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10 year old Martin Kratt sat impatiently for Chris at the large window next to the front door.

It was an early school morning, and the Kratt household was going through their normal morning routines; Chris was still getting dressed with the help of his mom, Christine and Susan were eating breakfast, and their dad was at work already.

Martin was the only one who actually wasn't doing his normal routine of lazying around. He had plans that school day, and didn't want to be late. He actually wanted to be early.

Martin ran over to the staircase and called up, "Mom! Is Chris ready yet?" Martin always had to walk with his 6 year old brother to school, so he was really just waiting for Chris.

Susan and Christine had doctor appointments that day, and would be dropped off at school later.

"Not yet sweety!" his mom called back down, she was having trouble putting on Chris's shirt, since he was running around.

Martin groaned. He sometimes hated being the oldest, because he always had to wait on the youngest... he also hated Mondays.

Finally, Chris and Mrs. Kratt came down. Martin urged his brother to eat quickly, so they could go.

And soon, they both were heading out the door.

"Bye boys! Have a good day at school!" called their mom.

"Yeah, whatever- Bye!" said Martin back, taking Chris's hand and going faster.

"Bye!" Chris called back blankly, as his brother dragged him off.

They walked down the sidewalk, going pass all the other houses, down to their shortcut through the woods.

They soon stopped on the way, at a small brook.

"What are we doing?" asked Chris, as Martin took off his backpack tossed it near a tree.

"We're catching a frog, or a toad... it doesn't matter which..." said Martin leaning down near the water.

"Why do you need a toad? Oh, and you'll probably just find frogs... toads don't like water as much..." Chris reminded his big brother as he went over, staring into the water.

"I need one-... Just because." Martin said briefly.

"Because why?" asked Chris.

"Because I said so..." said Martin giving his brother a bit of a glare.

Chris blinked, and his eyes narrowed, "Your not doing a frog race against Zach again, are you?"

"Maybe I am, maybe I'm not..." said Martin grabbing a frog quickly, and going back to his bag, putting the frog in a special container he had made.

Chris got up and followed his brother, "What's the prize for the one who wins?" he asked knowing his brother wouldn't just being racing frogs for nothing.

"When I win, you'll find out..." Martin smiled to himself.

When they got to school, they saw 9 year old Zach standing in the grass, waiting impatiently for them, "Well if it isn't the booger picking rat brothers... your late..."

"Shut up Zach, I needed a frog..." said Martin giving Chris his bag, taking the frog out.

"Whatever, let's get this race over with, so I can win and get to class..." said Zach, taking out his own frog. But, the frog he took out was completely a robot and came with a remote.

"Hey! I thought we agreed on real frogs?" said Martin, madly.

"We did. And this is-... or, at least it use to be..." an evil grin rose up on Zach's face.

Martin and Chris both exchanged glances.

"That's terrible! How could you do that to a frog?" said Chris.

"Listen buster, the race is between me and your brother, so bug off!" said Zach pushing Chris a little.

But, Zach under estimated Chris, and Chris pushed him right back. And soon it was a little hand slapping fight.

Martin had set up the starting line, and the finishing line, and came back to Zach and his brother, "If you two are done fighting like girls, can we please get this race started? School's going to start any minute!"

Zach growled at Chris, and walked to the starting line.

"One... two... three... GO!" said Martin and Zach at the same time as they let go of their frogs.

When both frogs got about half way, Zach's broke down, not exactly being very well built.

Martin's ended up hopping the wrong way, and neither frog crossed the finish line.

"Well that was a waste of time..." said Chris.

Suddenly the school bell rang, and they all grabbed their bags and made a run for their class rooms.

"See you later bro!" said Chris, going down the hall and entering his first grade class room.

"See ya..." said Martin, still disappointed he didn't win the race. He went into his fifth grade class room, and sat down at his desk with a groan.

The teacher came in and greeted the class.

Zach, being moved up a grade last year for being smart, was only two seats across from Martin. So, Zach could easily tease Martin as much as he wanted too because the seat between them was empty.

"Good morning class, today I am happy to say our projects are all coming together nicely. May I add-" she kept going on as Martin took out a notepad and started drawing an idea for his next frog race.

He drew out other animals he thought would be fun to race as well. Unfortunately, when he was working on a bobcat, it happened to be the same moment the teacher saw him drawing, "Martin, listen or I will have to take away your notebook... anyway, aren't you to old to be drawing kittens?"

The class giggled a little as Martin's face went red, "It's a lynx..." he mumbled loudly.

Zach took this as an opportunity to embarrass Martin, "No it's not, I see him drawing cats and ponies all the time!"

The class laughed harder, as Martin stuttered, "N-no I don't, I draw lions and z-zebras..." his face was now red with anger too.

"Yeah right. Well, in that case your an awful artist... I can't tell what anything is when you draw it!" Zach laughed.

Martin growled, and stood up so suddenly the class gasped. Martin was about to punch Zach, but, the teacher stopped him.

"Boys! Boys! Stop this at once! Both of you sit, and be quiet... NOW." There was no mercy in the teachers voice.

Martin sent a death look at Zach, and sat, putting his arms over his open notepad.

"Now, if we don't have further interruptions, I will remind you our Valentines Party is on Friday. And now, I would like to introduce our newest student-"

Everyone turned their head's to look at the door as a girl walked in. She had bright blond hair that was braided back, and dark blue eyes. She had pale skin and a lovely, shy smile. She wore a grey t-shirt and a blue skirt, and carried her books with her.

Overall she was very pretty, and most of the boys in the class had their mouths wide open.

"Laura Wilkinson!" said the teacher with a smile, "Now Laura, you will sit between Zach and Martin, and maybe teach them some manners..." she pointed to the empty seat.

Laura nodded and walked over sitting between Zach and Martin.

Zach smiled at her and tried to flirt a little, but only succeeded in creeping Laura out a little.

Laura turned her attention over to Martin, looking at his notepad, "Cool bobcat..." she whispered.

"You can actually tell what it is?" Martin whispered back surprised, as the teacher kept on talking.

"Well, yeah. It is clearly a feline, and it has a short tail and big ears... it's a bobcat..." she smiled lightly, before listening to the teacher.

Martin smiled to himself, happy someone else finally could tell what he was drawing. And with that, he closed his notepad and listened as well.