*Told in POV of both Maria and Robin, based off both the movie and the book*

If I was asked about what I thought my life would be like in three years, I wouldn't have been able to tell you. My name is Maria Merryweather and this is the story of the Moon Princess and the Bird Boy. (This is also the story of how my life changed.) And the story starts when I'm thirteen and living in London with my tutor Ms. Heliotrope and my father had just died.

*Maria Merryweather.*

I was born and raised in London, England ever since I was a babe. My mother passed away when I was merely a child of no more than five. I was blessed with her beautiful hair, or so I am told. My hair is a little past my shoulders and of a golden-red color with grand natural curls. I have flawless skin of an almost unusually pale color which complements my hazel-green eyes. I remember when I was of about the age of seven years I had a friend who would visit me nearly every week, but Ms. Heliotrope told me that he did not really exist and it was merely my imagination because I was just terribly missing my mother and father, who was constantly away. I knew that Robin was real though, because before he left the last time he gave me a silver charm that you would usually put on a necklace, but he didn't have anything to put it on. I simply put it on one of my longer hair ribbons and Robin told me that If we were ever to meet again that he would know it was me by simply seeing the necklace. Eventually the memories of Robin became mainly stories.

We were standing at my father's funeral listening to the priest droning on and on when I felt like someone was watching me. I turned around and saw a boy of around the age 16 leaning upon a tombstone a bit of a walk away. At first I thought he was here for the funeral, but when I looked at his outfit I could tell he didn't belong at the funeral. He was dressed in all black, but his outfit looked unusual for London. It consisted of black leather pants, a black leather vest, a long sleeve black shirt, black boots, a black bowler hat, a black strip of cloth across his nose and a strip of cloth with bird feathers attached around his neck. I gave him the name Bird Boy because of the feathers and somehow I knew that I would see this boy again. He almost reminded me of my friend from when I was younger, Robin, because of the bird feathers. The cloth wrapped around the middle of his face made it so I couldn't tell if it was, but I highly doubted it to be him. I tried to show Ms. Heliotrope, but she told me to pay attention to the priest. When Bird Boy noticed that I had spotted him, he vanished and for a minute I thought he didn't exist, but then I saw him and a group of guys dressed like him running down the street away from the cemetery. After the awful ceremony Ms. Heliotrope and I were escorted to the office of the lawyer in charge of father's funeral and will. He worked in a bleak looking office that couldn't be any darker unless you covered the one window there was and painted everything a ghastly shade of black. The walls were made of finely decorated wood pillars and of vast bookshelves. Upon entering he called to me to step forward and Ms. Heliotrope looked at me expectantly. I walked up to his desk with her in tow.

"Ah, Miss. Merryweather." He took a pause until I reached his desk and sat down in the chair in front of it. "This being the last will and testament of Colonel George Merryweather of London." Ms. Heliotrope stuttered upon hearing this.

"Bu-b he lost it all?" When this was said the information sunk in.

"No, no, papa can't have been in London. Why he wrote to me and said he was coming home. He wouldn't arrive and not.." I stopped and made myself not cry out. I couldn't continue speaking for fear of breaking down.

"Ah, well. Your father did leave you this book." The lawyer said pulling a vastly sized book from under his desk. It was covered with a good layer of dust. "As your inheritance." He said passing the book to Ms. Heliotrope. She passed it to me and I got a good look at it. It was a rather old book with what appeared to be blackened pearls around the face of it. In the middle written in half calligraphy was 'The Ancient Chronicles of Moonacre Valley' surrounded by ornate designs.

"The Ancient Chronicles of Moonacre Valley?" I asked looking up at the lawyer. After this we left his office and headed home to pack our belongings as we were told that we were to move in with my second cousin Sir. Benjamin Merryweather who was currently living at Moonacre Manor. Later that night I was sitting in my bed talking with Ms. Heliotrope.

"I know this is hard, but you know I-I'm sure that your father did-did love you. He-he just umm... And-and you know everybody does have to go out on their own at some point in their lives. And-and..." I cut her off not wanting to talk about it.

"Ms. Heliotrope, I'm fine." I said somewhat upset. "Really." She sat with me a few moments more.

"Yes." Before leaving me alone. For a few moments I shed a few tears before opening the book.

'~Once upon a perfect time, many hundreds of years ago, when the old magic come to Moonacre Valley. There was a young woman whose skin gleamed as pale as a star, and whose heart was as pure as moonlight. Such was her bravery and goodness, she was beloved by nature as if she were it's own daughter. One fateful night the moon blessed her with an extraordinary gift, that would change the magic of the valley, forever. The moon pearls. From that day forth she was known as the moon princess. Two ancient families lived at the edge of the valley, sharing nature's bounty. Daughter of the De Noir clan, the moon princess fell deeply in love and was to be married to Sir Wrolf of the Merryweather clan. Her father, Sir William De Noir blessed thee unity by presenting the couple with a rare black lion.

"For my daughter's bridegroom."

"Thank you father."

In turn Sir Wrolf gave his bride a unicorn lured from the wild, white horses of the sea.

"Only an animal of such beauty and purity could be the companion of a moon princess."

Her heart overflowing with happiness, the moon princess revealed the moon pearls to both families.

"Nurtured fathoms deep in the heart of the ocean promising untold riches to us all. Look, they have a unique power, they can reveal the truth in men's hearts."

Legend told of their unique power, so strong the pearls would grant every wish. Both good and evil.~'

Maria slammed the book shut and cast it off to the side. Then went to sleep.

*Robin De Noir*

I was raised here in Moonacre Valley. Spending part of my time in the castle of the De Noir clan and the other time running through the woods like a wild one. The year I was ten I was sent to London to live with Father's friend for a while. I assumed it had to do with my sister Loveday. She was caught planning to marry a Merryweather, which to the De Noir clan was like treason. They were our enemies and we wanted them gone. While in London I was supposed to keep lookout for the Merryweather family and see if there was a new moon princess. I didn't find the Merryweather's, but I did meet a girl about three years younger then me. She told me her name was Maria Heliotrope. Every few days I would go play with her, but hid when who I assumed her mother was, was watching. Once my father's friends informed my that I would be returning to Moonacre I rushed over to Maria's. I gave her a charm that my father gave me. It was supposed to go on a necklace, but I had no ribbons. Maria simply put it on one of her hair ribbons and put it on. After that I left back to Moonacre. I looked similar now to back then. I still had a curly head of wild brown hair which was mostly hidden under my hat. When I was little my hat had a single feather sticking out of it, but as I grew it switched to a cloth with feathers attached that was wrapped around my neck.

When father heard that a Colonel Merryweather was killed in London this year he sent me and my group to capture his daughter. We followed the funeral party before hiding among the cemetery with me a short walk away from the actual funeral. Oddly the girl who I was supposed to be watching didn't seem that upset by her Father's death. I leaned up against a grave stone and watched her. Unfortunately I did not do well enough because she saw me. There was something about her that seemed familiar. There was also a look of recognition on her face mixed with confusion when she saw me. She turned around for a moment and I took it as an opportunity for my group to run. Father would not be pleased, but we could not risk taking her while her tutor and care taker was there, so we headed towards her house so we could steal her in the night. I perched in a tree fairly close to the window and waited. After a while she entered her room with the older woman. They were talking for a while before the girl said something that struck me.

"Mrs. Heliotrope I'm fine."

Heliotrope? Where had I heard that before? I was brought back by hearing a book slam shut. I looked back into the window. The girl had slammed the book shut and dropped it on the bed. She got up and went behind the changing curtain and came out in night cloths and then turned out the lights. I slipped into her room and looked for the cursed Merryweather Moon Pearls. I didn't find them, but she had a necklace wrapped like a bracelet that looked familiar. I went to cover her mouth and grab her, but she started stirring and grabbed the necklace, so I made my escape and signaled to the guys to flee. When we were far enough away the guys asked why I had not grabbed her. I replied that she was a light sleeper and nearly woke as I grabbed her. The guys grumbled about the punishment from father for not completing our job. We hitched a ride back to Moonacre to be there to try and catch her before they entered onto Moonacre land.