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Effie watches her four year old daughter run around their back yard from the shade of a large oak tree.

She giggles happily as her and Primrose Mellark chase a few stray geese through the grass, Rosa's honey blonde ringlets flying through the air behind her.

She is a lucky girl, her daughter. She will be spoiled, a Daddy's girl, but with a love for her mother. She will have his laugh, and her brains and manners. Oh yes, Effie's daughter is a very lucky girl.

"They grow up so fast, don't they."

Effie turns at Katniss's voice and nods, still smiling, "Yes." she says, "they will be the best of friends, don't you think?"

It is Katniss's turn to nod, "Oh yes, Rose and Rosa. Our two little wild flowers."

Effie's smile grows wider, their two little wild flowers, that is a wonderful way of putting it. Effie looks at the girl, now a woman, standing beside her. She hasn't changed much, her grey eyes still sparkle with pure determination, but they are happier, and the smile on her face is less rare.

There is a high-pitched shriek from the yard, and Effie turns to see Haymitch flipping their daughter up onto his shoulder, "Hey there, Rosie Posie." he says.

"Hi Daddy." Rosalinda replies, giggling from her perch on her father's shoulders.

Haymitch turns to the other girl, who is currently wrapped around his leg, "Primy." his greets, ruffling the girl's dark hair.

The three year old smiles, "Hia Uncle Haymicth."

He smiles, them looks back to his daughter, who just spoke up, "What are you doing, Daddy?"

"Well, I just came over her for a little.." he pulls Rosa into his arms and picks Prim up with the other one, "SNACK!" and begins tickling them.

"MOMMY!" the girl screams, laughing hysterically, her grayish green eyes sparkling.

Effie looks to Katniss, "Come on," she says, walking towards the giggling girls and her husband, "Let's go save our children."

Katniss rolls her eyes and follows, letting out a laugh as Prim shrieks, laughing. Effie moves and grabs a hold of Rosa, pulling her out of Haymitch's reach.

"Thanks mommy." her daughter giggles as Effie sets her softly down, rolling her eyes at a chuckling Haymitch.

"Any time, sweetheart." the mother replied, with only a hint of her slight Capitol accent coming through.

They do not speak of the Capitol here. Or the Hunger Games, or the Rebellion at all. Though some people still send her dirty looks when she goes to the market, she has made friends, and most people don't even mention her fading accent.

She kisses her daughter on the top of the head and goes to stand back under the tree, running her hand lightly over the cracked bark.

This tree is so old. It got the chance to grow. So many children didn't. So many children didn't because of her.

Effie sighs. If Haymitch learns what she's think of, she'll be in trouble. She has long since blamed herself for the many innocent deaths, but after much convincing, she has let it go. Even though it still appears in her nightmares at time, but when she wales screaming, he doesn't ask.

That's something else they don't talk about here.

Haymitch comes up beside her to watch their daughter play, and she can't help but think and wonder and hope. They stand in silence for a few long beats before she speaks.

"We are so lucky." she says without looking at him, voice quiet.

He doesn't respond, but she came basically feel him nod, so she continues, "To be alive, and here, and together."

She looks up at home now, to see that his eyes are still locked on Rosa, she smiles slightly and follows his gaze.

"To have her. To have her safe, and here, and able to grow up."

She is silent then, and they continue to watch Rosa. Remembering how it was, and how it is now.

Haymitch wraps his arms around her waist, resting his chin on her shoulder, and they watch happily as their daughter continues play in the sunlight, giggling still.

"I'm glad you stayed." he tells her.

Effie looks to her daughter, and Primrose running beside her, then to Katniss and Peeta watching them laugh together. She turns to kiss Haymitch's cheek, then speaks, her gaze now back on Rosa. Her eyes sparkle.

"Yes. Me too."