, stuck his head out and looked around
"Can't see anyone - hurry" he said holding out his hand to her.
They quickly ran out of the bathroom together almost knocking over Prince Charles in their haste.
"Ah there you are!"