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Here are the Origin Stories of Neji in this universe [working title, Shinobi Comics].

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XX Konoha, Ninja Academy XX

Seven year old Neji Hyuuga sat at the back of the class, looking through the history textbook their teacher had just handed out. The class was studying the time period before the formation of the Great Villages and the numerous wars between the groups that would later become the great shinobi clans as well as the clashes between those groups and the early samurai. Subconsciously reaching up and rubbing the seal on his forehead through the bandages he wore, Neji listened to the teacher with have an ear.

"Back in the early days, before the ninjutsu we use today had been perfected, the samurai had a significant advantage in weaponry." The teacher explained. "The samurai were expert archers, able to fire an arrow from almost a kilometre away and hit their targets exactly where they wanted."

"So, people would just dodge." Snorted one of the boys.

"Those arrows could travel nearly a hundred metres a second, that's a lot faster than any kunai or shuirken." The teacher told him. "Most people died before they even knew the samurai was aiming at them."

"Then how did the shinobi win?" Asked another of the other children.

"There were no shinobi, at least not yet." The teacher explained. "What broke the power of the old samurai clans were the bloodline limits. The Kaguya clan and their 'dead bone pulse' slaughtered the samurai who'd ruled the islands of modern Water Country while the samurai on the mainland faced the combined force of the Uchiha, the Hyuuga and dozens of others."

"How did the clans beat the bows?" Neji asked, mention of his clan having caught his attention. "If they could kill from that far away and could fire arrows that fast, how did they lose?"

"The sharingan allowed the Uchiha to track the arrows and dodge, it also allowed the Uchiha to copy the expert sword techniques of the samurai and turn them back on the samurai." The teacher began to explain, happy that today wouldn't be one of those 'just read and boy the kids' days. "The other clans, not being able to do that, instead developed what evolved into the basics of the shinobi way. Stealth and misdirection, poison and ambushes; these allowed the clans to beat the samurai. In fact, the only true samurai left are those that live on Three Wolves Mountain in Iron Country."

"Why did they fight?" One of the boys asked. "Where the samurai bad or something?"

"No, the clans fought them mostly for the same reasons they fought each other." The teacher told them. "A few of the clans may have had personal reasons for fighting, but mostly it was to remove competition for clients… Now, I think it's actually time for weapons practice."

XX Konoha, Streets XX

As Neji made his way back to the Hyuuga Compound he thought about what he'd learned. One of the civilian born kids had told them how her older brother and father sometimes went out hunting in the forests around the villages with bows and how they really were as powerful as the teacher had made them sound. She said her brother would let them watch him practice if they didn't get in his way, which sounded cool.

"Lord Hiashi wouldn't let me go." Neji muttered dejectedly to himself. Neji knew he wouldn't be allowed to go, he was Branch Clan and his duty was to serve the Main House all the time. "It's not fair."

As he entered the Clan Compound Neji came face to face with his uncle and cousin.

"Lord Hiashi, Lady Hinata." He greeted with a bow. Remembering what his father had told him when he was much younger, Neji counted to ten in his head. If neither addressed him before he was finished counting he could go on about his business. If one, most likely Hiashi, did say something then he was about to be sent off to do something.

"Hello Neji." Hinata greeted from her position by her father.

"You've returned, good." Hiashi nodded. "Come, Hinata needs to spar."

"Yes Lord Hiashi." Neji said, trying to bury the bitterness at not being able to do what he wanted to.

Hiashi stared down at Neji for a moment before turning and leading the two children to one of the dojos. After less than five minutes, Hiashi ordered them to stop and sent Hinata off. Once she was gone he turned his attention to Neji.

"There is something you would rather be doing than assisting in Hinata's training." Hiashi didn't ask, he stated. "Do not deny it, I can see it clearly."

"O-One of my classmates, her brother goes hunting with a bow sometimes. She invited us over to watch him practice. I-I wanted to go." Neji admitted, terrified of whatever Hiashi was planning to do.

"But you returned." Was Hiashi's simple reply to this.

"Y-Yes… The Branch Clan is meant to serve the Main House." Neji said, again trying to suppress his bitterness and sadness. "I had to come back to serve."

"Then go." Hiashi ordered as he rose. "You are distracted and it is affecting you're fighting ability. Training against you like this will do Hinata's skills no good."

"T-thank you Lord Hiashi." Neji bowed before rushing off.

"You're letting him go?" Hiashi's father criticised as he entered.

"If it improves his focus then I see no harm." Hiashi told him before walking out.

"You are the Clan Head, he should focus because you tell him to!" His father snapped as he followed Hiashi out.

"Neji is gone now so changing my mind won't really matter now, would it? Hiashi asked before walking off. "Good day father."

XX Konoha, Hyuuga Compound – Two Weeks later XX

"It's impressive." Hiashi said, more to himself then anything. He was standing in an isolated part of the compound grounds where Neji had managed to cobble together some rough targets and had taken to practicing, playing really, with a cheap bow the boy had traded with a civilian for. "That he manages to handle his time at the academy, training in the Gentle Fist and finding time to train here… It's impressive."

"It's dangerous." His father corrected. "The boy is bitter about his father's death. And that bitterness will grow as he does, he could very well end up like the Uchiha and consumed by it."

"if that happens, I will deal with it." Hiashi sighed. He didn't want to admit it, but he knew his father was right. Neji was angry over Hizashi's death and as time went by that anger grew. "And if the worst comes to pass, there is the Caged Bird."

"The Caged Bird is worthless if he isn't close enough for you to trigger it!" Hiashi's father yelled, rounding on his son and practically frothing at the mouth. "Any halfway decent archer could kill you if you don't see him firing. I guarantee you if you don't take steps to handle this, your daughter will be Clan Head much sooner… Why couldn't Hizashi have died childless, it would save so much trouble."

"I'll handle it then." Hiashi ground out. Returning to the main house, Hiashi ordered several members of the Branch Clan to dispose of the targets and to search Neji's room for the bow. When the wreckage of the targets lay at his feet and the bow was in his hands, Hiashi gave out new orders.

XX Konoha, Ninja Academy XX

Neji looked up when one of his cousins entered the class and spoke to the teacher. Leaving when he was told to, Neji followed his cousin out of the academy and back to the Clan Compound. On their way back, Neji tried to find out what had happened but was only told it was due to 'orders from Lord Hiashi'. When they arrived Neji was ushered to his room. There standing by the window and looking out on the gardens was his uncle.

"That is for you." Hiashi said, pointing towards a scroll.

Picking it up, Neji recognised his name written on it. Opening it slowly Neji read the message several times, both to be sure of what he was reading and because he was struggling with a few of the words.


I'm afraid I only have a little time left and I want to use that

limited time to tell you something. The Head Ninja from Kumo

tried to abduct Hinata but Lord Hiashi killed him. Kumo refused

to even recognise this kidnapping and only raised trouble over his

death. They demanded his head. I cannot allow that. I have decided

that I shall be handed over instead. I'm not doing this for the Main

House or because of the Caged Bird… I'm doing this for my brother.

I am choosing my own destiny. I'm sorry that I won't be there for you

but I have to do this. To protect the village, to protect the clan and most

of all, to protect you. Forge your own destiny,

Neji. Your fate is something you create with your own hands.

"It should be Hizashi, he is the one who should still be here and not me." Hiashi said, breaking the silence between them. "Not a day passes that I don't wish he was still here… You, Neji, are all I have left of my brother and even if you hate me I will always care for you."

"L-Lord Hiashi." Neji gasped as Hiashi bowed as low as possible before him.

"You have every right to hate me. I couldn't stop Hizashi from going in my place. I'm the reason he's gone and if you ever act on that hate, I accept what comes." Hiashi admitted. "Until then, I have had those crude archery tools replaced with superior ones. The Gentle Fist or way of the bow, whatever you wish to follow is up to you."

XX Ninth Training Field- Five Years Later XX

"Hey! Hey! Did you hear?" Lee yelled as he appeared in a blur and stopped Neji's arrow an inch from hitting the bullseye. "For the first time in five years, there are gonna be rookies in this year's Chunin Exam!"

"No way!" Tenten laughed as she sharpened the tips of her clawed gloves. "It's probably some stubborn Jonin competition or something."

"No, the story is that three of them are the students of that Kakashi guy Guy-sensei keeps talking about..." Lee explained, a smile spreading across his face at the idea of testing his skills against the students of Guy-sensei's rival.

"Hatake?" Neji laughed. "His team has that Uzumaki kid, right?"

"Yeah and Sasuke Uchiha… You know him, don't you?" Lee smirked.

"Uzumaki, Uchiha and who's the third?" Tenten asked.

"Sakura Haruno." Neji told her. "From the way Hinata talks about her, Haruno is a terror at hand to hand combat… This'll be fun."


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