You've created scripted hell, pain in our love nest
Given me my dreams and ever hence
I find gifts given come with price:
The price in this case was my life.
In debt both loving and physical
You've taken my right to be quizzical
And though free reign comes when you leave
No treachery can I conceive.

For run I'm allowed within my chains
Yet for the first time I feel deep shame
Not for my jail yet for the bird free
The one who fell in love with me
For my shackles she did not see…

And for a moment, I forgot myself
My debt to pay placed upon a shelf
And I search for bail that I might go
Leave this hell and apologize to the one I know…

But even if escape does come
I've somehow already lost the only one
And from this lonely bed I plea
How I got here still a mystery…

How in taking my heart
She tore my freedom far apart
Left me with only fantasies

A dream for someone else beside me
In a silent scripted hell I reach
For I know this new one could teach
Teach me love if ever I loved at all…

Yet through her words
The words of a poet
Through a soul
I loved her.