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It was the early afternoon when Klaus and Caroline finally left the bedroom. He carried her down the stairs, and after placing her at his dining room table, sweetly kissed her temple.

"So is this how forever will be like? You treating me like royalty?"

He laughed. "A woman with your beauty should always be treated with royalty, love."

"Again with the cheesy compliments? At least it can't be any worse than that horrid compliment you gave me at your family's ball."

"As I recall, I gave you many compliments that night. To which one are you referring to?"

This one.

She closed her eyes and put into her mind the memory she recalled so well. She focused on Klaus' attire, her dress, the painting, and of course, his pathetic attempts at flirting with her.

She finally gazed down at the bracelet adorned on her wrist. She had assumed that he bought it for her, but a pestering thought had creeped in, that perhaps this was an old precious piece of jewelry of another woman's.

"What about these? Where'd you steal this from?"

He glanced briefly at the bracelet before meeting her gaze. "Well that's a long story...but rest assured it was worn by a princess almost as beautiful as you."

And he really thought that was supposed to make her fall at his feet?

She rolled her eyes, turning back to look at the drawings in the table. Somehow, however, she couldn't fully ignore the little flutterings in her stomach. No one had said anything like that to her before. Granted, this was a little cheesy for her liking, but the fact that he was saying something like this to her, Caroline Forbes...well it seemed impossible. She couldn't help but feel just a tad bit flattered.

She sighed loudly, trying to rid those thoughts from her head. What was she thinking? Klaus was a monster, why should she care so much about what he thought? Besides, he was probably just using her to get to Elena or the Salvatores, as people usually tried to do. None of this was real.

Caroline opened her eyes to see Klaus level with her. She blushed from the intensity of his stare, bringing her head down. His fingers grasped her chin lightly, bringing her face back up.

"You know I meant every word I said to you. And when you rebuked me, that was the first time my seductions did not work on a woman. It was very vexing, but in the end...very intriguing."

Caroline laid her forehead against his. "I know that now. But things were different back then."

"Indeed they were, Caroline...indeed they were."

They remained like that for a few moments, before Klaus pulled back with a smile.

"Alright sweetheart, what can I make for you this afternoon?"

She pouted her lips, faking thought and said, "How about some waffles?"

His eyes widened in confusion. "Well, I suppose so...if that is what you wish to ha..."

"Ohmygod, you are so lame! You're telling me you've never had breakfast for lunch before?"

He smirked and shook his head. "Never...but I am always open for suggestions."

She stood up from the table, putting her arms around his neck. "Well then...I'll introduce to you the new phenomenon of eating breakfast in bed at 2 in the afternoon. I'll be waiting."

And with a wink, she raced upstairs, throwing herself back into the covers.

They sat across from each other on the bed. Her eyes raked over his sketchbook, analyzing every picture while Klaus attempted to feed himself and her.

"I really like this one," she said pointing to a picture of a young boy as Klaus plopped a strawberry and some waffle into his mouth.

She suddenly felt his emotions turn down. His happiness was retreating quickly as anger and guilt came flooding in.

"My brother...Henrik."

She could feel him resisting her. Not allowing her to see into his past. "Klaus, what happened to him?"

Klaus turned away from her, hanging his head. "Wolves got him. I took him out to see the werewolves one my arrogance and my desire to prove myself to him as his big brother, I brought him with me," his voice turned into an angry hiss, his self-resentment clearly obvious. "They got him first, of course. I can't...I'd never known real horror until I saw them kill him. I could have stopped them...maybe thrown myself in and told him to run."

His voice started to crack and he stopped talking. In a moment, Caroline had herself pressed into his back, her arms wrapping around his chest, her lips kissing his neck in an attempt of comfort.

"I'm so sorry."

They stayed like that for some time. Caroline's lips traveled to his back, kissing little scars that were perhaps there from his human life. Although he still resisted her, she allowed him to see into her mind, trying to show him her love and comfort.

He finally turned and taking her into his lap, kissed her soundly. "Thank you, sweetheart. I have hardly spoken of this since its occurrence."

It's alright. We have eternity to talk about the past, she sent him, not wanting to disrupt the mood.

He smiled down at her, thanking God that he had finally found the girl that understood him through and through. He laid her down on the bed, softly kissing her face and neck. He wanted to forget his human memories, at least for today. There was no need to ruin quality time with Caroline.

Kol won't be back for another hour...

Caroline smirked, but only angled her neck so he could have better access.

That's my girl.

Bonnie stood in front of the Mikaelson Mansion. Klaus had called her asking her to explain some sort of odd situation of his when he would come over in the afternoon. Not that she cared, but seeing that it was now 5 and she had things to do, she decided to get it over with.

Putting aside her fears, she rang the doorbell. In only a matter of seconds, she heard steps and the door was opened to reveal a smiling Kol.

"Well, if isn't Miss Bonnie Bennett! Come to visit me?"

She crossed her arms. "I'm here to see Klaus, is he in?"

Kol smirked. "I hate to inform you, but Klaus is a little...busy at the moment if you know what I mean," he winked.

Bonnie's eyes widened. So Caroline finally had done the deed with Klaus. Interesting.

She was beginning to turn away, but Kol grabbed her arm, arresting her movement.

"Bonnie, wait!" She turned to see his face, surprised to see that it had lost its cockiness. "Would...would you like to wait here? I mean, I find it rather pointless that you should leave only to come back later…seeing that Klaus already forgot his appointment with you."

Kol looked away at the ground, looking nervous. It was hard to forget that he was only a teenage boy, perhaps still shy around women he actually fancied. Bonnie stared at him for second in bafflement before asking curtly, "Is this some lame attempt at you getting me to like you?"

"Well, you sure are not giving me any other choices!" He shot back. He did have a point there.

"Bonnie, I'm not asking you to dinner...just a chance at having a little chat."

She would say later that she agreed with Kol, why head all the way back home only to return later? That it was much easier to stay at the mansion and endure Kol.

"Fine...but make one move at touching me and I'm burning you," she said, brushing past Kol into the lobby.

Caroline was attempting to brush down Klaus' sex hair when she heard the snarky voices of Kol and Bonnie from downstairs.

"Is it just me or is Bonnie actually giving Kol a chance?"

Klaus took away the brush, smiling lightly. "Sounds like it. Shall we head downstairs?"

"NO! Both of us look like we've been having sex all night and day and I can't have Bonnie getting all judgmental on me."

"Sweetheart, we have been having sex all night and day and Bonnie won't be too judgmental. Besides, seeing that she decided to remain here with Kol would make her seem a little hypocritical. And if it helps, I think you look beautiful."

Caroline looked over at Klaus' mirror, taking in her reflection. Her hair was in a curly mess, some strands sticking out in unnatural ways. She only had the dress the night before as her clothing so she was wearing Klaus' shirt and his boxers. Some of her mascara was swept down her eyes, and Klaus' fang marks were still on her neck, very slowly healing up.

"You've got to be kidding…"

Klaus in an instant had her flipped so she straddled him, his arms encircling her waist and his chin resting on her chest, looking up at her.

"I am being serious, Caroline. Now, let me ask you…how do you think I look?"

Caroline gave him a blank look. Was that even allowed to be a question?

"To be blunt, you look damn sexy."

He gave her a cocky grin, making her womb ache with need. He fell backwards so that she landed on his chest.

"And that is exactly what I think you look like, love. So stop fusing and let's face some society."

In a flash, he was at the door, holding it open for her with a grin.

Caroline rolled her eyes, but got up.

If they laugh, I blame you.

To her relief, Kol and Bonnie were too caught up in talking to notice them.

"Okay, so you haven't seen Star Wars, that's fine. Have you seen Harry Potter?"

Kol crinkled his brow. "Harry Potter, what kind of name is that?"

Bonnie gaped. "You haven't seen Harry Potter yet? It's only the greatest movie series of all time, how have you not seen that yet?"

Kol laughed. "Well it looks like you are going to have to show me this series then…"

Bonnie missed his suggestive tone, still shaking her head in wonder.

Klaus cleared his throat, making Kol and Bonnie jump in their seats and spin their heads. Caroline could have laughed at their expressions.

Bonnie mouth gaped open, her eyes racing back and forth between the pair. Kol was the exact opposite. His smug smirk was bigger than ever, his own eyes only looking between his brother and Caroline with a naughty expression.

"Caroline, don't you look….ravished. I hope Bonnie and I were not being too noisy for you."

Caroline felt Klaus' jealousy turn on. It was utterly adorable how easy it was to rile him up.

Easy, darling. Kol likes Bonnie, not me.

I know, but no brother of mine should look at you like that.

"Thank you, Kol. And no, actually I think it was about time we got out of bed."

Bonnie eyes widened only for a second more, before she got up.

"Klaus, you wanted to see me?"

"Ah, yes I did. Kind of you to drop by. Kol, do you mind?"

"And leave you three to discuss private matters without me? No, I think I would like to remain here."


Caroline gave Klaus' hand a little tug.

Let him stay. If I'm going to protect him from you staking him once more, you might as well try and become better friends with him.

Klaus turned to glare at her. Bonnie looked between the two, very confused.

"What's going on?"

Caroline turned to Klaus. You got this.

Another long period of time was given to Klaus, who told Bonnie all there was to know about his marking with Caroline. The reason he had brought over was to ask her why he and Caroline had already been so mentally close before the marking, and he was clear in his explanation that that was what he wanted an answer to.

Bonnie was silent for a brief moment before saying, "There is nothing really to explain."

Klaus raised his eyebrows, not expecting such a quick answer.

"What do you mean, Bonnie?" Caroline asked.

"You two loved each other way before any marking. You loved each other so much that you were able to contact each other without any marking or spell. There is no "witch" explanation that I can give…if I was to put it in some way I would say that you two were "soul mates".

Kol let out a sheer yelp of laughter as Caroline turned a bright pink. "Oh, this is absolutely brilliant! Klaus of all people has a soul mate!" He almost fell of the couch laughing.

"So…you're saying that Klaus and I are like "meant to be" or something like that?" Caroline asked in hopes of distracting Klaus from ripping Kol's liver out.

"Basically," Bonnie replied, picking up her bag and heading towards the door. "I have some stuff back home to get to. Caroline, will I see you at the Grill tomorrow?"

"Yeah sure," Caroline replied, a little confused at Bonnie's sudden cold shoulder.

"Farewell, Bonnie! How about a Harry Potter movie date next time?"

"Goodbye Kol!" Bonnie yelled and slammed the door.

Klaus lightly rubbed her back. "She is just a little shaken. They will all see in time, sweetheart."

"Maybe, maybe not…" Caroline sighed. "Anyway, I think it's about time we moved on to our next subject of concern."

"And whatever could that be, love?

"You apologizing to all of my friends."

Two weeks later, they had their first fight…their first real fight. Almost everyone was ignoring Caroline now and if Klaus didn't apologize soon, she feared what would come next. Of course, this fight was very unusual in that the couple could not just see, but now feel each other's emotions, making the fight much more heated than usual. Their yells were taking up the whole house.

"I said I would think about it, is that not enough for you?"

"It's been two freaking weeks, Klaus! All my friends are ignoring me. Sure I understand if Tyler and Damon never spoke to me again, but Elena? Stefan? They've been avoiding me like the plague! And I know if you just apologized, they'd give us a chance!"

"You got me! You got Elijah, Rebekah…Kol! Can't we satisfy your lonely issues?"

Caroline snarled. "This isn't about me being lonely! This about the fact that I can't be with you and have all my friends, some of them whom I've been friends with since elementary school, hate you and then me for being with you! I want them to like you!"

Her temper flared in his veins, but her sadness was there too. She was needy…needy for her lost friendships.

"How Caroline? How can they possibly like me after everything I have done to them? And what if I don't want to apologize…what if the thought of Elena Gilbert smirking at me while I grovel at her feet makes me too ill to pay my dues?

Caroline took the nearest object, a lamp, and through it at him in a fit of rage. "It's a stupid apology! Just man up and do it! You apologized to Dominic, didn't you? It's such a simple task compared to everything else you've done."

"Caroline, this is a lot more difficult than you think it is…"

"Okay, you know what? Whatever. I'm leaving. I've had enough of this."

Klaus heart clenched. She didn't mean…

Where are you going?

Caroline turned to glance behind her. Out. Be back later.

She passed Rebekah on her way out the door.

"Nik's never been one to apologize. I think he would rather go dress shopping with me a hundred times over than to apologize."

"Well, this is one thing he's going to have to do. I'll be back later," and with that Caroline shut the door behind her.

Rebekah cautiously walked up the stairs, heading into Klaus' room. She smirked looking at the unmade bed…Klaus and Caroline had spent most of their free time in that thing for the past two weeks, almost forcing Elijah out of the house.

She found him pacing back and forth in the room, muttering under his breath.

"Why is that woman so difficult?" he said out loud, knowing she was there. "I give her everything her heart desires, even the things she doesn't need, and the one thing she wants more than anything and I can't give it to her."

She sat on the bed, flipping her hair behind her back. "She has a point. You apologized to Dominic, why would this be any different?"

"Because he didn't mean anything to me! I have done great wrongs to all of Caroline's friends for my own benefit and in being with Caroline, I actually do feel sorry for some of what I have done. And that alone makes this all the more worse. I can't let them see that I have softened."

"Nik, you can say that you are sorry to someone, mean it, and not turn into a loveable teddy bear with the world. Besides, Caroline is happy with just you being loveable with her. You don't have to change everything about yourself to be perfect for her."

"Then again…" Klaus thought out loud, not showing if I had heard her or not. "…I have hurt Caroline in hurting her friends and she has chosen to love me."

"Then maybe you should start with her. I guarantee that she has already forgiven you, but if you need to start somewhere, you might as well start with her."

Outside, they heard the sound of sudden rain. A storm was passing in.

Klaus nodded silently and sighed. "I suppose we shall see what happens then…now I better go off and find her."

He walked out of the room before bending down and kissing Rebekah's cheek as if he did it every day.

Rebekah smiled to herself. Caroline really was changing him, even if he didn't realize it.

Caroline could feel Klaus' sadness and confusion as she drove off into the woods. She couldn't help but feel like a selfish girlfriend, expecting him to give her everything she wished. Couldn't she show him how truly grateful she was for everything he did for her? She didn't recall anytime she tried to do something out of her way to make him happy. No…it was always him.

She pulled off to the side of the road, letting her tears finally come down. She shouldn't have expected that much from him. To actually feel guilty for using other people to end his own misery.

So distracted by her thoughts, she didn't realize a storm had slowly moved in. She looked up just as the clouds opened up, releasing their contents in buckets. The lightening was beginning to light up the sky in booming cracks, causing Caroline to jump.

"Just my luck…" she muttered, pulling back on the road and trying to turn around.

She was already pretty deep into the woods, and before she knew it her tires were lodged into the mud. She hadn't just how fast the dirt roads would turn muddy. Pulling out her phone with little hope, she saw the connection was dead.

"Okay Caroline, we are just going to wait her until the storm passes over. No going outside like last time…"

What felt like an hour passed by and the storm really wasn't letting out. She wondered Klaus was worried about her…or was still pouting in his room waiting for her to come back.

She had only just pondered that thought when she heard a tapping on the passenger window. She gasped, throwing her hands on her chest in surprise only to see a dripping wet Klaus on the other side.

She stared at him in disbelief. He tapped again, a little more roughly and pointed at the lock. Shaking herself, she unlocked the car and the drenched Klaus got in.

"Did you really come out all this way in the rain to find me?"

"Oh sweetheart, I would go through a lot worse to find you. I checked all your usual places, but Stefan said he saw your car go into the woods."

"Stefan helped you?"

"Yes, surprisingly. He was with Elena at the Grill, but I only spoke to him for a few moments. I was getting a little nervous."

She looked into his eyes, staring passionately back at hers. Her eyes flickered briefly to his lips, before hesitantly looking back at him. On cue, he pulled her face into his, kissing her lips with renewed energy and vigor. She didn't mind that his soaked clothes were wetting her own clothes, somehow the raindrops on his body made her want to touch him more. Her fingers ran through his wet hair, all silky and smooth from the rain. His tongue met hers, battling each other for a quick victory. She pulled back, kissing down his neck and resting her head on his shoulder.

"Klaus, I have to apologize. I don't mean to be selfish, you do so many good things for me and in return I yell at you. I haven't done anything to show you how grateful I am. I'm so sorry."

He roughly pulled back, almost looking angry. "Caroline, how can you say that? You've given me everything I have ever hoped for! Just by giving yourself to me…that is a gift I could have only dreamed of. And in no way are you selfish. I should be able to give your friends an apology…you should not feel selfish about that. If anything Caroline, I should be asking for your forgiveness. I'm sorry for shouting at you like that."

"It's okay, but…"

She was cut off by Klaus taking her hand, bringing it towards him and enclosing it in both of his large hands.

"But that's not all, Caroline. I...I need your forgiveness for many more things…"

"Like what?" He was utterly nervous.

"Well…for starters I'm so sorry for coming into Mystic Falls and taking control of your friends' lives. I was desperate and selfish and by hurting them I was hurting you. I'm also sorry trying to use you as part of my sacrifice…oh Caroline, if only you knew how sorry I am for that!..."

She placed her other hand on his cheek, catching his single tear. "I know, Klaus…I know."

He breathed in heavily. "And...I'm just so sorry for harming you've ever loved. I didn't understand that one day I'd love someone that these people also loved."

"Klaus sweetheart, I forgave you for all that a long time ago…but thank you…for saying it," she smiled at him, her own tears coming down as well.

He lightly flicked them away, placing his head on her shoulder. "Thank you darling."

The car was quiet, but they did speak. Their bond was only growing stronger and now they could speak whole conversations without even opening their mouths. After another hour, the storm had finally passed and Klaus finally pulled back from Caroline.

"Shall we head back now?"

Caroline bit her lip, indicating that she was nervous. "Ummm…Klaus? Do you mind if we stay her a bit longer?"

Klaus turned puzzled. "And why would you want to do that?"

Caroline took a deep breath and suddenly spouted out, "Okay this is going to sound weird, but I'm super horny right now, apparently I get horny after a huge fight and I also just realized that I've never had sex in a car before and that's something I've always wanted to do and seeing that we're far from civilization right now and I'm with Mr. Sexy You we might as well make the most out of our situation and you know…."

Again, she was cut off by Klaus attacking her lips, his hands finding the buttons of her jeans and working at them before she could understand what had just happened.

"Sweetheart, be prepared because I've been horny since the last time we made love."

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