Summary: AU, The hero of Kvatch has spent the time since the Oblivion Crisis living in the Shivering Isles as the new Prince of Madness. Now she returns to Tamriel and learns of the troubles in Skyrim. Goes there and finds out that she is the Dragonborn and she has to save the world…again.

Genre: Adventure…I guess

Pairings: To be determined, but will not be the focus of the story in any case

Rating: T, to be safe

Legal Disclaimer: I do not own the elder scrolls and I am not making any money from this story

AN: I actually got the idea for this fic right when I first started playing Skyrim; but then I got to the Sheogorath quest and saw how the "new" Sheogorath was virtually indistinguishable from the "old" Sheogorath I'm like whoa…maybe shouldn't post this. Now that I've finished the game I'm like, it's a fan fiction who cares, so I figured what the heck.


The Daedric Prince (or should that be princess) of Madness sighed for what seemed to be the umpteenth time that day. She was so utterly bored for the past one hundred years things in the Shivering Isles had been mostly peaceful since Mehrunes Dagon had gotten the hint and stopped trying to invade the Isles to get back at her for her role in defeating his invasion of Tamriel and destroying the Mythic Dawn.

Even though it was Martin Septim who had done the most to thwart his plans, she had been the only adversary Dagon had been able to get his hands on and he tried for quite some time (about a century actually) but eventually, he had been forced to concede defeat at least for now, he'd be back eventually she was sure. Part of her almost wished he would invade again at least it would provide some excitement but that was a bad idea though, innocent people would get hurt and she didn't want that.

"My lady, if I may make a suggestion?" Haskill her chamberlain said as he approached her. She had insisted that he refer to her as lady instead of lord because she quite frankly was a lady and found it insulting for Haskill to not acknowledge that rather obvious fact.

"Yes, Haskill?" She asked

"Since you seem to be rather bored here, why don't you return to Mundus for a time? The Dukes and I can maintain things here for a while and if something does come up I can always get in touch with you at one of your shrines…provided you remember to check in every so often. Also if something truly dire does occur, I can send in, one of the mortals to fetch you"

She had to admit it was tempting. Don't get her wrong, she had grown to love the Shivering Isles both Mania and Dementia but there were times when she missed Tamriel, it was where she was born and where she had grown up and she had often wondered how the empire was faring since Martin's Death. She had left Tamriel almost immediately after the battle for the Imperial City unable to deal with her grief at losing the only person she had ever dared to love after her parents had died tragically when their house had caught fire.

"Are you sure that's a good idea, Haskill? What if Dagon takes the opportunity to invade again?" Lerna (that had been her name before she became Sheogorath and in many ways she still thought of herself as simply Lerna, the Breton warrior, and not as the Hero of Kvatch, Champion of Cyrodiil and a dozen or so other titles people had attached to her)

"My sources tell me Dagon has gotten into yet another dispute with Malacath and they are busy fighting each other again or maybe it is more like still, either way it is unlikely Dagon will able to cause trouble for us anytime soon."

"Really? It seems like those two are always at each other's throats aren't they?" Lerna said it was mostly always the same thing too; my Orcs are tougher than your Dremora, no, my Dremora are tougher than your Orcs and, blah, blah, blah.

"Indeed" Haskill replied

Lerna thought it over for a moment, in all honestly Haskill did most of the day-to-day work running the kingdom anyway she spent most of her time either defending against creature invasions or training so really, Haskill could likely handle things all on his own for a while, besides it's not like she would be gone all that long right? Seriously, what was the worst thing that could happen? Her mind made up she got up from her throne.

"Very well, I will go and see how things are faring in Tamriel, Haskill, you're in charge while I'm gone and tell the dukes that if either of them has a problem with that, come and talk to me about it and I'll explain things to them."

"Understood, my lady" Haskill replied, bowing slightly "safe travels" she then began making her way to the door but before she could get to it her path was blocked by both the head of the Aureals (golden saints) and the leader of the Mazken (dark seducers).

"My lady, this is WAY too dangerous" The Mazken leader said

"I have to agree with my…counterpart here, you really should stay here, in the palace, where the Aureals can protect you." The Aureal added. At that last comment the Mazken leader turned to the Aureal next to her and declared disdainfully

"My Mazken can protect her far better than your annoying little golden saints; all they're good for is getting in the way." The Aureal turned and glared at the Mazken

"Big words coming from a worthless little wretch, I strongly suggest you shut your mouth before I shut it for you." Before the dark seducer could respond Lerna interjected

"That's enough; I've told you both a million times that I will not have you fighting amongst yourselves. Your task is to protect the Shivering Isles NOT me; I cannot die" (not permanently anyway, a handy little aspect of being a Daedric Prince) "and therefore the Isles need your protection far more than I do. Now I am going to Tamriel and I will be going alone, while I'm gone your task is to protect the Isles and if I hear one word about fighting between the Aureals and the Mazken while I'm gone, I will be very angry and you will not like the consequences, is that clear?"

The Aureal replied with a crisp "As you say" while the Mazken responded with

"As you command, my lady"

"Good, now move aside." Lerna replied and then she stormed out of the palace.

After a minute or two she sighed, she knew they had just been trying to protect her, heck it was practically the only time she had ever seen an Aureal and a Mazken agree on anything but it wasn't necessary, not to mention really annoying and that rivalry between the two Daedric races really got on her nerves. She had been trying to ease it for the past two centuries with no success, the best she was able to do was maintain a strict appearance of impartiality but if she was honest with herself…she preferred the Mazken, they were generally easier to get along with then the Aureals, plus she had briefly been the Duchess of Dementia and had spent more time working with the Mazken anyway.

Eventually she made her way to the Fringe and the Door to Cyrodiil which oddly enough or perhaps not so oddly, neither she nor Haskill had ever bothered to close. It seemed that they still got occasional visitors even after all this time at least judging from the fact that the town of Passwall seemed to have grown quite a bit since she'd passed through last. Anyway she reached the portal and hesitated…did she really want to do this, there was no telling what she'd find on the other side. Eventually she took a deep breath and stepped through.