Hellooooo out there! Well I have not as of yet been deleted from fan fiction net so I suppose that's a good thing though I'm not sure when these blasted sweeps will end! I will stay as long as I am welcome though and if that fails then I will simply have to update elsewhere! Anyway, on to book three! I was going to entitle it Book 3 The Search Begins buuuuut that title frankly sucked. Sooo as cliche as it is I'm re-naming book three as Book: 3 Something Wicked This Way Comes which I liked much better. I do not yet have a cover for it but I will work on it no worries and I will be posting the first chapter tonight!

A short update on Book 4? Well, it's dragging because I'm having some difficulty with the time line but I wanted to do it right so I'm going with my instincts and letting my muse guide me which will keep me from second guessing myself. I'm about a hundred pages in and since my summer break begins tomorrow I hope to be able to sit here in my favorite chair for hours and simply write, which is something that as of late I have been unable to do. I'll keep you all updated!