The Host Job of the Summer

Chapter one

Sasuke throws his uniform to the ground. That was the last straw. How many times was he going to get sexually harassed by older women, horny teenage girls, and men! He was a handsome 21 year-old man that wanted a normal life. He couldn't finish college because of the stalking girls that never gave him time to study and teachers would always ask for 'extra credit'. He shivered at the thought. As he left the store he knew he was in square one again, he needed a job. He picked up the latest newspaper and opened it up to the job listings.

"Needed, part time worker with some work experience at a small tea shop. Call for details." Sasuke read out loud. It sounded interesting to him since tea shops are nice and quiet. He dialed the number and a man picked up. The man told him where to find the shop, which he searched for later that day bored out of his mind. It was a huge place, when he entered everything was so overwhelming. The floor was marble, and the tables were made out of gold. "Jackpot." Sasuke could see the money involved in this job.

"Excuse me," a smaller woman with raven long hair and huge empty eyes approached him, "are you a customer?" She smiled softly making Sasuke feel calm and welcomed.

"I want to know how to apply here, for the open job position." Sasuke said. The small woman took his hands with delight.

"That's great!" The girl pulled him towards the back room. "I've had several people apply here today but no one had what you have!" She stopped and picked up a suit for him to wear. "Welcome to the Host Tea shop. This place is for the wealthy that have too much time in their hands, and come from home to seek for the beautiful."

"Wait…what?" Sasuke was dumbfounded. "Host…Host Tea Shop? I'm not interested in Host Clubs." Sasuke pushes the suit away.

"For every customer you get paid one thousand dollars not mention tips. Our policy is very strict, so don't worry about sexual harassment." The girl makes Sasuke turn back around and yank the suit off her fingers. "The name is Hinata Hyuga the owner of this private Tea Shop."

"Sasuke, my name is Sasuke." Sasuke looks at the suit. "When do I get started?" Hinata smiled.

"Let's meet the others." Hinata called in the other workers. "Sasuke let me introduce you to everyone. This is Sai our top Host, Sakura our top hostess, Naruto he has the most energy, Kiba the bad boy, Ino our spunky queen, and you are the final installment the cold prince…" Hinata pointed to Sasuke. "I will have you shadow Sai for today, tomorrow is another story."

"I hope we become real close." Sakura tries to seduce him but he just shrugs her away.

"Don't think you'll defeat my record." Sai eyes him and walks away. Naruto and Kiba follow behind Sai leaving the girls with Sasuke.

"I'll tell you now, leave me alone to work." Sasuke goes to change. Ino winks and gives a hug to Sakura feeling up on her.

"Nasty, Ino!" Sakura runs away.

"Come here baby!" Ino giggles and chases after her.

Someone enters, so Hinata runs up to greet the person only to stop halfway. The person starts to whisper in her ears. Hinata's eyes widen in shock, her palms begin to sweat, her heart nearly stops, and she could feel every drop of blood in her face leave. Sasuke came out to see this suspicious scene between his boss and a red hair man. Sasuke then notices Kiba his new coworker standing besides him. Kiba curses under his breath and his fist clench. Hinata walks away from the area and hides in her room leaving Sasuke in the dark about everything that just happened.

"Kiba!" Sasuke chases after Kiba. "What the hell just happened?" Sasuke wondered.

"Mind your own business." Kiba enters Tea Room 3. Sai calls for Sasuke in Tea Room 1 to start the training.

A woman that Sasuke could have sworn he had seen before entered the room after a few minutes. It was so simple Sasuke felt like he could've done this in his sleep. Sai could see the boredom in Sasukes eyes, so he thought of a way to scare him away.

"Why not try it you're self?" Sai offered. Sasuke smirked knowing where Sai was heading to. Sasuke sat next to the woman and touched her lips lightly with his finger tips.

"My lady a drink that would suit those lips…" Sasuke light placed the cup so that she could drink. 'Watch out Sai, I could take your title away.' Sasuke thought.


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