This is my first SYOT; After submitting so many tributes I have come to the conclusion that I will do my own story; I'm looking for you to submit the 24 tributes; If you're interested just drop me a PM and I'll forward you the Tribute Form. Seeing as I cannot be bothered with the hassle of Critics United if you submit via review, the review will be removed and your tribute ignored, or blood bathed if I'm struggling for numbers (Wow! That does sound harsh, oh well).


Lawrence xxx

It began 62 years ago. It was then that the 'Treaty of Treason' was published, it was then that The Hunger Games were born. The Hunger Games: A political weapon to punish the districts for the rebellion that was christened the 'Dark Days' by the corrupt government of the Capitol, atonement for their ancestor's sins. The Capitol call it a pageant, but this could not be further from the truth; these games are a plague upon the people who live in the districts of Panem, there is nothing beautiful or glamorous about murder, betrayal or death.

The treaty decrees:

'Each District must offer two tributes, one male and one female between the ages of 12 and 18 to compete in an arena; in a battle to the death. The last tribute standing will be named the Victor'

And so it has been that for the past 62 years each district has offered their tributes for this glorified bloodbath; for 62 years families have had to mourn for the loss of their loved ones and for 62 years the Capitol has had its entertainment. But this year the cycle may break, this year a rebellion will be born.

Grief, pain, anger, sorrow; these emotions plague the districts of Panem, held down by the oppressive hand of the Capitol; but this year there will a spark, a spark that gives birth to the most powerful feeling in the world: This year, there will be hope.

Sorry that it's so short; it's just a prologue, a taster of sorts. Please submit some tributes so I can get started on the real story; or just leave a review about how you think the prologue sets the tone for the story. Any thoughts or ideas, just let me know :D

The general format will be 12 reapings from a tributes perspective; another 12 tributes experience meeting their mentor and the train ride and then 6 tributes about their prep team and the chariot rides and then 6 perspectives for each training day. The one on one with the Gamemakers will be from the Gamemakers perspective and a Capitol POV for the interviews. This results in every tribute having at least 2 perspectives before the Bloodbath.