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This is what happens when the Bleach cast discover Fanfiction.

Chapter 40: Post Traumatic Fanfiction Disorder

(Ichigo, Rukia, and Kon)

"Yay, I can't wait to tell Ichigo how much fun we had!" Yuzu said happily as she skipped to her house. "I bet Rukia will be happy too."

"Slow down Yuzu or you'll fall." Karin replied.

Isshin raised a confident fist in the air. "Don't you worry my angels, good ol' dad will never let you get hurt. Now let's give dad a big-"

He was cut off by a kick to the face courtesy of Karin. "Give it a rest dad."

Suddenly a scream came from Yuzu who had reached the house already.

Karin and Isshin quickly dashed over to her. What they saw stunned them.

"What happened to our house!" Isshin shouted as he took it all in.

The house no longer resembled a house, it looked like a house that was stopped in mid-demolition. There were two huge holes in it, one where the window use to be and the other where the computer was. The roof also had several dents and scratches everywhere.

Karin pinched her nose as she approached their destroyed home. "Gross, it smells like puke here."

"Why is the computer chair lying on the ground?" Isshin asked as he pointed to the chair that Nnoitra had thrown earlier.

"Oh no, Karin what about Ichigo and Rukia?" Yuzu asked. "What if they're in trouble?"

Karin frowned. "Somehow I doubt that, c'mon let's go." The three headed towards Ichigo's room only to be met with a hallway blocked with furniture.

"What the heck is all this?" Karin said.

Isshin began pushing his was through the furniture and successfully passing. If they thought the outside look bad they took it back, Ichigo's room was a catastrophe.

There were chips, drinks, and pizza boxes everywhere. As well as chipped walls.

Ichigo was crouched on his knees facing the hole where the computer use to be, with Rukia standing a few inches behind him.

"What in the world happened here?" Isshin snapped. "What in the heck did you two do? This is definitely coming out of your college fund."

"Dad." Ichigo replied in a weak voice. "Call your therapist and sign me and Rukia up... tell him he's a rich man."

Rukia placed a hand on Ichigo's shoulder. "We'll get through this together Ichigo." Ichigo smiled at the gesture, yes, they will get through this.

Kon simply lied motionless on the floor, he'd definitely attend the therapy seasons.


Tatsuki eyed Orihime strangely. "And you're telling me you found a site with us in it?"

Orihime nodded. "Tatsuki you should've been there with us. There were stories about everyone. I was in it, Ichigo, Rukia and even Uryuu. Oh you were also in one too."

Tatsuki chuckled. "No more late night snacks for you Orihime."

Her friend had the weirdest imagination.


Uryuu tossed and turned on the bed he was on. He feared this would plague his mind forever. All those horrible stories were eating away at him.

He frowned when his father entered.

"Look at you Uryuu, you've gone and gotten yourself in the hospital again. No matter how much I tell you, you don't listen. I told you to stop mixing with the Soul Reapers, they only hinder you."

"You're right." Uryuu said, it was almost mumbled.

Ryuken almost dropped his jaw in shock, he was not expected Uryuu to agree with him.

If Uryuu had just not become friends with Ichigo and Rukia this would've never happened, and he wouldn't be in this hospital questioning his sanity.

(Urahara and Yoruichi)

Suì Fēng went about her usual routine in visiting her precious mentor. She despised how she had to go to that dreaded rundown shack to see her.

Upon arriving she was met with something different. All of Urahara's workers were outside moving around several boxes. It looked like they were renovating or moving out maybe.

Jinta's vision was blocked by the boxes he was carrying so he didn't notice Suì Fēng. He bumped into her and dropped all the boxes. "Hey! Watch where you're- oh it's you."

"What's going on here?" Suì Fēng asked.

"We're closing the shop up," Ururu answered as she pulled out a box. "Not for good though, we're just opening up a new business."

"A new business?" Suì Fēng repeated. She entered the shop and found it deprived of it's usual candy. Now it looked more like an office.

"Why hello there Suì Fēng, come for a visit?" Yoruichi greeted as she heaved a table into one of the rooms.

"Hey Yoruichi, how's my office looking?" Urahara asked as he entered. "Oh hey Suì Fēng, you're just in time. I got the sign for my new business up." He placed it down so they could see. "Check it."

Suì Fēng read the sign aloud. "Urahara's Detective Agency?"

(Soul Society - Renji)

Mayuri stared at Renji in disbelief. "Are you serious right now, because I'm not in the mood for your games."

"Yes I'm serious. I want you to dissect my brain and erase all the memories of today. Preferably replacing them with another thing."

"You do realize I can get carried away with my test subjects."

"I'll take the heat, just can you do it or not?" Renji replied impatiently.

"No need to get nasty, I'll do it. Nemu, prepare my lab and get me my tools!"

The lieutenant present in the room nodded. "Yes, right away Mayuri-sama."

(Toshiro and Rangiku)

Momo happily waited for her childhood friend in his barracks. She found it strange when they suddenly disappeared along with other captains and lieutenants, but now they were back.

Toshiro entered his office to find his best friend waiting for him with a big smile.

"Toshiro you're back, you had me worried for a sec. I found it odd how you just vanished."

Rangiku slowly entered next and collapsed on the office couch, which Momo found weird. Rangiku was being quiet, to quiet.

Toshiro walked over to his desk and was glad to find a stack of reports. He could use the distraction. It was then he noticed he hadn't acknowledged Momo's presence. He nodded in her direction. "Momo."

"Are you two okay?" Momo asked.

No, he wasn't okay. Toshiro desperately wanted to forget everything and pretend it never happened. So he decided on the best way to solve this dilemma. "Tell me, how was your day Momo?"



"Kenny, hey Kenny, I had the best time in the human world." Yachiru said. "I learned a bunch of things."

Kenpachi turned to the girl. "Oh, like what?"

"Like a weird food called pizza, you should try it. Plus, did you know that boys can have babies?"

Kenpachi froze, did he hear her right? "What did you just say?"

"Boys can have babies." Yachiru answered obliviously.

"Where's Ikkaku, I'm killing him."

(Ikkaku and Yumichika)

Ikkaku sneezed. "Damn it, now I'm getting sick. It's bad enough I'm already suffering from a case of freaking Fanfiction."

"That makes two of us." Yumichika replied. "This is so disgusting, I can't be seen like this."

"You know what I'd suggest?" Ikkaku said. "We should request to never enter the human world ever again."

"That's a brilliant idea, let's go tell this to the head captain."

Of course the head captain flat out said no and suggested they get a checkup at the fourth division. What kind of reason to skip duties in the human world was Fanfiction?


Kiyone and Sentaro were currently kneeling down outside of their captains office. It seemed that ever since his return from the human world he had gotten more sicker.

They immediately bolted up when they heard him break into yet another coughing fit.

"Captain, are you okay?" Kiyone said, ready to rush inside.

"Do you need anything captain?" Sentaro added.

Despite his pain Ukitake managed to smile. "I'd like a glass of water." His throat felt dryer than ever.

They quickly followed his command, wondering just what exactly happened in the human world.


Izuru wondered why his friend had almost immediately buried himself in his paperwork in the editorial office. He had even requested to do all of them and sent his fellow co-workers home.

Izuru, being worried, decided to stay. When ever he asked his friend how was his trip to the human world Shuhei would dodge the question.

"You're killing yourself with this paperwork, why don't you take a break?" Izuru suggested.

"Thanks, but I'd rather not. I want to busy my mind as much as I can." Shuhei replied. "I have to forget it, must suppress it somehow."

"Huh, suppress what?"

"Nothing! I don't remember it." Shuhei said, trying to convince himself more than Izuru. "Today never happened, I must forget." By now he was pretty much talking more to himself than to Izuru.


"So you say you aren't well?" Unohana asked. She was a bit surprised that he had went to her for medical aid when he was a talented healer.

Hanataro nodded. "I'm sorry for bothering you captain, but I didn't think anyone else had the power to fix me. I don't think my powers would do, but yours could."

Unohana took a good look at him. "You don't seem injured to me."

"Oh it isn't any physical pain, it's a mental pain." Hanataro replied. "Trust me, this pain I'm feeling now is much worse than getting hit by any Bankai in the entire Seireitei."


He didn't know how he found himself by his wife's portrait, his body had moved on its own. He theorized that his body wanted a break, and what better place was there for comfort than next to Hisana's picture.

Now that he was here he decided to tell his deceased wife about her sister's alter ego.

"This won't be easy to say... but I fear Rukia has been afflicted with a dark entity. Do not worry, I will take care of it. On top of that I realized that some women enjoy the presence of hollows. Hmm, perhaps you might have like it too."

A small crack appeared on the picture.

(Hueco Mundo - Aizen)

"Now where have ya' been? It was quite lonely here without ya' and the espada running' round." Gin said.

Tousen greeted him with a bow. "Lord Aizen."

" I have a few new goals." Aizen replied.

"Oh?" Gin questioned.

"I want to create a zombie army." Aizen said.

Tousen gave him a strange look.

"Come again, I didn't quite catch ya' there" Gin asked in disbelief. "You wanna create what?"

"A zombie army." Aizen replied.

"What are those?" Tousen asked.

Aizen smiled. "Come, we will discuss this." Tousen followed him without hesitation.

Gin on the other hand smirked. "Someone's been watching a few films."


Grimmjow dragged himself over to his room. Today had been the longest day ever. All he wanted to do was crash on his bed.

"Hello there Grimmjow, have fun in the human world?"

Grimmjow froze upon hearing the voice. He slowly turned around and his nightmares came true when he saw the octava espada there.

"My, you look like you've just seen a ghost." Szayel said.

Grimmjow narrowed his eyes. "Listen here, never talk to me EVER again. Be prepared to be replaced too." With that he resumed his walk.

Szayel stood there watching him as he disappeared down a corner. "Now what was that about?"


Ulquiorra sat down on his bed. His face remained emotionless and unreadable, but his mind was going crazy. Today's events just wouldn't escape him.

Without wasting anymore time he layed down and pulled the covers over himself, desperate to drift into unconsciousness.

"I think I'll skip tomorrow's morning meeting."

He was very tired.


Lilynette angrily followed Starrk as he opened up a garganta. "You just freaking got here and you're going back? How stupid."

"It's a pain I know, but I forgot something."

"Eh, what did you forget?"

"Ssshh, just follow me and hide your presence." Starrk replied. He led her towards the place where he had encountered hell, Kurosaki Ichigo's house.

Luckily for him Ichigo and Rukia were sprawled on the floor asleep, blankets draped over them. It was kind of chilly and he figured those giant holes no longer blocked the wind.

"It's a mess here." Lilynette whispered. "What the hell are we doing here?"

Starrk ignored her and rummaged through the furniture still lying in the hallway. He finally found what he had been looking for and carefully pulled it out.

Lilynette frowned. "Are you telling me we came over here for a damn bed?"

"This isn't your ordinary bed, it's extremely soft and comfortable." Starrk said. "Now let's head back, I'm dying to try it out."


Nnoitra had immediately sonido'ed into his room, not even hiding his excitement.

"Nnoitra-sama, welcome back." Tesla greeted with a bow.

"Shut up Tesla." Nnoitra replied and he barged into his room. He peered outside where Tesla was. "Quit being so damn friendly with me, it's weird. Now I'm going to be watching some movies so don't bother my ass!"

Tesla watched as Nnoitra slammed the door shut. "What are movies?"

Now in his room Nnoitra flipped the lights off and closed the curtains, successfully making his room into a dungeon. He pulled out a movie and placed it inside the DVD player Rukia had lent him. He was so visiting her again.

(103 minutes later)

"Whoa! That shit was so gruesome." Nnoitra said. He then smirked. "I want to try it."

... ... ... ... ...

Halibel made her way over to the restroom. She entered and was met with darkness. She flipped the switch, but it wouldn't turn on.

She frowned. Was Szayel messing with the light switches again? He'd always use up all their electricity power for his experiments.

Suddenly an eerie laugh echoed in the dark room. A strange doll wheeled in on a bike and it spoke in a deep voice.

"Hello Halibel, I'd like to play a little game."


"Nel you're back!" Pesche said and he was about to embrace her but stopped mid-way. "Did you all of a sudden get taller or is it just me?"

"Nel is back to her old form, don'tcha know." Dondochakka replied.

"Hello you two." Nel said.

"How did this happened? We looked for you everywhere, we thought that Nnoitra had stolen you away." Dondochakka asked.

"You have dark circles under your eyes, Nel what happened?" Pesche added.

It was true, Nel had so much baggage under her eyes, but right now she could care less. "Hey, listen you two, I need you to knock me out."


"It's so I could revert to my child self again and forget my memories."

"But Nel I can't hit you." Dondochakka sobbed.

"We could try some other options." Pesche suggested.

Nel ran a hand through her hair. "Okay."

And so they tried countless methods to revert Nel back into her child form, but were unsuccessful. Not one thing had worked. The three laid exhausted on the sand.

"It's not working, don'tcha know."

"I know Dondochakka, I know." Nel replied. It was hopeless, at this rate she'd stay like this forever and never forget these horrible stories.

Just as she was about to give up a figure came blasting out of Las Noches. Dondochakka and Pesche quickly cowered behind Nel.

Nel carefully approached the figure and upon closer inspection she recognized him. "Nnoitra!"

Nnoitra angrily sat up and dusted the sand off himself. "Fucking Halibel can't even take a joke." He looked up and noticed a familiar color of green. "I thought I was done having to see your ugly mug."

Nel ignored his insult. "Listen, I need your help."

"Hah, those fanfictions must've really fucked your mind up if you think I'd help you."

Nel gave him the coldest look he'd ever seen. "I am serious, now if you want to cross swords we can, but we both know how that'll end up."

Nnoitra twitched, she was really serious. "I can't stand your ass."

"That's fine." Nel said. She kneeled down next to him. "I'm asking as someone with no options. Nnoitra, will you throw me off Las Noches?"

Nnoitra shrugged. "Yeah why not, let's go."

… … … … … … … … … … … … … …

And that was the end of their horrible journey caused by Fanfiction. They returned to their normal lives of trying to stop Aizen. Not once did they ever speak of this day.

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