Book 2


Harry returns to the Dursley home hoping that things will be different, but between his aunt's cruelty and her mysterious new lover, will Harry survive the summer in tact? As bonds form and new information comes to light Harry is left to wonder just where the dark lord Voldemort is, and why he hasn't made his move. Meanwhile Draco tries his hand at solving mysteries and he's not the only one! Will Harry be able to keep his friends safe from the mysteries that lie within the legendary Chamber of secrets?

Yeah I know that sucked just read the story.

Oh and this story is RATED M FOR A REASON

There will be violence,

There will be abuse,

There will be homosexual relationships both willing and unwilling

There will be blood.

Now is your chance to turn back.

Mistress Slytherin

In my version Harry will not be going to Knockturn ally just yet, perhaps in the third book?

Chapter 1

Little Bird

The night air around the small cookie cutter neighborhood was like ice as the small dusty yellow cab pulled up in front of Number Four Private Drive in Little Whinging Surrey. Neighbors peered out of lacy curtains sneering at the overly late arrival while nearly pressing their faces against the windows to see just who had arrived. Sure enough the side door opened and out climbed a small pale boy with bright green eyes and a lighting bolt scar just above his left eyebrow. The boy, they could see was smartly dressed and held himself proudly even as he gazed up at number four in distaste. The driver of the cab ambled out of the cab and pulled the large trunk from the boot of the car before slamming it shut loudly. The boy turned and casually handed the man money politely thanking him for his services before reaching back and dragging his trunk to the door and ringing the doorbell.

Harry sighed as the lights flickered on throughout the house and reigned in his temper before the door could swing open. Sure enough Petunia opened it gazing at him for a moment in confusion her eyes greedily taking in his expensive clothing. "Boy?" She said with a sneer before glancing around nervously and tugging at her pink robe. "Get in here before the neighbors see you." She snapped tugging him inside though her efforts were in fact pointless. Harry sighed as he dragged his trunk inside and closed the door behind him. Petunia peered out of the kitchen window and huffed at the sight of moving curtains. "Nosy busybodies." She said lifting her chin before turning back to him. Harry had the urge to shift nervously under her gaze and it took all of his self control not to do so. He reminded himself that he was still a powerful wizard.

"You were supposed to pick me up at the station." He drawled lazily. Petunia sneered.

"I suppose they couldn't have just kept you there could they hmmm? No they just send you back here! Tell me freak am I going to have to put up with this every year from now on?" She hissed her eyes bulging slightly. Harry cringed.

"The moment I find a better option believe me, I will be as far away from this place and you as possible." He spat in return. He wasn't their little slave any more, he wasn't about to take- SLAP! Harry reeled from the blow dots flashing behind his eyes as he tried to blink them away. SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! Harry hissed as the last blow hurled him into the counter his side hitting it hard.

"Now you listen here you little freak!" She hissed grabbing him behind the neck and slamming his face against the table. "I'm not about to take any of your foolishness! You are here because I was kind enough not to leave you on the doorstep of the nearest orphanage!" She gripped his hair and yanked him up until he was facing her. "I don't know what kind of ideas that freak school has put in you head boy but when you're in my house, you follow my rules!" He growled before grabbing the frying pan from over the stove.

"No, no aunt Petunia please!" Harry's bravado seemed to melt away then, all the strength that he'd thought himself capable of was nothing here. Petunia grabbed his hand and placed it on the table. Harry tried in vain to pull her grip away from his wrist but she was too strong for him. Swoosh! CRACK! "Ahhhgahaa!" Harry let out a broken sob as the pan smashed his fingers with a sickening crunch. "No please, please I'll be good please-" Swoosh! CRACK! "Ahhhgahaa!" Swoosh! CRACK! "Ahhhgahaa!" Swoosh! CRACK! "Ahhhgahaa!" Swoosh! CRACK! "Ahhhgahaa!" Harry slid to the floor and cradled his mangled hand to his chest sobbing as reality took him by storm. Here he was not Harry Potter intelligent student making his way to power. Here...Here is was just a boy. An eleven year old with very little in the way of protecting himself. He hated this world.

"Take your junk and get to your cupboard freak! And none of your sniffling either, I don't want Dudders waking up because of you!" Petunia growled in annoyance before tossing the pan in the sink and storming out of the room. Harry shuddered his eyes tearing as he carefully stood and pulled his trunk towards the small white door under the staircase. With shaking hands he unlocked it and pulled it open before sliding his trunk inside and then climbing inside the small space that had become home. He hissed as he closed the cupboard door behind him and centered his magic around his ruined hand gasping with every click, snap and squelch as his magic mended his hand. He panted as he stared at the blood staining his skin hatred growing in his heart. He would kill her. He would kill her and no one would know. How dare she hurt him! How dare she!


When Harry woke the next day the house was empty and a long list of chores sat on the counter. As Harry did them he searched for weaknesses. Not much had changed in the house since Vernon had died. His things of course were all gone and family portraits had been replaced with pictures of Dudley which Harry thought a bit creepy really. It was almost as if he was walking through a museum centered around Dudley.

He did the chores mechanically but perfectly his mind always searching for a way to kill Petunia. With Vernon he had been lucky. The man's family had a history of heart conditions, with Petunia- he honestly had no idea. Other than poison from smelling too much bleach there really wasn't anything wrong with her. Unlike Vernon she was actually under weight always focusing on the next dieting trend. Frustrated Harry developed a pattern of searching and doing his chores during the day, making meals for Petunia and Dudley, and locking himself in his cupboard to study.

After two long weeks of searching and no results, Harry could only sigh in frustration.

"Hey freak! Make me a snack!" Dudley ordered the moment he saw him. Harry sighed and glanced at the clock before frowning. Had Petunia really been gone, all day? Quickly he put together a tray of nachos before carrying it up to Dudley.

"Do you know where your mom is?" Harry asked as he set down the tray and handed Dudley a can of cola.

"Gym." Dudley said clicking on the TV before stuffing his face. Harry blinked.

"All day?" He said out loud. Dudley grinned with his mouth full a pretty disgusting sight really.

"She's got a boyfriend she wants to impress. Now get out of here!" he said taking a swig of his drink. Harry felt vaguely ill as he slipped out of the room. Aunt Petunia had a boyfriend? He shuddered. Who would want to- the front door slammed open startling him.

"Ahahahahahaha!" Petunia laughed exaggeratedly half leaning, half clinging onto someone. Harry swallowed thickly as he stared at her for a moment in disbelief before glancing to see just who she was clinging to. The man was tall, lightly tanned and a quick look at the cut of his suit told Harry that he was also very wealthy...Harry blinked in surprise recognizing this man as the man from Vernon's funeral.

"Hello boy." The man greeted apparently catching sight of him. Harry startled and met hazel eyes.

"Sir." he said nodding to the man before glancing at Petunia's scowling face. "Umm, sorry I'll just..."

"Oh no don't mind us." The man said with a winning smile.

"Oh dear Chris don't mind him." Petunia said dragging the man towards the living room. Harry shook his head in shock. What in the world? The man was obviously handsome and obviously rich, he could do much better than Petunia. Harry shook it off and made his way to the kitchen to start dinner. He had already put the roast in the oven hours ago but he needed to make Aunt Petunia's salad and the bread sticks to go along with it...

"So you're the boy-who-lived hmmm?" Harry gasped nearly dropping the roast as he spun around in shock. Suddenly the man was in front of him and something cool and magical was snapped around his wrists. He gazed at them in shock before slowly looking up at the man who was smirking down at him a wand balanced between his fingers. The man slipped his wand up his sleeve before reaching out and helping him settle the tray onto the counter. "Don't want you to burn those beautiful hands." he murmured reaching out to gasp his hand and pulling it to his lips. Harry gasped and snatched his hand back clutching it to his chest.

"Who-who are you!" He demanded. He pulled and tugged on his magic trying to get it to respond to him in case he needed it but nothing worked. The man grinned showing Harry his perfect white teeth as he reached out and grabbed his wrist.

"These bracelets will bind your magic until I see fit to remove them." he said pulling Harry's wrist up to place a kiss on the inside of his wrist. Harry yanked at his arm but the man was stronger and easily overpowered him. A strong arm reached out and wrapped around his waist pulling him against the man's muscular front. Harry struggled trying to pull away but unable to do anything more than cause the man to lean against him more firmly trapping him.

"Stop-what! What are you doing-! Get off!" The man chuckled at his struggles and Harry found himself close to tears in frustration and fear. The man had his magic, his magic! He was helpless! Harry was unable to stop the man from leaning forward and mashing their lips together forcing his tongue into Harry's mouth. Tears streamed down Harry's cheeks as he stared wide-eyed into glinting hazel eyes. His arms were trapped against the man's hard chest and his body pinned against the counter as the man wound his arms around him and deepened the kiss his tongue stroking Harry's which recoiled at the touch. Harry gasped and sobbed and struggled against the man until his legs and thighs were cramping and the tears were hot as they rolled down his cheeks. When the man finally pulled away he smirked and licked his lips.

"You can struggle all you want little bird but you're mine. Ever since that day at the funeral when I saw you, you were mine." he said sliding the pad of his thumb against Harry's torn bloodied bottom lip. "I've been dating that cow since then waiting until I could catch you little bird." he hissed leaning closer to Harry his hot breath sending shivers of fear through Harry. "And you are mine little bird. No one can save you here you know that." He said chuckling his hands sliding down Harry's sides making him gasp and flinch. But he was too scared to move, he was frozen, by fear, shock, didn't matter, but he was powerless now.

"Wh-why?" he managed to stutter out jerking away from the hand that reached up to caress his cheek. The man chuckled.

"Don't worry little bird, just finish making dinner." he said patting him on the cheek before leaning forward and inhaling deeply his nose close to the pale column of Harry's neck. "It smells delicious." he said before pulling away and slipping out of the room.

"Hmm...oh Chris!" Petunia said sleepily. "I must have dozed off! How long was I out for? Oh I'm so sorry..." Harry blocked out their voices as his legs gave way beneath him and his body shook. What- what just happened what-!" He lifted his fingers to his lips and suddenly felt ill. The man had- had- he closed his eyes and covered his ears not wanting to remember the firm press of the man's lips or the scratch of the stubble on his jaw or- or ah! He shook his head and looked down at the bands on his wrists. The man had bound his magic. He dug his fingers under the edge of the cuff and pulled as hard as he could. Nothing. "Freak!" Petunia hissed a moment later. "Hurry up and finish dinner!" She growled. Maybe- maybe-

"Aunt Petunia that man is a wizard! He's got magic like me-" He tried frantically.

"Obliviate." Harry jumped at the sound of the man's voice and stared into Petunia's glassy eyes.

"Aunt Petunia?" He said his voice trembling almost as much as he was.

"Hmmm?" She said tilting her head to the side.

"Go lie down on the couch Petunia." The man said smirking. Petunia glanced back at him before nodding.

"hmmm? Yes...okay." She murmured making her way to the other room. Harry stared at the man wide-eyed with fear.

"What did you do to her?" he demanded. The man lifted his chin.

"Erased her memory, and I'll do it again if I have to little bird. Now finish dinner before I decide to eat you instead." He said his eyes heating in a strange way. Harry shook.

"Y-Your sick!" He cried out. Causing the man to frown. "Ho-how could you- I'm a kid! A boy!" He said shaking his head. Suddenly the man was there in front of him again pressing him against the counter.

"I assure you little bird, neither the fact that you are young or a 'boy' as you so elegantly put it will stop me from having you. You are mine!" He hissed his grip becoming punishing. Harry did the only thing he could thing to do- he spit at the man causing him to rear back his expression twisting into something horrible. Harry shrank back readying himself for a blow as the man pulled his arm back palm open ready to slap him- this, this he could handle. Pain he could take- but the other? No

The blow never came. Harry cracked an eye open as the arms around him loosened. "You'll regret that little bird." He hissed into Harry's ear before striding out of the room.

"Hmm...oh Chris!" Petunia said sleepily. "I must have dozed off! How long was I out for? Oh I'm so sorry..." Harry stared forward blankly for a moment before slowly turning around and mechanically finishing the food. The man was right. There was nothing Harry could do, his magic was bound and Hogwarts was miles away. No one would want to help him any way, no one ever did. Hadn't he learned that already? Hadn't he remembered that last night when he'd mended his shattered hand? It took him a moment to realize that he'd finished making dinner and setting the table- for three.

"Dinner's ready!" He said before quickly slipping into his cupboard and pulling out his books. A few minuets later he was startled by the door being jerked open. Harry stared up at the man in shock and slowly lowered his arms from the defensive position he'd raised them in without thinking. For a long moment the man stared at him nostrils flaring eyes dark and glittering.

"Is this where you live?" he demanded. Harry swallowed very aware that he was defenseless against the man. He shrank back wondering what he'd done wrong.

"Sir?" He tried helplessly his body shaking. The man leaned forward and grabbed his arm dragging him out of the small space and pressing him against the wall before setting the tip of his wand against Harry's temple.

"Ligilimense" he whispered. Suddenly Harry found himself reliving his worst nightmares, Vernon, the pain, the shame, being alone, locked in the cupboard, Petunia- all of it. When the man finally pulled away Harry was panting, shaking, crying- weak. The man stumbled back and Harry slumped to the ground curling into a ball. For a long moment Harry's heavy breathing was the only sound to be heard. For Harry it was worse than the man's harsh kisses. It was all his weakness, his pain laid bare simply taken by a man he hardly knew. Harry realized belatedly that he felt worse than when Snape had taken a peek into his mind- no, no this...this was, was raw! Those things were a part of him! Things that he had not meant to share with anybody and yet the man had simply ripped them from him! Harry flinched when a hand came to cradle his cheek but the hand was persistent- both hands were and fear crawled up through Harry as they began to pet him.

"No!" He shouted pushing the man off of him and scrambling away. He didn't get far before the man caught him easily swinging him up in his arms and stilling his flailing limbs though not before he could knock several of Dudley's pictures off the wall. "Let go!" He cried struggling to get free. "NO! NO! LEAVE ME ALONE!" He shouted only to find himself silenced.

"I'm going to take care of you little bird." The man said gazing at him with unfocussed eyes as he kicked Petunia's door open. "I'll kill her for you. Make her suffer." He said setting him down atop the duvet. Harry shimmied back as far as he could the moment he was released but a swift grab held his ankle captive. The man chuckled in amusement and pressed a kiss to his ankle bone before reaching up and holding his wrists together. He whispered a spell and suddenly Harry couldn't move them, couldn't do anything to stop the man as he unbuttoned his shirt and smoothed his hands over his chest. Harry let out a sob as he tried to escape the hands but the man had him pinned and his hands were sliding down in a mock caress. "Don't worry little bird." He murmured his mouth hovering over Harry's navel before lowering and dropping open mouthed kisses to his skin making him gasp and cry out in shock. Harry stared down at the man in horror tugging at his wrists with all his might and struggling to get away from the man's mouth only to freeze up when his pants were suddenly tugged down. He began kicking his legs in earnest only to fall victim to another spell, this one forcing his legs to go lax. He couldn't move them, had no control over them and knew for certain that he was helpless. The man continued to pet him before whispering another spell causing Harry's back to arch and his eyes to widen in true terror as his anal muscles loosened and it suddenly became slick.




But he was alone here! No one could help him no one would no- Harry's eyes widened. ASH! In his terror he called out for the only friend he knew he had and in response felt a wave of fury that wasn't his own before a ripping tearing pain dragged him back to reality as the man pushed into him murmuring soft apologies as Harry sobbed. It he was being torn in two. Pain ripped through him and he could do nothing more than gasp and sob against it. It was too much...all of it too much...He sobbed for air as the man began moving making the pain worse with each unsteady lurch. He felt sick.


He pleaded his friend silently and for a moment could have sworn he heard a roar but there was nothing there no one, no one.


Harry cried out as the man atop him cursed and pulled out suddenly. "What the devil-" Harry let out a sob of relief. Someone was there!

"Get the Aurors!" And then the man was gone. Harry couldn't move though so he just listened. There was a thump, another shout- a crash, a groan and then someone else shouted and Harry let out a sob when he recognized the voice as belonging to Lucius Malfoy.

"Potter?" Someone cried out but they were far away and he was so dizzy. "Mister Potter!" He blinked slowly and squinted his eyes at the blurred face. Someone let out a whimper and belatedly he realized it was probably him. but before he could follow that strand of thought he was slipping away into oblivion.