Hello. I have created a new story. This one was inspried from my imagination and some other people's stories. I wanted to write a fanfic with a dark evil Noah Allen. So here you have it. Some of it was writen on my iPod so do bear with me if I mispell things. So here you have it. Please tell me what you think.

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Chapter 1

'Why? Why did it happen? Why didn't he stop it? Why did Mana save him? Why?' Were the thoughts that went thru the young brunette's mind as he sat there crying.

"Young man, would you like to see you beloved person back?" a voice called from above. Who was it? Maybe it was god.

"If your god then you can shove that question up your high and mighty and glorious ass because I dont give a shit." Where the young 10 year old had learned those words were a mystery but that didnt matter. If god wanted to bring Mana back why didn't he save him from getting hit? Why did he alow it? It was always why. God was such a hypocrite.

The Earl was astounded. A person rejected his offer, plus it was a small little boy and the language that came out of his mouth was defiantly foul. 'Mana did you teach this boy those words?' The Earl thought. He hoped not. But the little boy really did have a temper from the looks of it.

"Little one, I am not god. I am the Millennium Earl, the only one that can bring Mana back. I can bring him back from that detesable god."

"I don't want your sympathy. Just get the hell away from me!" the Earl didnt want to make the kid even angrier so he resigned to trying again another time. The Earl disappeared. The boy sat there for the longest time. It was almost dawn when he finally moved. He stood and looked at the gravestone. Mana. The boy found himself getting very angry. It's all their fault. The humans. 'I hate the humans! Hate! Hate! Their evil creature. They deserve to die!'

The boy turned to leave with those lingering thoughts. The humans didn't deserve to live. Briefly the boys brown eyes flashed gold, and a shadow loomed behind him with a large grin. He left the graveyard, intentions unknown.


Pain. It was everywhere. Why of all times? It hurt. 'Make it go away!' He wanted to scream. But he kept his mouth shut because he was surrounded by a bunch of people that he hated. Humans. He grimaced at the thought. But he had no choice. He had to make it back to the Order so that he could report back. He tried to push the hatred out of his mind. Even the smell of humans made him sick. There were times that he didnt know why he hated humans and then he would forget all those feelings. Soon his stop would be coming up, he repressed a relieved sigh. He felt another wave of pain pass over him. This one seemed worse then the last episode. He's been having those resently and it was very strange and Interesting but he wasn't going to dwell.

That would just draw to much attention, attention he didn't want directed to him. He had enough being the pupil of Cross, have a parasitic Innocence, his white hair and his polite attitude. People were amazed at him for those facts. They hadn't seen anyone that had white hair and grey eyes. His polite attitude on the other hand was just a pretense. He was just trying to keep up formalities so the others did nt see his other personality, he knew they would be scared if they saw it. He was already looked at differently for being and albino and being only 15. He was the youngest exorcist at the European Branch and probably every other one. He sighed at the thought. If he had his way he would have killed the whole human race. But that came later. More pain. He grimaced as he was hit again. Maybe he should have someone look at it. He thougt it over alittle and came to the conclusion that he wouldn't say anything thing. He hated attention.


"Allen-kun! Your home!" came a girls voice. The white haired boy turned around and was meet with a girl around 16 coming toward him. He smiled slightly. He would miss her and the red headed bookman and even if he hated to admit it, he would miss the irritating samurai when he had to leave. He didn't know why he would leave and those thoughts frightened him then they completely left his mind. The said samurai was walking with the girl.

"Hello Lenalee. I'm home." he smiled again hoping it was genuine. She smiled back.

"How was your mission?"

"Great. It was very easy. Akuma really are vey dumb. It's hard to imagine them being able to evolve very far, or maybe because they sense me or something. I don't know." Lenalee looked at him for a long while. The samurai 'tch'ed and glared at the white haired.

"What's your issue BaKanda? Besides the obvious." Allen asked feeling his patients failing. Kanda really sometimes pissed him off and it took all of his efforts to calm down.

"That's nothing that concerns you Moyashi." Kanda said glaring harder. Allen made no more coments.

"I'm tired and have a headache so I'm gonna go to bed. I'll come out before dinner." he didn't tell them that he had started to lose his appetite slowly. He didn't want to eat, all he wanted was to sleep and try to get ride of this major headache that he seemed to have constantly. He walked to his room, closed and locked it before getting hit with another massive headache that he swore was going to split his head open. He might not make it to dinner because he had a bad feeling about this.


Dinner came and went and Allen still didn't show up much to Lenalee's and Lavi's dismay.

"Maybe we should go check on him." Lenalee said getting antsy.

"Leave him be. He said he was tired, he's probably sleeping like the lazy Moyashi that he is." Kanda said without looking up from his 3rd helping of soba noodles.

"Thats not very nice Yuu-chan. He could be hurt or something, and your just going to leave him?" Lavi said looking at Kanda and getting a massive glare for the 'Yuu-chan' comment.

"He's grown up and can take care of himself. Let him be. If we don't see him by breakfast then we'll worry. Sound reasonable to you Baka usagi?" Lavi just looked at him then nodded his head. After that they went to their rooms hoping that Allen was ok.


Allen awoke with another splitting headache. He groaned and rolled then got hit again. It felt like he was getting beat with a large sledge hammer over and over. He wanted to scream in pain but he didn't want to get anyone's attention. He curled in a ball and grabbed his head. He bit his lip to keep the scream from escaping as the onslaught got harder. He couldn't handle it for much longer. It hurt so bad. He bit his lips so hard he drew blood. The taste was nasty and it made him want to gag but he kept it under control. He got hit with a harder with pain and he couldn't hold it and he let lose a scream hoping that he wouldn't be heard.


Lenalee woke with a start as she heard a scream. Lavi came running to her bedroom banging on the door. She opened the door.

"Lavi? What's the matter?"

"Did you hear that scream?" he asked breathless.

"Yeah but I thought it was a dream. Who do you think it was?" Lenalee asked.

"It sounded like Allen's. I have a bad feeling about this."

Lenalee's eyes widened and she ran past Lavi towards Allen's room hoping praying that everything was alright. She reached it and tried to catch her breath afriad to knock. Kanda opened his door and saw her and decided to help. His help tho was defenitly different then a normal person. He walked to it and kicked the door cracking it and without a word he left for the bathroom. Lenalee watched in amazement before turning toward the door and slowly walking in.

"Allen? Are you alright?" there was no answer so she walked in not finding him. Where was he? She heard a door open and Allen came walking out with a towel on his head. He looked at her and then jumped.

"L-Lenalee, what are you doing?"

"We heard a scream and we thought it was you. Are you alright?" Allen stared at her for the longest time before he smiled and said, "Oh I'm sorry. I had a nightmare and then I fell off the bed and it really startled me so I screamed. Nothing to worry about. I'm sorry if I scared you. It's nothing really." Allen said smiling still. Lavi stood in the doorway wondering if thats really what happened.

"Are you sure you're alright, Allen?" Lenalee asked again. Allen's patients were wearing thin again. He started to feel the hatred coming again.

"I'm fine Lenalee, so stop worring." He said losing the smile and giving her a look that said it was over with. Lenalee looked shocked.

"Right. Well I leave you be. Brother has another mission for you when your ready. He wanted me to tell you last night but you didn't come to dinner so don't make brother wait." Lenalee said turning to leave and Allen stared after her. God how he hated how worried they always were. He glanced at Lavi who was staring at him with those Bookman eyes waiting for something. Allen wouldn't give him the pleasure so he looked away and said, "Lavi, if you don't mind, I would like to get dressed in peace. Please leave and have Kanda fix the door." Lavi looked at him before shrugging his shoulders.

"You know Yuu-chan isn't going to go for that."

"I don't care. If he doesn't do it then I'll make him." Allen said glaring at Lavi. This wasn't the first time Allen glared at Lavi but it was indeed the first time that Allen glared at Lavi with such malice in his eyes. It shocked Lavi, he backed up feeling the heat of the glare and wanting to get away from it.

"Alright, I'll tell Yuu-chan what you want. Just lose the look and get yourself in control." Lavi left and Allen seemed confused before he realized the glare that was etched on his face. He rubbed his face hoping to get it to go away. He slowly felt his face muscles slowly start to relax. He sighed. The memories of hatred started to stay with him instead of disappearing, they stayed haunting him, making him feel like they were part of his being. It was very desturbing but he didn't dwell and left to Komui's office.

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