Author's Note: I know this chapter is short, but I really wanted to get it written and typed up. Next chapter coming soon! Reviews are love!

The Fire Lord paced the hallways, agitated and impatient. Flames danced around his feet, flaring brighter and then burning out with every step. Aang sat beside the door, meditating silently, and Toph was absently playing with her space rock, occasionally stopping to glare at her pacing friend.

Sokka, who had left to find something to eat, returned with an armful of apples. "Geez, Zuko, you should calm down and cool your heels."

"What overwhelming wit. You've gotten funnier, Sokka." Zuko said.


"No." Zuko stopped to glare at the door. "What's taking so long?" Fire ignited around his fists, sparks burning around him.

"Be patient, Zuko." Aang said sagely.

"Patient?" Zuko ground out, his jaw clenched. "How am I supposed to be patient?"

"Enough!" Toph slammed a foot into the metal floor, and the cold steel wrapped itself around Zuko, trapping him where he stood. "I'm trying to see what's going on in there, but I can't see anything with you pacing like a madman! It's fine, Zuko! Babies are born every day."

"But they're not mine!" The door opened to reveal Katara, her hands on her hips.

"Zuko, are you going to be out here throwing a tantrum this whole time?"

"YES!"" Flames erupted from Zuko's mouth with the word, and Aang sighed.

"He's just worried."

"Well if he keeps on like this, he's not going to see his son."

Zuko stopped trying to get free of the metal. "What?"

Katara grinned. "Congratulations, Daddy. Do you want to see him?"

"I have a… son?"

"Are you brain-dead? That's what Katara just said." Toph snapped.

Toph released Zuko, who stumbled forward. "A son…" Someone (probably Suki) handed Katara a bundle of red blankets, and she held it out to Zuko, who just stared. "I… don't know how to hold him. What if I drop him, or hurt him, or-"

"It's not that difficult, Zuko. Just support his head." Katara placed the baby in his father's arms, and the young Fire Lord stared at the tiny boy. "What are you going to name him?"

"Zane." He and Mai had already chosen a name for a boy and a girl. It was a boy. "My boy." Zuko corrected himself quietly. Zane's eyes opened and he looked at his father with Mai's amber eyes.

"Great. I have one more question for you?"


"What are you going to name your daughter?"


Katara pushed the door open to reveal Zuko's exhausted wife, holding a matching bundle of red blankets. Mai looked away from their daughter to look at Katara. "Her name is Azaria."

"Twins?" Zuko sat at his wife's side to stare at his daughter, still cradling his son in his arms. She stared right back at him with his topaz eyes. "She has my eyes."

"She'll be a beautiful girl."

"She's already beautiful… just like her mother."

"Blech! Get a room, you two!"

"We're in a room, Toph." Zuko replied calmly.

"Now he has control over his temper. You almost lit me on fire, Zuko!" Sokka complained.

"I'm still considering it." The Fire Lord said simply. His son squirmed in his arms, drawing his attention. "I can't believe this…."

"Congratulations, Zuko." Aang said warmly, placing a hand on his friend's shoulder.

"You're a dad now." Mai said, reaching over to touch his face. Zuko smiled.

A father.