Shizuo felt himself fall further backwards against the back of the bed. It was not like he did it on purpose. Izaya was actually pushing him backwards. The blonde also noticed that the raven's grip on his hand had loosened.

"Hm?" Shizuo hummed as he leaned forward to see Izaya sleeping. He dragged his hand up to his face to stroke the soft cheek. "Izaya." He whispered, smiling.

Shizuo turned his full attention to Izaya now. Oh, god. He looked so cute while sleeping, and those little twitches his body made were cute too. The blonde continued nuzzling the other's cheek. He moved his hand down to Izaya's neck, gently caressing the skin there.

"Nnnm.." Izaya purred, fingers twitching slightly.

Shizuo smirked and ran his fingers down to Izaya's chest, nuzzling the soft material covering his body. He moved his head closer to the other's, looking down at his closed eyelids. He gulped before placing a soft kiss on the other's cheek.

Izaya smiled at the soft lips and blinked his eyes as he slowly woke up. "Nnn.. Shi.. Shizu-chan?" he mumbled as he noticed the blonde hair brushing the side of his head.

The blonde snapped his head back and pulled his hand back too. "Uh.. yes?" he blinked in surprise.

Izaya sat upright and stretched. He pushed himself further forward; his hip not hurting all that bad. "Lie down.." he mumbled, looking over his shoulder to look at the blonde.

"Wh-what?" Shizuo was even more confused. What was the other planning? He did as told though.

Izaya slowly turned around and lay himself down on top of the blonde; a shy blush forming on his cheeks. He nuzzled his head into the blonde's chest and exhaled heavily. He was feeling rather tired from lack of sleep since he hadn't been able to sleep properly because of his hip.

"Um, Izaya… why?" the blonde mumbled and shifted himself, so that he was lying comfortably. He placed both hands on the other's back.

"I feel comfortable…" he said, followed by a yawn. "Tired."

"Oh, right." Shizuo mumbled and lay his head down onto the pillow. His hands stroke the other's back, hopefully comforting him.


"Hm?" Shizuo hummed and closed his eyes, hearing the sound of the film in the background.

"I suppose I don't hate you all that much.." Izaya mumbled, placing his palms on Shizuo's shoulders.

"Why are you telling me that?"

"Hmm… I don't know…"

"I think you are tired." Shizuo chuckled nervously. The blonde did feel happy that the raven had told him, but he couldn't bring himself to say the same. Not yet.

"Yeah…" Izaya smiled weakly, enjoying the gentle sensation of Shizuo's hands on his back. He wished for them to find their way under his shirt, but there was no way Shizuo would want that. Still, Izaya wanted the skin contact. The feeling of Shizuo's fingertips on his skin. That would be nice. [I could just.. No.. I can't.. But I could always- no!] he argued with himself for another few minutes before carefully sliding a hand down, under the covers. He grabbed the hem of his shirt and pulled his shirt up to his mid-back.

Shizuo felt the other move around and removed his hands from the other's back. "Hm?" he hummed as he noticed that Izaya's shirt was pulled up to his mid-back. "What's that supposed to mean?"

"Continue." He said in a normal tone, though he honestly was very embarrassed.

"Geez. Don't boss me around." Shizuo mumbled and placed his hands back down on Izaya's warm skin. He gently brushed his fingers against the other's skin.

Izaya chuckled lightly at the answer. "Well.." he started. "You can always stop, ne?" he smiled at the skin contact he had wanted.

"What if I don't.. want to stop?" Shizuo mumbled, feeling the heat hit his cheeks.

Izaya tensed for a second, but soon relaxed again, feeling content with the answer. "Then don't…"

Shizuo let out a low chuckle and continued his doing, feeling how Izaya relaxed his body.

"Mm.." the raven purred. He slowly opened his eyes and shifted a bit until he was towered over Shizuo, resting his weight on his elbows. He looked down at Shizuo; their faces very close.

The blonde raised a brow in question. "Yes?"

Izaya leaned closer, their noses painfully close to touching. He could feel the blood rush to his cheeks.

Shizuo automatically cringed away as far as the pillow allowed. "Um.." he mumbled as he looked up into those crimson eyes.

The raven felt persistent and leaned further down towards the blonde, looking deep into his caramel eyes. "Shizu-chan.." he whispered.

"Yes, what?" Shizuo mumbled and quietly gulped. What's this? Why is he acting this way? He shouldn't be like this. Take control! Take control!

"Aren't you lying a bit close?" Shizuo let out without thinking straight.

"You.. you think so?"

"Well, it's not like… I want you to move." The blonde mumbled and shrugged. Great. That was just pathetic. Shizuo sighed. He dragged his hand up to the back of Izaya's head and nuzzled his hair.

Izaya closed his eyes when the hand was placed on the back of his head, but soon reopened as he leaned down just a tad closer to Shizuo, feeling the blonde's hot breath against his lips.

Shizuo's lips formed a thin line as he pushed Izaya's head closer to his own. What is he doing? The blonde never broke the eye contact.

Okay, Shizuo was pushing him closer. Did that mean.. He wouldn't mind? Izaya closed the short distance between their lips and closed his eyes.

Shizuo immediately froze. He expected the kiss, obviously. But it also seemed rather unexpected. He too closed his eyes and slightly parted his lips. His playful tongue licked Izaya's lips, begging for entrance.

Izaya parted his lips and was greeted by the other's strong muscle which entered his moist mouth. Shit, that was their first kiss, wasn't it? They had never kissed each other on the lips. It had always been rather harsh kiss-bites on their necks and such.

"Mh.." Shizuo moaned lowly as his tongue explored the other's mouth.

Izaya blushed at the moan and began playing with Shizuo's tongue and after a few minutes, they were practically eating each other. It felt great. It felt… right.

Shizuo's fingers were nuzzling Izaya's hair as they continued to kiss each other. It was a bit weird, kissing with Izaya, but it felt good.

Izaya reluctantly pulled back in need of air and glanced down at Shizuo, panting slightly.

The blonde smirked and dragged his hand down to Izaya's back.

Izaya too, smirked, obviously still blushing. He laid himself back down on Shizuo's chest and closed his eyes.

"I.. guess I don't quite hate you either."

Christine: Aaaaaand… that is the end of Bedridden! Hope you enjoyed it :D
Signe: Yup! Cuz' we certainly enjoyed writing it :P