Title: Distracting

Characters/Pairing: Aang and Katara

Warnings: Nothing explicit.

Description: All work and no fun makes Aang a restless boy and Katara a distracted girl.

Aang yawned, stretching his tired and sore limbs in a few graceful motions. His whole body ached from sitting on the floor, hunched over the world's problems - which were arranged in piles from the serious to "You actually thought that bothering me with this was a good idea."

He had been staring at these piles over the course of several days and none of them seem to have shrunk in size. He didn't feel young, he felt his chronological age of over one hundred years old. His shoulders hurt, his head hurt, his eyesight was blurry, and every joint and muscle was just screaming to be moved and stretched.

The young Avatar stretched again, stopping when he heard Katara clear her throat.

"What?" He looked at her in confusion.

"Stop doing that."

"Doing what?"

"Stretching like that." She answered, attempting to focus on the papers in her hands.

Aang shrugged, linked his fingers, raised his arms above his head, and stretched in one fluid motion.

He heard a groan of exasperation and he looked over at Katara, annoyed.

"What? I'm sore from all this sitting and not moving." He protested. "Why can't I stretch?"

A blush bloomed over Katara's cheeks and worked its way out to her ears and down her neck. "Because it's distracting." She said softly.

The young Avatar frowned. "What? I'm just stretching, Katara. It's no big deal."

Katara's blush faded and she rolled her eyes. He could be so clueless sometimes. "Aang, you are my boyfriend. Right now you are not wearing your tunic and when you stretch like that, you are *very* distracting."

"Oh…" She could clearly see in his storm colored eyes the pieces of the puzzle finally fitting together. His eyes widened with the realization. "Oh! Wow…I uh…"

Katara went back to sorting the papers in front of her, but it was no use. Aang being distracting, no matter how unintentional, had effectively ended her ability to be productive. At least for the moment. She looked up and saw the young Avatar looking at her, biting his lower lip.

"So I'm distracting?" He asked.

"Yes. Very." Katara knew all hope of finishing their task was over when Aang gave her a dazzling smile and scooted closer.

"Am I being distracting now?"

She swallowed hard. "Yes. Very."

He leaned in closer, lips almost touching hers. "Good."

I'm sure you all can dream up what happens next. :D