I've been itching on doing a Bleach FF story for a while. This is just pointless funny adventures in which the characters discover Fanfiction. I really hope you like it, I was bored one day and, well there ya go I thought of this.

Disclaimer: Bleach belongs to Tite Kubo

Don't Judge A Fanfiction By Its Summary

Chapter 1: The Disaster Begins

Ichigo slumped down onto his bed. He was relieved that it was a Saturday, meaning school was out. His house was peacefully silent due to his dad and sisters being out. Apparently a new amusement park had opened up nearby. This was peace, no hollows, no damsels in distress, and certainly no homework. Just a perfect Saturday. It was a little past noon and Ichigo had the day pretty much to himself.

"Man this feels good." Ichigo said aloud, enjoying the quietness.

"I told you before Ichigo, if you lay in bed all day you'll get fat."

Ichigo groaned at the familiar voice. He leaned on one elbow and turned to the person lounging on the floor. "Rukia you're doing the exact same thing."

"Am not." Rukia said defensively before turning back to her magazine.

"Couldn't you've just gone out with my sisters or something?" Ichigo said

"I would've but a hollow might appear at any moment." Rukia replied. "You shouldn't let your guard down Ichigo."

"Yeah you idiot." Another voice said.

"Kon shut up." Ichigo said as he folded his arms behind him. He closed his eyes for some well deserved rest.

"Hmph," The stuffed animal scoffed. "You need to show me a little more respect over here Ichigo."

Rukia's eyes suddenly landed on an odd rectangular object on Ichigo's desk. She hadn't seen that before. "Ichigo, what's that?"

"What's what?" Ichigo replied with his eyes still closed.

"Open your eyes you fool, you can't see what I'm pointing at like that!" Rukia snapped

Ichigo followed her hand to where it pointed to. "Oh that, that's called a computer."

"A... computer?" Rukia repeated.

"Yeah, it's this thing that works on something called the internet. You can do a whole lot with it, like search for just about anything."

Rukia's eyes lit up. "Wow, really? It sounds interesting. Can you... show me this internet?"

Ichigo sighed, so much for relaxing. "Alright, fine." He pulled himself off his bed and sat down on the chair. He pressed the button and soon the screen lit up. "I'll just show you the basics."

Rukia nodded. This machine seemed very interesting indeed. Even Kon was now on the desk with his face on the screen. "Hey, I've seen these before, bout time Ichigo gets one for the house."

Ichigo pushed the toy's face away from the screen. He then beckoned the mouse. "This here is called a mouse."

"Funny, it doesn't quite look like what I've heard of." Rukia murmured as she picked the object from Ichigo. "Where's the tail and it doesn't have any fur?"

Ichigo mentally cursed, this was going to be a long day. "No Rukia, it has no relation to the animal you're thinking off."

"Oh, carry on then."

"As I was saying, a mouse is what you use to move the little cursor you see there." Ichigo explained. "This is called Google, most people use it as their main search domain."

" I see.." Rukia said, eying with interest. "Well, continue."

"You can search for anything in particular." Ichigo added and he pointed towards the letters on the screen. "You see, it has images, news, places, and of course the web."

"Tell her exactly how to search you idiot." Kon scolded.

"Hey! I'm the teacher here you dumb fuzzball, so get." Ichigo said and he tossed him aside. He then pointed towards the keyboard. "After you clicked on the search bar, you type your thoughts with this. It's called a keyboard."

"Interesting." Rukia said. "Why didn't you show me this machine before? It's very unique."

"To be honest it never occurred to me. We're always so busy, and besides I just got this. It's pretty much brand new."

"Understandable I guess, go on."

Ichigo nodded. "Anyway, once you've written down something you press this," And his finger went to the small button. "This is the 'Enter' button, or if you want you can just click on the 'search' icon on the screen."

"There seems to be two buttons on the mouse though, may I ask what the second one does?"

"Oh yeah almost forgot, the second button is mostly used to open new tabs, but it has its other features."


"It can copy and paste things."

"Copy and paste?"

"Say for example there's this big paragraph you want to copy but you don't have time to write it down on paper, you can use that function to copy it and paste it onto a thing called 'notepad' and print it out."

"Incredible, we need something like this for the Soul Society."

"I'll explain the printer stuff for another time though, like when I get one."

"So what are tabs?"

This sure was taking a while, he hadn't expected Rukia to take such an interest in this. Might as well get it over with if he wanted to get some peaceful relaxation. "Tabs are these useful things that- here I'll show you, so pay close attention."

Rukia studied Ichigo's movements as he moved. He moved the cursor as he said it was called, to where the screen read 'Images' and he clicked the second button on the mouse.

"You see where it says 'open new tab', you click on that and," Another screen appeared as Ichigo clicked the mouse. "This extra page opens up."

"I see, like that you can do multiple searches at once, right?"

Ichigo was relieved she was catching on quickly. This meant he wouldn't have to repeat himself. "That's right, though try not to open several tabs at once or the computer might crash."

"Well I get the gist of it." Rukia said. "I think I'm ready to try this 'internet' out."

"Knock yourself out then." Ichigo replied. "If you need me I'll be resting." Ichigo went to resume his position on the bed, secretly hoping not to be disturbed again. Right as he was about to lay down Rukia spoke up.

"Ichigo go get us some snacks."

"I'm not your maid Rukia, get it yourself."

"Don't be like that."

Ichigo groaned. "Fine." He headed downstairs to get them some snacks. He returned moments later with some hotdogs and two sodas. "Mind giving me a hand here?"

Rukia was to attached to her new discovery that she ignored Ichigo's request. "Kon give Ichigo a hand."

Kon beamed up. "Anything for my precious Nee-san." And he took the sodas and placed them on the desk.

Ichigo handed her a plate. "Here ya go, now leave me alone."

"Thanks." Rukia said without facing him, her attention had been stolen by the computer.

By now Ichigo had lost any feelings of wanting to lay in bed, so he flipped his TV on and began eating his own hotdog. Not really caring what the channel landed on.

It was about ten minutes later that Rukia bothered him.

"Hey Ichigo,"

"What do you want now?" Ichigo asked with annoyance.

"You have to check this site out, it's called Fanfiction."

"Rukia you don't have to tell me every site you're on you know."

"You don't know what you're missing, it has several sections of stories."

"Whatever, I can care less."

Rukia scanned the page with big sparkling eyes. "I wonder if they have Chappy the Rabbit stories, ohh I gotta see."

Ichigo had finally landed on a decent movie channel when Rukia interrupted him again.

"That's weird, there's this section that has our names on it."

At this Ichigo turned his head to her. "Eh, really? Are you serious?"

Rukia motioned for him to come over. "Yeah, come take a look for yourself."

Ichigo clicked the TV off and headed towards the computer. Kon had also stopped what he was doing and joined Ichigo by the computer.

"Now what were you going on about?" Ichigo asked as he peered at the screen.

"Look I see your name, my name, Renji, and all of our other friends too." Rukia replied

"That's odd, and you said this site is about stories right?" Ichigo said

Rukia gave him a puzzled look. "Do you think these stories involve us?"

"Well I'm assuming so, I mean if it has our names on them." Ichigo responded with a hint of confusion.

Rukia quickly pulled out her Soul Society cellphone and began punching in some numbers.

"What're you doing Rukia?" Ichigo asked.

"What does it look like I'm doing dummy, I'm calling Renji."

"How the heck am I suppose to know who you're calling?" Ichigo retorted.

Rukia was about to respond but Renji spoke through the other line.

"Rukia what do you want, I'm swamped in this damn paperwork."

"Renji this is more important than paperwork I can assure you that."

"What are you saying, what's wrong?" His worried tone was evident.

"I need you to head on over to Ichigo's place as fast as you can, it's an emergency."

"Alright I'm on my way."

With a 'click' the call had ended.

"Great more visitors." Ichigo mumbled.

Rukia turned to Ichigo. "What do you say Ichigo, want to read some of these stories while we wait."

"I guess so." Ichigo said.

"Which should I put first?"

"Nee-san you should read one that has me as the star." Kon suggested and he jumped towards Rukia, but she swatted him away.

"Just pick any one." Ichigo said.

"Okay." Rukia replied and she examined the stories. After a few seconds she landed on of the stories. "Let's read this one."

Ichigo sighed inwardly, this Saturday was definitely not going the way he had wanted it to. These stories however should be interesting to say the least.

Author's Notes

And so ends our first chapter. Sorry about the shortness, but this was just to get us started. The fics come on next chapters and yes there will be more characters.