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When Mako kisses her for the first time of his own accord, it is unexpected.

Mako is by nature calculating and precise. A control freak, as Bolin tended to put it.

However, when Mako kisses Korra, it is not planned in the slightest.

They had just finished practicing with Toza for the day, and were headed down the hall to change. Bolin had left the previous hour, being very cryptic about where he was planning on going; Mako assumed it had to do with some girl. Korra was planning to return to Air Temple Island for the remainder of the afternoon and night, saying that Pema needed her help with the kids since the baby had arrived.

Mako doesn't know what possesses him to stop mid-stride and catch Korra by the waist, stealing the gasp from her lips. But he does it, nonetheless.

Korra responds to him almost immediately, and Mako feels the fire within him stir.

Her fingers find their way into his hair, and Mako moves forward until Korra's back hits the wall. A moan emits form Korra's throat, and Mako can't help but feel proud of himself as he turns his lips to her jaw and neck.

Korra is tracing his skin, which sends shivers down Mako's spine. She captures his mouth again, and the two are so focused on each other, that they don't even notice Toza emerge from the training room.

Upon taking in the sight of two of his trainees lip-locking, Toza rolls his eyes. It would have been hard for him to miss the loaded looks and tension that had been darting between the two lately, but honestly. Toza would have expected this kind of thing from Bolin, but Mako? He just wasn't usually so impulsive.

"Shoo!" Toza exclaims in an attempt to scatter the two teenagers. "Take that kind of stuff out of my gym!"

Mako and Korra break apart, both flushed and startled.

"Sorry, Toza!" Korra responds cheerily, grasping Mako's arm to continue down the hall.

Toza watches them go and sighs, shaking his head.

"Darn kids, hormones a'ragin'," he mutters as he returns to the comfort of his training area, where everything makes sense.

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