Chapter 7

Sasuke could hear Itachi unlock the safety in the gun. Suddenly someone pulled back his arm removing the gun from his head. Sasuke turned to see Sakura struggling with Itachi.

"Run Sasuke!" Sakura shouted holding Itachi back. "I don't think I can hold him anymore." Sakura watched as Sasuke leaped to his feet and ran off. She let angry Itachi go, tears slipping. "Save her…" a gunshot was heard. Sakura suddenly felt so tired and fell to the ground…


Hinata's eyes rolled back. She was completely drenched in sweat and her finger tips filled with blood. Gaara inhaled deeply enjoying this moment. But Hinata's mind drifted to her memories…

Hinata was much younger when her father disowned her. She was forced to move to a small home far from where anyone could see her. It was all because she asked her father to let her marry whom she chooses. It was an outrage to him. He tossed her to the side like he always wanted since her mother died. He couldn't stand to look at her face because of the way she resembled her so.

Gaara was promised to marry Hinata. He had forced his family to meet her. When he saw her it was love, but he vowed no one else would have her but him. He was angered when in the wedding day Hanabi was walking up the aisle instead of her. Something then clicked. He married Hanabi locking her in a room so that he wouldn't remember her. He made the industry of The Hyugas go under forcing them to sell it to him, which led their father to kill himself.

The only person that supported Hinata was Neji her also rejected cousin. They had become so close all those years, until Gaara finally caught him. No one but Gaara knew what happened in those three weeks of torture. In the end Neji was addicted to heroin and cocaine, which came with a big debt. Hinata was with the little she had opened up a host club to pay off the debt. Gaara let her pay off for her cousin but wanted more for her sister, he wanted her…

Hinata snapped out of the memories and looked at the dreadful person before her. He got closer to take a better look at her face and misery. He presses hard his lips on hers taking a bite of her bottom lip. She moved her face away from his angering him.

"Bring her in." Gaara said loosening his tie. They opened the door and Hanabi entered. "You're my wife right? So why don't we have some fun?" He throws his suit to the ground not taking his eyes off Hinata. Hinata tried to move but they were being held by men much stronger than her. "Hanabi." He whispered in Hanabi's eyes. "Let's have fun." Hanabi blushes a little.

"Hanabi! Don't!" Hinata said fighting.

"I love him." Hanabi says with a weak smile. Hinata stops moving in total shock. "I'm sorry." She sits on the bed as Gaara gets ready. The door opens again.

"Who the hell…!" Gaara shouts. A fist flies his direction hitting him on his nose. He grabs his bleeding nose and looks at the person who hit him. "Uchiha." Sasuke runs to Hinata knocking out the guards. He quickly sets her free.

"Hanabi!" Hinata grabs her sister's arm pulling towards her. "Let's get out of here." Hanabi reluctantly follows them out. Sasuke leads them the abandon vehicle and hijacks it. "Hanabi how…can you lov-ve him?" Hinata touched Hanabi's shoulder.

"He was the one that took me in when father died. He left me alone for a long time but every once in a while he would check on me. I guess it was because I forced myself to." Hanabi looked down in shame. "I thought I had no one else." Hinata let her fall asleep.

"Where are we going now?" Hinata asked Sasuke as they passed the host club café.

"Somewhere I use to live." Sasuke said. Though he never thought he would have to see that place ever again. Look at him now. "I guess this is the end of my host job, and summer." Red, orange and yellow leaves filled the trees. Autumn was always in his mind like a time between hot and cold. It was the time he felt like the earth was starting anew but this autumn was the time of fear. He didn't know what was going to happen or when, but he continued to walk his path.

"Sasuke, I'm not afraid anymore…" Hinata said running her fingers through her sleeping sisters hair. Hanabi slept soundly on her lap. "Because you're here and because…" something made a popping sound. The back wheel was shot at and the car swirled. Sasuke finally came to a complete stop.

"Hinata are you ok?" He looked back and she was unharmed. "Thank god." Sasuke eyed Gaara who approached the car. Hinata opened the door leaping out. "Hinata, what the hell?" Sasuke went to open the door but he heard a click. Hanabi was holding a gun.

"If you move I'll blow your head off."Hanabi smiled. "Now come out slowly." They came out as she held the gun against his head. "Gaara I got him! Now can you kill that annoying bitch already? She irks me."

"That's what you have wrong my dear. She gives me pleasure." Gaara took a whiff of her hair. "Her innocence makes me want to devour her over and over again." He yanks her hair making her scream. Her pulls her to the edge of the bridge and makes her look down. "This is a little present I made for you. I told you to never fall in love and what did you do? You fell in love with that pretty boy."

"NO!" Hinata screamed falling to her feet.

"See what happens when you go against the rules I give you. I was giving you a chance to start over by staying in my house but now I can't show anymore remorse." By the hair he yanked her up.

"I hate you…" Hinata slowly takes out a knife she found earlier. "So die!" She stabs him on the chest. Gaara walks back in shock by her actions. Hanabi drops the gun from her hands to run towards him but he slips off the ledge and falls into the river. "Neji…" Next to the water in the pile of rocks was lifeless Neji. But everything wasn't over yet.

"Gaara!" Hanabi looks over the ledge but he was gone. "How could you? How could you?" Hanabi goes to choke Hinata but Sasuke quickly picks up the gun and holds Hinata in his arms. She buries her face in this chest.

"Don't turn around." Sasuke says as he pulls the trigger. Hinata arm wraps around him tightly. They don't move for a second taking in everything that just had happened. "Everything is better now. See we're ok. I didn't mean..." She interrupts him.

"She's not my sister. My sister died a long time ago." Hinata whispered. "Sasuke." she looks up to his eyes and lightly touches his cheek. "I love you." She kisses his lips. "Let's go somewhere else please." She begged and he nodded. "Somewhere far so we could start over."

"Of course." Sasuke said taking her hand. "Let's go." They walk down the road holding hands. "By the way," He kisses her hand, "I love you."


Kiba hangs up the phone; Ino who was now single glances over to him. He nods and sits beside her. She then sits on top of him to face him. Both her arms are on either side of his face.

"How are they?" She asks.

Kiba smiles and lies back more pulling her closer, "What will you give for that information?" She rolls her eyes. "Not today I guess. Damn when are you going to let me?"

"Whenever I get over…Sai." Ino says. Kiba gives up.

"Their doing well, Hinata is a teacher now and Sasuke works at an office. He's going to pop the question anytime soon and lots of other things." Ino smiles and gets up. She waves goodbye and leaves. "You're a tease!" He chuckles until he sees a familiar face. It was Gaara.

"Tell me everything you know." Gaara demands.


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