This is an idea I had last night while on The Infamous Man's forum and is in response to my own fic idea of 'what if the Uchiha did something other then rebel'. This fic begins roughly two days before Shisui's death. It is a joke so please don't turn around and say something like 'The Uchiha didn't forge weapons' or 'the clans never had militias' in reviews.

Naruto belongs to Masashi Kishimoto


XX Naka Shrine XX

Fugaku Uchiha sat listening as Shisui reported his first born son's every action to the clan. Itachi had lost faith in the clan, and the clan had lost faith in him.

"Thank you Shisui." Fugaku said as the young man finished his report. "Does anyone else wish to speak before we conclude this meeting?"

"Actually Sir," Shisui spoke up again. "I have."

"Go ahead." Fugaku sighed. He liked the kid, he really did. But Shisui had just spent the last fifteen minutes talking and Fugaku really wanted to end the meeting.

"It's in relation to the clan's coup d'etat." Shisui began, licking his dry lips. "I do not think it should occur."

This was met be a loud , collective groan and several people muttering 'not again'. Fugaku scanned the room wondering what they meant by 'not again'? He'd never heard anyone speak out against the plan. Leaning over slightly he whispered to the Elder seated to his right.

"Has Shisui spoken out before?"

"He keeps going on about something he heard about in the capital." Kagami Uchiha whispered back. "A way the civilian workers have of showing displeasure to their employer."

"And what has that got to do with our situation?" Fugaku enquired.

"He says that the Village is effectively the employer to all living within it." Came Kagami's tired reply.

"Okay Shisui, what is your idea?" Fugaku asked.

"We Strike!" He declared.

"That's what we plan to do." Fugaku yelled after a moments silence. Fugaku began to worry that the Mangekyo Sharingan eroded the mind as well it's user's sight. Well that would explain Madara's actions near the end of his reign as Clan Head.

"No, I mean an industrial strike." Shisui explained. "We stop working. The Uchiha clan refuses to do anything for Konoha or it's citizens until our demands are met."

"We stop working." Fugaku repeated slowly. "So what, we stop policing? The Hokage will just reform the Police Force under a different clan."

"He can't." Shisui said quickly. He was happy to share his more pacifistic plan. "The laws the Second Hokage brought in that made us the primary police force can only be changed via vote by his successor and all current Clan Heads. As long as you refuse to vote it can't be changed."

"Then he'll have the other clans start up their own militia like the Hyuuga have." Someone from the crowd pointed out. "They'll just take over."

"But a clan's militia can only operate inside that clan's lands." Someone else countered. "The majority of the village is civilian and so no militia can operate there."

"So he'll send in the ANBU." Inabi Uchiha pointed out from his place near the centre.

"Actually ANBU are not authorised to police the Village." Fugaku said, remembering a few times the ANBU had to inform him that they wished for certain citizens to be arrested to cover up the fact they were traitors. "They can only act as bodyguards to the Hokage, dignitaries from outside Konoha. They can act if they are investigating suspected treason or spy activity however."

"And policing isn't all we do. We run the best forges in the Village." Someone near the back spoke up. "We supply all the ninja equipment the ANBU use as well as the more expensive supply stores for the standard shinobi."

All to soon the entire clan was calling out the different types of goods or services the clan gave the Village. Many had even begun to point out what the short term effects of these being cut off would be. As he listened Fugaku began to smile, the clan literally had to do nothing to bring Konoha to it's knees.

"Okay, assuming we tried this idea of yours." Fugaku said, silencing the many voices that had been trying to out yell each other. "How do we get our demands across? How do we know they won't just attack us claiming it's treason?"

"Because treason is defined as 'The crime of betraying one's country'." Kagami said. "By attempting to kill the sovereign or overthrow the government for example... Like we planed to do. Not what we would be doing if we followed this idea."

"So how do we go about organising this strike?" Fugaku asked.

"Well first we have to vote." Shisui told the gathered clan. "If we receive a majority vote in favour of it then we go ahead to step two."

"Fine. All in favour of this instead of a coup?" Fugaku asked. Every hand rose into the air. "I guess we go with the strike, what next?"

"Then we need to organise when we strike." Shisui said. "We also need to let the Village know about two weeks in advance."

"How about two weeks from tomorrow?" Mikoto said. "It is the earliest we can strike from now."

"Then it's settled." Fugaku beamed. "Yashiro, draw up a statement declaring our intention to Strike. Print up several and post them around the boundary of the compound. I shall take a copy to the Hokage tomorrow. Shisui, you come too in case I have to explain any of this."

XX Hokage's Tower (The Next Day) XX

Fugaku and Shisui entered the tower at the crack of dawn. They waited for roughly fifteen minutes before the ANBU informed them they could enter the Hokage's office. Hiruzen Sarutobi looked up from the report he was reading and gave a grandfatherly smile.

"Fugaku. Shisui. To what do I owe this early morning visit?" He greeted.

"I have come to give you your two weeks notice." Fugaku informed him before handing over a sealed scroll.

"the Hokage opened the scroll and read:

The Uchiha Strike begins at 0:00 hr, January 3rd

and shall continue until our demands are met!

The Hokage head shot up so quickly he ended up giving himself whiplash. He found Shisui holding out his hand and offering a leaflet.

"Our reasons, plans and demands are contained within." He said, giving an apologetic smile.

With shaking hands the Hokage took the leaflet and began to read.

Why We Wouldn't Need The Kyuubi!

Ever since that faithful day seven years ago when our home avoided total destruction you have been lied to! You have been lied to by the Hokage and his advisers. They claim that we, the Uchiha controlled the Kyuubi and ordered it to attack. We did not, for we have no need too. Since Konoha's founding we have been vital to it's operation. It is we who provide the highest quality weapons. It is we who provide the scrolls upon scrolls of jutsu stored in ANBU Headquarters. It is we who keep the streets of Konoha safe to walk and it is we who can bring this entire Village grinding to a halt.

On January 3rd, we shall stop providing ALL SERVICES. The Uchiha Clan Is On Strike. There will be no new weapons supplied to ANBU or stores. There shall be no police force operating. There shall be no products sold or orders taken. Our Shinobi shall refuse to receive new missions or preform assignments.

This shall be the case until our demands are met.

One) An end to the hostility directed at us by the Village as a whole.

Two) A public apology for said hostility

Three) A return of all deeds to Pre-Attack Uchiha owned land.

Four) Compensation for said lands use since the Attack.

Five) An end to the continued unofficial policy of refusing Uchiha applicants to the ANBU [as a concession we shall end the unofficial policy of favouring Uchiha applicants to the Military Police]

We are truly sorry it has come to this but you have forced out hand. We hope an end to this dispute can be reached as quickly as possible.

Signed: Fugaku Uchiha, Clan Head.

"Good day, Lord Sarutobi." Fugaku said when the Hokage had finished reading. He then turned on his heel and left.


This is part one of two. It isn't much, just something I had in my head and wanted to put out there. The Elders and Danzo believe this to be a bluff or smokescreen to hide the planned Coup. Next chapter will be the actual Strike and the results of it.

I'm dyslexic, so please point out any mistakes in spelling or grammar. Feedback via review or pm most welcome and needed, the more I hear back about my writing or the story the more I can improve. Well, I think that's everything I've gotta say so, hope you enjoyed the chapter.

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