Author's idiotisms: Andrew Hussie, I immediately command you to stop being a copycat of me. You couldn't have had the idea about Tavrisprite without reading this fic, could you? Would you?

The next day, Daz woke up in her room. She still had to fully comprehend the idea that she was now one, and acted accordingly: if the Dib part of Daz once would want to expose Zim on Mysterious Mysteries of Strange Mystery and the Gaz part of Daz wanted to beat him up horribly, with Contine Overseer thinking nothing of the situation because she wasn't there, the one person that Daz was was forced into a dilemma. She just needed to go to Skool for a while, fully realizing a single personality, and then defeat Zim. And if he takes over the Earth before then, however implausible it is, she would need to survive in this little room for a while.

That said, Daz prepared for Skool by throwing in a book that didn't belong to the Skool curriculum, so that she wouldn't be completely bored and horrified by what Ms. Bitters had in store. She and her father exchanged pre-recorded "farewell" words and so Daz walked. She would never run after the incident with a lawn gnome, a dodge ball and four penguins.

At Skool, Ms. Bitters was completely puzzled by the "human fusion" concept, so instead of a high school lesson she started delivering an university lecture that only Daz and Zim listened to carefully, with the others planning on making her choke on a paper aeroplane, because you simply can't stay in Skool with such a horrible teacher for seven grades and remain sane and not murderous.

As I said, Ms. Bitters went on. "And such, the combinations of the genes that could unleash murderous doom have to be carefully chosen, because you don't want the resulting subject to have the Down syndrome or a similarly fatal disease. Each chromosome has to repeat only twice in the resulting subject." Even though she was sure she wasn't listened to, Ms. Bitters had to continue on, because the Skool regulations required her to speak all the time, so knowledge would be blindly fed into the students' brains, and be retrieved whenever a test came up.

As the lesson full of doom went on, it turned out Zim had a plan prepared so the doom lessons with the teacher and the manufactured it would end. Two pages of his book, as he opened them, automatically folded themselves to paper aeroplanes and took off, one flying to Ms. Bitters and the other one to Daz. Zim slowly started to maniacally laugh so everyone gave him a weird look, but inside the Skoolchildren were glad that finally the lesson which lasted for hours and was never interrupted by the bell finally ended.

Daz reached for the aeroplane that was flying towards her and watched as it hit her hand and crumpled. "These are made from actual paper?" she had a voiced thought, refolded the plane and flew it towards the other plane, unsuccessfully aiming for the ever-babbling Ms. Bitters. As the two planes hit each other, they exploded and hit the floor, and everyone instinctively backed away. As the Skool caught on fire, the smoke detectors went off, spraying water everywhere and Zim's skin started burning. "Curse you Daz! I'll have the Tallest per-AHHHH!"

As he let out this last scream, the Irken went to standby mode. While Irkens didn't have to sleep, too much pain caused them to go to this mode, dictated by their electronic PAKs, and they would go back to normal if the conditions fixed themselves. However, if the PAK was to somehow detach, the Irken would never wake up.

"Hey, thanks for the narrative," Daz said turning to the Skool's security camera when I realized that Andrew Hussie had broken this story's fourth wall, allowing Tavrisprite to appear!

"The fourth wall must stay intact." I said and shut off the fanfic before the idea of shutdown for organisms leaked onto Betty Crocker products or something.