More writing from me! No no, don't sound too enthusiastic. :P A very lovely CL forum known as Xana's Lair, of which I am a happy member, hosts drabble challenges where you write a 100-word ficlet in response to a prompt. Naturally I'm giving it a go, and archiving my entries here.

Prompt: In the Blink of an Eye


They celebrate XANA's defeat with drinks in the moonlight.

Aelita feels lighter than air, relaxing on the grass, watching William laugh at Odd's jokes. Then his eye catches hers. She frowns; for the briefest moment there is a three-ringed three-pointed target where his pupil should have been. William blinks, turns, and it must have been a trick of the light because then it is gone.

Yet in the darkest part of William's consciousness lurks a smoke-grey spectre. It has grown good at hiding; from multi-agent programmes, from the Lyoko warriors themselves.

XANA's time will come again. For now, it waits.