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Chapter 1: Soul Bond

Soul Bonds have been around forever. They're said to be able to withstand the test of time; be the one thing to outlast all else. To be soul bonded to someone is everything. It's giving yourself to them, in mind, body, and spirit. You give up a part of your soul in exchange for theirs, connecting yourselves indefinitely. They're the ultimate sign of love and devotion, the most powerful force in the universe. Soul Bonds have been said to cure illnesses, or postpone death. Soul Bonds can help you discover skills you never knew you had. Once bonded, intimacy is a must. You must keep the bond alive. They're a huge decision and once the process is started, it cannot be stopped.

Soul Bonds can be broken, in the direst of circumstances, but there are huge consequences. That part of your soul you gave to your bonded will never be returned. Therefore, Soul Bonds are not something to enter into lightly.

"But you and Daddy are soul bonded, right Mommy?"

"Yes, of course we are, Sweetie."

"Good. Because I like that."

"We like it too."

"I think….that you should never break that bond."

"Don't worry, we don't have any intention to."

"So you'll be together forever?"

"Forever forever."

"Someday, I hope I'll find someone to soul bond to."

"I'm sure you will. One day, you'll find that person you want to bond with. The person who will make you happiest."

"And… and they'll love me, right? Like you love Daddy?"

"They'll love you even more."

"That's a lot."

"It sure is."


"Yes, Sweetie?"

"I love you even more than that."

"I love you more than you know."

Kurt giggled as he gripped Blaine's hand harder, trying to keep quiet as they ran through the empty corridors of the school. Their hands were sweaty and kept slipping apart, and their cheeks were pink with excitement. This was risky, and they both knew it. There were so many ways this could go wrong.

They stopped, leaning against the lockers, gasping for breath and laughing still, as they each tried to cover their mouths to mask the noise. They had skipped class for this, and knew that their absence would be noticed soon.

They peaked around the corner and saw that the coast was clear. They had to get somewhere secluded, where they wouldn't be interrupted.

Kurt pulled Blaine with him as they made a break for it, running down the hallway until they got around the next corner and paused again to catch their breath.

There were soft sounds of footsteps coming from where they just were and Kurt and Blaine held their breath until the footsteps faded.

"Are we being followed?" Kurt whispered.

"I don't think so," Blaine responded.

They glanced at each other before they bolted the rest of the way to the old science classroom, unlocking and opening the door, and running inside. No one used this room anymore, not since one of the sophomores accidently set the room on fire during a chemistry experiment.

It wasn't the most romantic of settings, but it was probably one of the only places they'd be alone. The room had been locked for so long but Blaine managed to acquire the key after sweet talking the secretary into giving it to him.

And now here they were, completely ready. They had everything set up. The candles, the sand, the knife.

They had prepared for it, read over all the available materials. Discussed it at length. It wasn't something to go into lightly. The Soul Bond.

But they were ready. They had been together for over a year and were completely in love. Most people would disapprove. It was too soon. How could they know? This was forever. Well… almost. But why jump into it so soon? Wait a few years, make sure.

The only others they knew who were their age and soul bonded were Mike and Tina. Everyone else was waiting. Some mentioned wanting to… like Finn and Rachel… but they broke up every couple months anyway, and were nowhere near ready to be bonded. Mike and Tina though, they were meant to be bonded. Their bonding had resulted in a huge backlash from their families, who were unwilling to accept their bonding at such a young age. They had surpassed their families' beliefs and done what they wanted. Mike ended up moving in with Tina, unwilling to live in separate homes.

Tina and Mike were the only ones who knew what Blaine and Kurt were going to do today. And they supported them wholeheartedly. Kurt and Blaine were meant for each other.

Some people wondered why the ceremony for soul bonding was so easy to conduct if these things happened. Children kicked out of their homes. Bonding too early. Why were two people able to enter a soul bond so easily? Shouldn't there be some sort of test you should do first? Maybe that would deter people.

Despite all that, bonding was great for a lot of reasons. It was such a deep connection that would transverse all other relationships. It was both physical and emotional. It was everything. It provided you with someone you could trust wholeheartedly, someone you knew couldn't hurt you if they tried, and someone who would protect you from anything that tried to hurt you.

But the truth was, many people didn't even consider getting bonded. Many preferred to live their life with another, maybe break up, meet someone else, and date around. Because once bonded, the separation rate was very low. It was too much of a hassle. Too much of a loss. Easier to live your life without it. You could still be happy without it, just never become as deeply connected.

But Kurt and Blaine… they were certain. They wanted this. They weren't legally allowed to get married, but they were able to get bonded. They'd be accepted as a couple. They'd be connected. They'd be able to feel each other, sense each other, and know when each other needed them. They really wouldn't ever have to say goodbye to each other.

Kurt and Blaine pushed the desks back around them, making space in the centre of the room for them to stand. The ceremony wasn't long, and it didn't have many steps.

First was the sand.

Kurt took the sand and spilled it in a circle, wide enough for the two of them to fit inside.

Next were the candles.

Blaine took the candles and placed them around the circle at equal distances apart. He took a match and lit the candles slowly. A slight draft entered the room and Kurt frowned. He didn't know where it came from but he was too distracted to care at the moment.

After that, the knife.

Kurt and Blaine stepped inside the circle, their eyes met and smiles formed on their faces. Blaine picked up the knife and put it in his hand, looking up at Kurt.

"Sure?" Blaine asked.

"Completely. I love you, Blaine," Kurt responded.

"I love you too. So much," Blaine responded.

He slid the knife across his palm, hissing at the pain from it and passed it to Kurt. Kurt took the knife and slid it against his own palm, wincing slightly. It was a good burn though, and reminded him of what they were doing.

They were completely focused on each other, their eyes never straying from each other's face.

The last step. Say the vows and join hands. This was why people compared soul bonds to marriage. But it was so much more than marriage. So much deeper.

"I hereby vow to take thee as my own, as a part of me, my intended, my soul, my life," Kurt started.

A wind picked up around them, ruffling their clothes and their hair, cementing Kurt in place as he stated his vows.

"To unite ourselves as one, bind us together for all eternity, and accept all repercussions of this act. I go into this willingly. To this I swear," Kurt finished, light surrounding his body.

Blaine gazed at Kurt adoringly and then a shadow appeared over his face. "No!"

Kurt's smile dropped off his face. Blaine didn't want this? But it was started…. then Kurt followed Blaine's gaze to see what was wrong.

Someone was in the room with them. Not just someone, it was Sebastian Smythe. He had been following them around much more often lately, and Kurt and Blaine had been ignoring him. Maybe they shouldn't have. He clearly heard their plans about today.

Blaine opened his mouth and rushed the words, "I hereby vow to take thee as my own-"

Kurt stared horrified as Blaine was thrown back from the circle as Sebastian spoke. Sebastian had pushed Blaine out of the circle with both his hands and his words. Blaine hit the surrounding desks hard. His eyes opened and he looked at them in horror, the light surrounding Kurt and Sebastian grew brighter the more they stood there.

"I hereby vow to take thee as my own, as a part of me, my intended, my soul, my life," Sebastian started.

"What are you doing?" Blaine screamed, trying to get back into the circle, but the light that surrounded Kurt and Sebastian was acting as a barrier.

Kurt tried to fight it but he couldn't move, his vows already connecting him to the circle. He looked at Blaine, tears streaming down his face and tried to move, to get out of there, to say something, to stop it. But once the ceremony started, there was nothing anyone could do to stop it. How had they let this happen?

Tears streamed down Blaine's face as well as he stared at Kurt, fighting to get inside. He gave up after he was flung backwards a second time, and his entire body slumped in on himself. "You have to finish it."

There would be no escape otherwise. Blaine looked resigned. He had given up.

"To unite ourselves as one, bind us together for all eternity, and accept all repercussions of this act. I go into this willingly. To this I swear," Sebastian stated.

Sebastian had taken the knife from before and his hand was dripping blood into the circle, staining the drops that Blaine's hand already made and erasing Blaine's presence from the ritual entirely.

Sebastian reached across the circle and clasped their hands together, their blood mixing and their bodies accepting the new bond together.

Kurt couldn't hide the panic on his face as his body accepted the bond, fighting with his mind that was vehemently trying to deny this was happening.

The light surrounding them got brighter, and Kurt could feel the bond inside him, connecting him to Sebastian. He could feel his heart beating and his lungs breathing and he was extremely aware of everything going on around him and inside him. It felt like there was a tether attaching him to Sebastian now. Forever connected. After a few moments, the light faded and both Kurt and Sebastian collapsed forward, into each other's arms.

It was silent, and no one dared to move. The sand had all but dissipated and the candles had been extinguished. And then Blaine let out a sob.

Kurt looked up at Sebastian and stared, horrified. "What did you do? Why did you do that?"

Tampering with a bond had harsh repercussions, but Kurt wasn't sure if this would be considered tampering at all. Technically, Blaine had barely started his part of the bond. If Sebastian had tried to do something to them, something to the bond after it was formed, he would have been charged with a crime. Now… to anyone else who didn't know them, they wouldn't think anything went wrong. They had to go into the bond willingly. Kurt did. Just not with Sebastian. And now, Blaine couldn't do anything to them or the bond or he would be the one tampering.

But the biggest question was why. Why did Sebastian do this? He hated Kurt. Why did he bind himself to him?

Kurt struggled to get out of Sebastian's arms, the bond protesting already, wanting them to be close, and tried desperately to reach Blaine.

Sebastian was silent as he watched the two of them.

Kurt finally reached Blaine, wincing at the stretch of the bond. Newly soul bonded couples weren't supposed to be out of each other's immediate vicinity for a 24 hour period, which was sort of like a honeymoon to those who compared the bond to marriage. They had to have direct physical contact for the majority, if not all, of that time period. And already, right after they bonded, Kurt was moving away from Sebastian. Kurt was really putting a strain on the bond.

"Blaine," Kurt whimpered.

Blaine looked up and grabbed onto him, holding on as tight as he could. They sobbed into each other's shoulders. This was supposed to be a joyous occasion. The joining of two people who were completely in love. Instead, it was ruined.

Kurt's sobbing turned into harsh gasps. It felt wrong to be in Blaine's arms. He shouldn't be here. He didn't belong here. The bond was telling him to let go. He didn't want to. Kurt held on tighter, wincing at the feeling inside him.

"Kurt, come on," Sebastian said softly.

Kurt fell backwards out of Blaine's arms and into Sebastian's. He could breathe properly again. Kurt turned around. "Why? Why did you do that? Sebastian, why?"

"I had to," Sebastian said softly.

"That's not a reason," Blaine said, slowly getting up. And he looked furious. "What the hell was that? You just ruined our lives! Stop it! Break the bond! Fix this!"

"You know I can't do that. Breaking the bond doesn't really benefit me right now. You wouldn't want Kurt to do that anyway. He'd lose part of his soul," Sebastian said.

It was true. To break the bond you had to let go of the part of you that bonded. Part of your soul. It could be done, but you would never feel whole again. You'd always be yearning for your previous soul bonded. Many wasted away in their misery. And to bond again after? That was like torture. You could do it… but you'd never forget your first bond. It would be better to stay unbonded after that, letting your first bond shadow you for the rest of your life or destroy you from the inside.

"I'm going to kill you, Sebastian," Blaine said, his hand rearing back.

As Blaine's hand made contact with Sebastian's face, Kurt cried out, falling backwards, feeling the same pain as Sebastian.

"Blaine! Stop!" Kurt yelled.

"You're hurting him," Sebastian said softly.

Blaine looked horrified, rushing to Kurt. "Oh my god, Kurt. I'm so sorry, I wasn't thinking, I didn't mean to do that."

"I know. I know you didn't. Blaine, it's fine. But Blaine… you can't hurt Sebastian anymore. Not like that," Kurt said.

Truthfully he'd probably feel Sebastian's emotional pain too. Maybe not right away, but as the bond matured.

Kurt had always thought of soul bonds as some kind of dream. The dream to be with the man he loved forever. Ever since he was young, and his mother told him stories about soul bonds, Kurt wanted it. To be connected to someone. And he found Blaine, and they had their life mapped out. They would do it, soul bond. Be together forever. And now, Sebastian had ruined everything.

Soul bonds were no longer a dream to Kurt. They were a nightmare.

"I just…. I don't understand," Kurt said softly, turning to face Sebastian. "Why? Why me? Why did you have to do this? Why did you bond yourself to me? You hate me."

Why was the ceremony so easy to interrupt and change? And what could they do to punish Sebastian? Not much. Punishing him would punish Kurt.

"You're my last hope," Sebastian said.

"Cut the bullshit," Blaine raged. "You stole Kurt from me. Possibly forever. We need a real explanation."

Sebastian sighed. "I don't have one for you right now."

"So you did this for nothing?" Blaine raged.

"Why didn't you take Blaine? Why me?" Kurt asked.

They both knew that Sebastian had been after Blaine for the longest time.

"We need each other," Sebastian said and shrugged.

"No we don't! I need Blaine! I've always needed Blaine! And he needs me! And you took him away from me," Kurt yelled.

"Shh, it's okay," Sebastian said, rubbing a soothing hand on Kurt's back.

Kurt wanted to lean away from Sebastian's hand, get out of his presence, but it felt so good. His body wanted it, needed it, craved it. It was everything now. The bond felt heavy, tying him to Sebastian and anchoring him there, instead of the freedom and love it represented with Blaine.

Blaine opened his mouth and closed it a few times as he stared at them, brushing his pants off from the dust on the floor.

"I can't… I can't be here right now. To see you two like this. This was supposed to be about me and Kurt. About our love together. I have to think…. figure this out…Sebastian… what have you done?" Blaine asked, backing away slowly.

Kurt panicked. He couldn't let him go. He couldn't lose Blaine after all of this. They were supposed to be bonded by now. Together forever. This had all gone horribly wrong. There had to be a way to fix it, make Blaine stay. Get out of this stupid bond. But even Kurt knew, once you were in a soul bond, it was incredibly difficult to reverse it.

"Blaine! No! Please, don't leave me with him!" Kurt screamed.

"I'm sorry… I can't… I… I'll… I'll call you later," Blaine stuttered. He turned and ran out of the room.

Kurt was left with Sebastian sitting there beside him. Kurt turned to face him. He felt the rage bubbling in his chest and he couldn't think clearly.

"I hate you! I hate you I hate you I hate you!" Kurt exclaimed, beating his fists into Sebastian's chest.

"I know, I just… I had to," Sebastian sighed.

Kurt continued beating his fists into Sebastian's chest until he tired himself out, his screams turning to sobs. But still, he couldn't help the content feeling in his body as Sebastian's arms wrapped tightly around him.

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