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Follow up to the last scene in Random Scenes 9 – Ch.88 – where Obito faces off against Kakko.

XX Several Miles South-East of Kannabi Bridge, Reed Country XX

Everything went red. Not literally, of course, but Obito's vision was clouded by rage. He wanted this Iwa ninja to die. He wanted him to suffer. This asshole, who'd tortured Rin –by his own admission for fun – and was the reason Kakashi wasn't coming home from this mission. This monster who wasn't acting out of duty or necessity, Obito didn't know how he knew but he did know this man did what he did out of sadistic glee, needed to die… Would die!

As they closed the distance Obito's attention was divided. On the One hand he was straining on what his newly awoken sharingan saw, taking in every detail of his foe and their surroundings but… But there was something else… Before every movement, Kakko had a 'shadow'. A flicker of an image of him moving as he would.

'What's going on… Genjutsu or…?' Obito wandered as he ducked under Kakko's high strike and slashed out with the White Chakra Sabre.

Kakko spun on his heel, avoiding the blow and then his 'shadow' continued to move. Twisting around, left blade high and right blade low. Cursing Obito reacted. Kicking up and adjusting himself to be parallel with the ground Obito threaded the gap between the blades when they came and thrust forward.

"Gah!" Kakko hissed as the blade caught his flank. He'd dodged, mostly, but had still taken a glancing blow from the young Uchiha.

"Gotcha!" Obito grinned as his palm connected with the earth and he twisted, spinning his body and sweeping at Kakko's legs. The Iwa nin took the bait, leaping upwards to avoid losing his balance.

Tiger, Ram, Monkey, Boar, Horse and Tiger. Obito dropped the sword and ran through the hand seals with the practiced ease that came from being an adult of the Uchiha Clan. The Fireball caught Kakko, engulfing the enemy ninja completely.

"Got you you son of a bitch." Obito snarled as the sound of a soft 'thud' came from behind. Half turning Obito froze as Kakko bore down on him.

'He's too close, I won't be able to dodge in time.' Obito realised and Kakko, face twisted with fury and smugness, thrust both blades forward. 'I'm gonna die, I failed Kakashi… We won't destroy the bridge, I failed Minato-Sensei… He's gonna kill Rin next, I failed her…. No!'

As the blades touched his cheek and back Obito's head seemed to explode. It felt like someone had set off an explosive tag behind his right eye, the pain and pressure almost overwhelming. As the pain threatened to blind him Obito watched in amazement, and confusion, as the world warped.

Everything – Kakko, the trees, the remains of the cave and even the ground itself – became translucent. He could see through them, somewhat, as if he was looking through a poorly done genjutsu… But the 'world' beyond was strange. All around him there was an innumerable amount of randomly arranged and differently sized rectangular prisms. The clear sky masked a dark void… Even sound was muffled.

Kakko, not seeming to notice or care for the change around them, pressed on with his attack but something was wrong. Obito could see the man's hands growing closer to his face, could see the not-quite-there blade entering his face but nothing… Kakko's face went from smug to confused and Obito saw his chance.

Glancing back he reached for the White Chakra Sabre but it, like everything else that was translucent, simply passed through his hand. Panicking Obito tried again, desperately wishing the blade to be there. As his fingers closed around the blade Obito felt something, a growing numbness that started in his fingertips and began to rapidly spread up his arm. From the corner of his eye he watched, confused and horrified, as his hand grew translucent as he.

Snatching the translucent blade up with his not-quite-there hand Obito twisted around, the blade catching the still confused Kakko in the stomach and gutting him.

Lives are such fragile things. Kakashi Hatake, veteran shinobi and newly minted Jonin – Prodigy son to the famed Sakumo Hatake himself – was destined for a long and memorable career. Kakko – a skilled and experienced shinobi from Iwa - has well known among his allies for his professionalism and skill while the enemies of Iwa knew of his savagery and overt cruelty. With two skilled shinobi like this involved it would be inconceivable to any who knew him to imagine that Obito, at best an average chunin, would be the one left standing.

But standing he was, looking down at the bile and blood stained corpse of his enemy, with tears and blood streaking down his cheeks. Wiping the White Chakra Sabre on his sleeve, it wouldn't do for the blade to be returned stained, Obito turned as the pain behind his eyes faded taking with it that dark place of platforms and prisms.

Obito made it maybe halfway back to the collapsed cave before six heavy thuds stopped him in his tracks. Coming to a halt, Obito hung his head and sighed.

"Is-Is that Kakko?"

"Where's Mahiru and Taiseki?"

The kid… Isn't that the Uchiha Crest on his back?"

"Shit, Leaf Bastards!"

"I don't know or care if you're an experienced midget or just some hotshot prodigy but Kakko was my friend!" One of them, dark hair and similar eyes, called out as Obito turned to face them. "And he deserved better than to be gutted like a pig by you Leaf Bastards!"

Obito's sharingan flared into existence just before the speaker began forming hand seals. The Iwa Ninja had barely managed half the jutsu's name before Obito, informed about the how and what of the technique via his sharingan, was mimicking the seals and countering.

'You took Kakashi, you won't take Rin as well!' Obito mentally snarled as his Doton: Earthquake Slam clashed with and countered his opponent's. The earth buckled and rose, a jagged ridge forming where both jutsu clashed for supremacy.

A flicker of movement at the corner of Obito's vision caught his attention. One of the Iwa nin had flanked him and was charging, a fist encased in rock and compacted earth on a collision course with Obito's head. Falling back onto pure instinct Obito flooded chakra into his eyes, ignoring the building ache in his right eye, and allowed the world to fade. The prisms returned and the Iwa nin passed right through Obito.

"Shit, genjutsu!" The rock-fisted ninja called out as Obito phased back into sync with reality and snatched up the White Chakra Sabre.

XX Iwa/Konoha Front – Reed Country XX

Minato Namikaze, the Yellow Flash, was keeping himself busy in the aftermath of the latest clash between Iwa and Konoha. From helping ferry the wounded back to the medical tents to searching the battlefield for enemy survivors Minato was more than happy to help, either in person or via Shadow Clone. Now Minato was a helpful and cheery person, but all these acts of assistance wasn't necessarily out of altruism – he was trying to distract himself from thinking about Obito, Rin and Kakashi…

Now Minato knew it was natural, that his students would be going on missions without him and even without each other but he was still worried. This would be the first time he wasn't in position to jump in if needed and it was eating away at him. He now understood why Jiraiya would send Gamahiro to spy on them in the past.

"Oh, thanks again Minato." Rei Soryu, the Medi-nin in charge, said with a smile as he sat down the latest crate of supplies from Command. "You retrieving these is helping a bunch, fatalities from the battle won't amount to a third what they would if we had to wait for supply convoys to arrive."

"No problem, happy to help." Minato replied cheerfully. "Anything else you need?"

"Eh… Yes, actually. We're running short on -"

"Rei, we need your opinion on this!" One of the other Medi-nin cut in.

With a quick apology, and a plead for him to wait a moment, Rei rushed off to help with one of the wounded. Left alone Minato's mind immediately began taking into account all the entries and exits of the medical tent. Where all the individuals, medics and patients, were located. Where he could find any potential poisons or sharp implements… Standard Academy stuff really.

'I wonder how… No, no leave them be.' Minato mentally berated himself. 'Kakashi is far more professional then you were at that age, their far too talented for anything to go wrong and… Oh, what the hell! It can't hurt to see how close they are to the bridge, can it?'

Closing his eyes and expanding his senses, a serious of beacons flickered into existence in the darkness of his mind's eye. Close to a dozen in total, the beacons represented his Hiraishin tags. Mentally cycling through them Minato searched for his 'Graduation Gift' to Kakashi – it was a bit mean, lying to the boy but Minato had wanted a way to monitor his team while apart on missions… besides the high quality kunai set he'd commissioned just hadn't been finished in time anyway.

One cycle through the dozen or so tags active… Another cycle… A third…

"Something's wrong!" Minato gasped, eyes snapping open – he couldn't detect the tag on Kakashi's kunai!


Obito Vs. Iwa Nin plays out like a smaller, less Berserk version of the Obito Vs. Kiri ANBU fight. Mixing his phasing and utilising the sword Obito engages and kills the Iwa Nin, stealing several Doton jutsu along the way.

By the time Minato realises something is wrong – His kunai was crushed and destroyed when Kakashi was partly buried – and is able to make it to the Bridge Rin and Obito have destroyed it… From here I'm not sure where to go, I could use aspects off my 'Obito did Die' idea – Black!Zetsu taking the eyes and claiming the title of 'Madara' – or I could just leave it… Now that said, if anyone wants to take this and run with it just give me a link to read it and a mention in the AN.

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