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Chapter 24: I lose Harry

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Piper's P.O.V.

I stepped on the pearl Harry had handed me, and was whisked away into the smell of a sea-breeze, when I opened my eyes, we were standing on a street, with few people walking by, it was dark out now, the only light came from the street lamps, and it felt pretty good out, not too hot or not too cool, with a good breeze. I sighed, it was just too good of a night to go to the Underworld, we should be going out and enjoying ourselves, heck we weren't that far my dad's place, I would love to go see him, and let Harry meet him.

"Damn," Harry cursed, looking around. "I should have asked Nico where the entrance was. How stupid can I get."

"It's okay, babe." I said, shaken my head of the thought, we have other things to do." "We'll just look, it'll be fine."

Harry nodded and took my hand in his and we begin to walk down the street. I tried to keep my mind off the fact, that very soon Harry was going to be taken from me for a while. I hoped I could be strong enough to handle it. A quest without Harry, how I was going to get through it. I had no idea. But I had to and was going to, if it meant getting Harry back in the end.

"Piper, are you okay?" Harry asked, I looked up at him to see he was staring at me, with concern in his eyes. I tried to give him a smile, but I could tell by his look he knew it was false.

"I'm fine, babe." I said, and stopped walking, Harry and I faced each other, and I dropped his hand, and put my arms around his waist. "I'm just..just...I don't want to lose you."

"Hey, you're not going to lose me." Harry said, he put his hand under my chin and raised my face, so I was looking at him, he searched my eyes. Then leaned in and kissed me. "I love you. You know that." I nodded and kissed him back. "I know the thought of going into the Underworld is scary, but we'll both come out just fine." He kissed me again, then laid his hand on my cheek. "Now let me see a real smile on that beautiful face of yours."

I gave him a real smile this time and he grinned back, his eyes sparkling, I may sound conceded, but I believe his eyes, only did that for me. He leaned in and kissed me once more. Then rubbed my cheek, before pulling back.

"I hate seeing you looking all sad." Harry said, rubbing his thumb across. "I love to see a smile on that beautiful face of yours." He grinned. "I think I'm going to start calling you Fancy face." I laughed and put my arms around his neck and kissed his cheek, before laying my head on his shoulder.

"I love you so much." I said. Harry put his hands around my waist and kissed the top of my head.

"I love you just as much if not more." He said. I smiled. Yeah I can do that quest without him, I'll just remember those words. We stood there in each others arms for a while, we hated to pull apart, but we weren't going to find the Underworld, standing here being all mushy.

But just as we loosed our grip on each other a flash suddenly went off. We pulled apart and looked to see a few camera people standing on the side-walk taking pictures of us. Damn, making my hair black didn't help anything, and Harry forgot to put his hood on.

"We don't have time for this." Harry said, he grabbed my arm. "Come on, let's run." I nodded and together we took off running down the street, and around the corner, and more likely getting lost. I could hear a few of the camera guys chasing us, a couple even snapped some photos. Harry turned a corner, and opened a door and ran into some store or shop, we watched out the widow as the camera guys ran passed. I sighed.

"Now what are we going to do?" I asked. "If we go out, they'll see us." Harry took my hand.

"Come on, Fancy face, we'll go out the back door." Harry said, and we turned around just as the light came on.

"Hello," Said a voice, I jumped, but all Harry did was turn around, and stood as if he was getting ready to fight, that was when I saw we were in some kind of bed store, there was beds of all kinds, regular looking beds, round beds, heart shape beds, spinning beds, there was even one bed that was playing music.

Standing behind us was this guy who looked like a raptor in a leisure suit. He was seven feet tail, with no hair. He had grey, leathery skin, thick-lidded eyes, and a cold, reptilian smile. He started walking slowly toward us, and Harry's grip on my hand tighten, and his other hand went in my pocket, where he had Percy's sword Riptide, but then his eyes widen, and he looked at me and mouthed.

"It's gone." My heart dropped, Riptide always returned to Percy when ever he lost it, I guess that's what it did now, leaving Harry without a weapon, but he still had his magic. I felt something bumping into my chest, and looked down to see my pendant was spinning, and I held it out to look at, and it showed me the dragon.

"I'm Crusty," The guy said, Harry and I turned from each other and looked at him.

"Well, Crusty, nice meeting you, but we'll be going now." Harry said, "We'll just go out your back door." He walked toward the back of the store and went to go around Crusty, but he held out both hands and stopped him.

"There's no need to be in a hurry." Crusty said. "Why not shop. Everyone could use a new bed."

"No, thanks, I already have four beds, what would I need with another one." Harry said. Which was kinda true, he had a bed in both Hades and Hera's cabins at camp, and then one in his room at Grimmauld place, and one in his room at home. His beds at camp, are the only ones I haven't slept with Harry in, he thought it would be too disrespectful to the two gods the cabins belonged to.

"You could never have too many beds." Crusty said, he laid his hands on Harry's shoulders and pushed him, in till he pushed him down on a water-bed, it was full size, with an eagle pattern blanket, the headboard was made of marble. "Heck, you can even take a nap, I don't mind." He shoved Harry over in till he was laying down.

"Hey," Harry and I both said.

"Let me up," Harry went on.

But Crusty just grinned, snapped his fingers and said. "Ergo!" Ropes sprung up from the sides of the bed and wrapped around Harry, holding him to the bed.

"Hey!" I cried. "Let him up, untie him." I rushed over to Harry and reached for one of the ropes, but Harry shouted.

"Piper! No," I jerked back in surprise. "Don't touch them, Fancy face, they might wrap around you too." I stepped back and glared at Crusty.

"Let him go now." I demanded. Crusty blinked.

"Let him go." He asked, confused, then shook his head. "No, I don't think so, we got to size him make him fit." He looked at Harry, who glared at him, "He is way too short, it'll take a while to make him fit."

"What do you mean make him fit?" I demanded. Crusty grinned.

"Don't worry," Crusty said. "The stretching will be very painful, but hey, look on the bright side, he might even live."

"What!" I yelped. "You're going to stretch him." I looked at Harry, who was struggling to get out of the ropes. "You know, I like him short, so why don't you just let him go."

"Ergo," Crusty cried once more, a second set of ropes leaped out from top and bottom of the bed, wrapping around Harry's ankles, and armpits, the ropes started tighten, pulling my guy from both ends. I could see the panic on his face as he tried to get fear, being claustrophobic, and tied to a bed, had to be frighten to him.

Crusty, grinned, gave a clap, and turned to me. "Now, lets find you a bed."

"NO!" Harry yelled. "Piper, baby, go run! forget about me." He groaned as he was stretched more, and suddenly Crusty grabbed my shoulders, making me drop my bow, and started pushing me toward another bed, next to Harry's, it was even bigger, then Harry's, it looked even bigger then a king size bed, with satin Violet sheets, and a velvet throw. I struggled as he tried to push me.

"Let go of her!" Harry yelled. But I had an idea, when I had talked to him before, he acted as if, my charmspeak affected him. I took a deep breath, as I struggled to stay off the bed.

"No, wait! Not this one." I said, putting charmspeak into my words, Crusty paused and looked at me. "It's much too big, wouldn't it be easier to try a smaller bed."

"Smaller bed." Crusty asked. I nodded and gave him my best grin.

"Yes, it'll be quicker to stretch me, if the bed is smaller." I said. "And you want it to be quick, so there won't be a lot of screaming, if another customer was to come along, it'll scare them off."

"You're absolutely right!" He agreed. "How about this bed over here." He pointed to one on the other side of the room, it looked to be between a Queen, and full size.

"That's perfect." I said, still using charmspeak in my words, but I was getting nervous, I had to be quick, before any of Harry's bones started breaking, he was struggling, and groaning, he would call for me to run every few seconds.

"Let's try it." I said, and Crusty walked me over to the bed, it was a four-poster bed, with pink silk sheets, and a large red cover. He grabbed hold of my arm, and went to push me onto the bed.

"Wait!" I cried. "I always get in bed from the foot of it first." I smiled again. "Superstitions, you know."

"Of course." Crusty said, and he dragged me to the foot of the bed, and that was when I twisted my arm, jerking it out his grip, I kicked him behind the knee, he stumbled in surprise and I threw out my hands and pushed him on the bed.

"Ergo!" I yelled, before he could get up. The ropes sprung up and wrapped around him.

"What...are you doing!" He cried, I didn't answer, I went and grabbed my bow and ran back toward to the foot of his bed, I aimed an arrow right at his forehead. "NO! not again, why do I always fall for this!" I let go and bulls eye, arrow right between the eyes, and Crusty busted to dust. I didn't give him another thought, as I ran to Harry pulled out my dagger and cut him free.

"Blimey, Piper, that was brilliant." Harry grinned, as he rubbed his arms, then legs. I blushed at his words, and he laughed a little, and gave me a kiss. "Come on, let's get out of here, incase he was to reform quick." "I nodded and Harry took my hand, all thought of finding a back door left our minds; as we went out the same door we had come in, Harry leaned against the wall and bent and started rubbing his legs.

"Your legs hurt?" I asked. Harry gave me a look.

"What do you think, Fancy face?" Harry asked. "The bloody git, just tried to stretch me."

"Who tried to stretch you?" A concern voice asked, we spun around, I even pulled out my dagger, and almost put it through the person behind me, which was my good friend Annabeth Chase.

"Wow." Percy said, pulling Annabeth back. "It's just us." I sighed and put my dagger away.

"Sorry, I'm a little jumpy." I said. Watching as Marauder ran over to Harry, he grinned down at him, and petted his head.

"It's fine." Annabeth said. "We shouldn't have snuck up on you." I looked around them and saw, Leo, Jason, and Nico.

"Now who tried to stretch you?" Nico asked, looking at Harry, he pointed behind him at the store we just came out of.

"Crusty the clown back there." Harry said. "Bloody lizard, tied me to a bed and had ropes pulling me."

"I think it was Procrustes." I said.

"It was." Annabeth said. "We've run across him once ourselves."

"Who?" Leo demanded.

"Procrustes." Percy said. "From the Greek myth with Theseus, he tried to kill him pretty much the same way."

"Well, it doesn't matter now." Harry said, getting off the wall. "Piper took care of him, she was bloody brilliant." He grinned and explained to them how I beat Procrustes (AkA Crusty the clown) I could see the pride shinning in his eyes, it made me blush again. I wasn't really all that great.

"Why did you run off without us anyway?" Jason demanded. "We could help you." Harry gave a little smirk, as Marauder licked his hand.

"I know I was stupid." He said. "We get here and I don't even know where or how to find the entrance." Nico snorted and rolled his eyes.

"We know." Percy said. Annabeth nodded, along with Nico. They begin to walk down the street and we follow, Jason and Leo choosing to walk with us, Marauder not leaving Harry's side.

They led us to Valencia Boulevard, where we stood in the shadows looking at gold letters etched in black marble: DOA RECORDING STUDIOS.

"Well this is it." Percy said, almost sounding cheerful.

"No solicitors, no loitering, no living." Leo read out the words that was stenciled on glass doors. "Doesn't this place sound inviting."

"It's the Underworld." Nico said. "It's not suppose to be inviting, dummy."

"Well, we're not going to find any sword just standing here staring." Jason said, and Nico reached out and opened the doors, and went in Harry right behind him, Marauder following, and I took a deep breath, before following them into the lobby.

Some weird rock music was playing over hidden speakers, the carpet and walls was a steal grey. Pencil cactuses grew in the corners like skeleton hands. The furniture was black leather, there was a few seats taken, and a couple of people stood by the elevator, and a few stood looking out the windows. Nobody moved or talked, or did much of anything. If I looked at them out of the corner of my eye, they looked normal, but if I stared they became transparent.

As I watched, I saw this one ghost, a very pretty woman with thick dark red hair and wearing an emerald-green dress. She was walking from one ghost to the other, asking their names and writing them down on a piece of transparent paper, that was hooked to a transparent clipboard. She would then take their silver coin drop it in one of them coin things you wear around your waist, and then hand them a number.

"They didn't do that last time we were here did they?" Percy whispered asked Annabeth. She shook her head, staring at the women, like she was familiar to her, I too had a feeling I should know her, like I've seen a picture of her. But couldn't place where, and Harry was staring at the ghost wide-eyed.

Leo tugged on Jason's sleeve, and when he leaned in to see what he wanted, Leo whispered loud enough for just us to hear. "I see dead people." Jason snorted and had to hold in his laughter, but Percy bust out laughing, make a few look our way, even the red-haired women. She glanced at us and frowned, I noticed something; as she looked at us, she had very familiar bright green eyes, and when they locked on Harry, they grew wide.

"Harry!" She cried, then rushed over , she tried to grab his arm, but her hand just went through it. "Praise Hera, you're still alive." She looked real relived.

"Mum." Harry said, coming out of his shocked daze. "What are you doing here?" She gave Harry an amused look.

"The question is what are you doing here?" Lily Potter asked. "I happen to work here."

"You work here?" Annabeth asked. Lily looked at her and smiled.

"Lord Hades asked me to." Lily said. She nodded her head toward the security guard's desk, which was a raised podium, so we had to look up at the guard sitting there, a tall man, with chocolate-colored skin and bleached hair shaved military style. He wore tortoiseshell shades and a silk Italian suit that matched his hair. A black rose was pinned to his lapel under a silver tag. "Charon was complaining about too many deaths, and being more crowded than usual, so I said I would help, I came up with our new little system, it moves things along faster." She paused to ask a women her name, then wrote it down, the women handed her a credit card, and Lily swiped it across one of them credit card things, then handed it back, with a number.

"Mum?" Harry asked, Lily looked up at him. "Can you help us?" Lily frowned.

"Help with what?" She searched his face, then shook her head. "Don't tell me you want to go into the Underworld."

"Please, there is something hidden down there I really need to find." Harry said, giving Lily his best pleading eyes. "It'll help me defeat Voldemort." Lily sighed and looked back at Charon, he wasn't paying attention to any of us, he had his feet up on his desk, and a I-POD stuck in his ears, and a grumpy look in his face.

Lily rolled her eyes. "He's been in a crabby mood lately, won't even roll the ferry, we had to get someone else to do it." Lily looked at her watch. "It's due back anytime, and I'm sure the new driver will be more than willing to help you." She smirked a little. "Charon is scared of him."

"I guess dad denied Charon another pay raise." Nico asked. Lily smiled at him.

"Is there anything else that puts him in such a bad mood." She rolled her eyes. "He's on a strike." Lily looked around at all the ghost. "You wouldn't happen to have your cloak with you?"

Harry opened her mouth to say no, but I cut crossed him. "I got it." I slipped by quiver from my back and pulled it out. Lily smiled at me.

"You must be Piper." She said. "I'm very glad I get to meet you, and you're not.."

"Dead!" Leo asked. Lily glanced at him.

"You must be Leo," she glanced at everyone that was with Harry. "Jason," she nodded to Jason, Percy, and Annabeth." Lily smiled at us all. Then looked back at me, and took the cloak from my hands. I was surprised she could hold it, but then again; it did once belong to Death, so I guess if your.. um dead you could still hold it. "I hope this will fit over five people."

"Five?" Percy asked. "I'm not very good at math, Mrs. Potter, but there is seven of us." Lily smiled at him, Percy blushed, after all Harry's mortal mum was a very pretty lady. Even if she was a little transparent.

"First, please, just call me Lily." Lily said. "After all, you are only three years younger than I was when I died." I frowned, twenty-one was a really young age to die. "And secondly, only five of you need to be covered. Harry and Nico can hide in the shadows, and if they are seen, nobody, not even Charon, would say anything, because they'll know they carry Lord Hades' blood, and no body wants to make him made when...well you know." She nodded to all the ghost and we nodded. Lily looked once more around, then held out the silvery cloak. "Everyone, but Nico and Harry get under here."

We had to stand pretty close to each other, and walk very carefully, but we got it to work out. Lily led us over to the doors, Marauder walking next to her. Lily pushed a down button, which was the only button on it. She glanced back at Charon. Harry and Nico hide in the shadows, we were under the cloak, so I don't think anyone saw us.

"Charon...Charon!" Lily had to yell before he looked up at her, he unplugged one of the ear buds.

"What!" he demanded, in not a very friendly voice. Harry glared at him, and looked as if he was going to take a step, but Nico grabbed his arm.

"I'm going to see whats taking the ferry so long, so you'll have to keep an eye on the lobby." She told him. He rolled his eyes, and stuck the ear bud back in, without saying a word. Lily groaned, as the elevator opened, and we climbed in. "You can come out now." We took off the cloak and I shoved it back in my quiver.

"Was that the Weird Sisters playing over the speakers?" Harry asked. Lily shook her head, as she slid a key card in the slot in the elevator panel and we started to descend.

"Your dad's idea." She said. "He said being dead can be depressing enough, without listening to depressing music." Harry smiled, as I got this sudden dizzy feeling, we weren't going down anymore, but forward. The air turned misty. Then suddenly we weren't on an elevator anymore, but we were standing by a barge.

"The River Styx." Percy, said, making a face, I reached over and took hold of Harry's hand. The time was getting closer, soon I'll be without him for a while. I wanted turn around and run, pulling Harry with me, but before I could act on it, a ferry pulled up, being control by someone covered in a scarlet red cloak, his head was covered, but when he saw Lily, he removed the hood and gave her a big grin, his hazel eyes full of mischief, and messy black hair laying all over his head, he a looked just like Harry.

"Lily, my little bloom, come to see me off again." He asked, then he looked at us, and when his eyes fall on Harry, they widen.

"He's alive." Lily said, and James Potter sighed.

"Dad." Harry stepped closer to him. "Why are you driving the ferry? I thought that was Charon's job?" James' grin returned.

"He's on strike, and Hades asked me to, when your Mum there started complaining about too many dead people filling the lobby again. He wanted Ignatus, but he's busy with something else, some problem down in Tartarus, or something, so he asked me." James explained. "So, why are you all down here? Something tells me, you aren't here for a friendly visit."

"They need to find something down in the Underworld." Lily said.

"Well, climb on in kiddies." He called. "I'll take you as far as I can." We all climbed on into the ferry, a little surprise, James would just agree to take us, no questions asked. He reached up and gave Lily a quick kiss, before pulling out and down the River.

"Hey, Dad?" Harry asked. "Mum said something about Charon being scared of you." James smirked, looking even more like Harry.

"He yelled at Lily." James said. "I couldn't let him think he could get away with that. Nobody messes with my little flower." I smiled at that, he sounded so much like Harry, I now knew were he got his protectiveness from.

"So, um... Mr. Potter, you and your wife are working for Hades?" Annabeth asked. James made a face.

"It's James or no better yet, call me Prongs." James said. "And yes, we have, before this Ignotus and I were taking the dead back to where they belong, they kept trying to sneak into other levels. We can't have that now can we?" He gave Annabeth a wink, and she blushed, something Percy didn't seem to like, if you went by the look on his face. James then turned to Leo who was staring at him. "Um...is something wrong?"

Leo looked from him to Harry, "It's like looking at twins." James laughed. And Harry rolled his eyes.

"Yeah, my son was lucky." He said. "He inherited my good looks." Percy started laughing along with Leo. Marauder stood on the edge of the boat looking out into the water.

"So um... you and Hera?" Leo asked. "You never really...um... you know, did anything?"

"LEO!" Harry cried, looking sick. "You know they didn't, and why would you even ask that? I don't want to hear about it, it's my parents, two of them anyway."

"I heard about you calling Padfoot dad." James said, Harry looked at him worried. "Guess who told me, when I caught him trying to sneak out of his punishment." James' look turned angry, almost scary looking.

"Wormtail." Harry said, and James nodded.

"Bastard." James spat. "Gave me great pleasure in taking him back." That was when I saw a side of James, Harry didn't inherit, and I was glad, it was a vengeful, vindictive side. Harry seemed to of noticed it too, because he fell silent and didn't say anything else in till James spoke again.

"And don't worry," James said. "I'm not mad about it, you deserve to have someone to call dad, and besides me, there is no one better to be your dad, than good old Padfoot." Harry smiled, and we rolled on just chatting, James doing a lot of joking, he even asked Percy if the water in the Styx was cold. And made Nico mad, by calling him "Uncle Nicky," something Harry found real funny, then finally it was time to get off. The boat slid onto black sand, and James looked at us.

"Sorry, kiddies, but this is where I have to leave you." He said, he looked sadly at Harry. "You be careful, son, and watch out for the dog." Harry nodded and we climbed out of the boat, Harry said one last goodbye to his dad, before the ferry disappeared, Harry watching the way he disappeared for a few minutes before we turned around.

"Okay, Uncle Nicky," Harry said, smirking. "Which way is it to Persephone's garden?"

"Don't call me that." Nico said. "I'm not your Uncle."

"Why does that sound so familiar." Leo asked.

"I'll show you, but first we have to get passed Cerberus and get into the underworld, I don't usually come this way, I always shadow travel right in, so I don't know if I can get us pass him or not."

"I can." I said. "I'll use a little charmspeak." Harry took my hand and all of us followed Nico, Annabeth, and Percy, up a well-worn path, that had a lot of spirits flouting along. The entrance to the Underworld looked like airport security; there was three separate entrances, each had a pass through metal detector; with security cameras mounted on top. Beyond this were tollbooths, manned by black-robbed ghouls.

The dead queued up in three lines. Two marked: ATTENDANT ON DUTY, and one: EZ DEATH, which was the only slow-moving line.

"So, what'll it be?" Leo said. "Attendant on duty or an easy death?"

"Where's Cerberus?" I asked, looking around.

"He doesn't appear into you get passed the line." Annabeth said. Harry looked at her eyebrow raised.

"You been here before?" he asked, "Oh wait, when Percy took his little swum, right."

"No, I wasn't here for that." Annabeth said. "But Percy, Grover, and I had to come down here one time when..well I'll explain later, right now, lets just forces on finding the sword."

As we got closer to the gates. I could hear this howling, which I figured was Cerberus, it was so loud the ground shook, we choose the Ez Death line, so we could get through faster, then about fifty feet in front of us, the green mist shimmered. Standing just where the path split into three lanes was an enormous shadowy monster.

My jaw dropped. "He's a Rottweiler." Percy snickered at my shock or maybe words.

"He looks nothing like Fluffy." Harry said, awed.

"Fluffy?" Leo asked. "Who the heck is Fluffy?"

"My buddy Hagrid, had a giant three-headed dog once." Harry said. "He was a smaller though, and not a Rottweiler."

"You have a friend, that named a giant three-headed dog Fluffy?" Percy asked.

Harry nodded, "And he's friendly dog's name is Fang." He shrugged. "And he named his dragon Norbert."

"Okay," Leo said. Percy snickered.

"I wouldn't mind meeting this Hagrid guy." He said. "Naming a giant dog Fluffy."

"Hey," Harry said, as we walked on. "You're one to talk, you have a hell-hound named Mrs. O'Leary."

"You can't blame me for that." Percy said. "I didn't name her, and aren't you the wizard that named your lions Marauder." Marauder looked at Percy and gave a little growl.

"What about his owl." Leo put in. "Hedwig, what kinda of name is that." Harry glared at them both.

"Leave my pets alone." Harry said.

"Guys," Jason said. "He's looking at us." I looked the big dogs way, to see Jason was right, he was staring right at us. As I watched the dog's middle head craned toward us and he growled.

"Oh, yeah." Percy said. "I forgot, he can smell the living."

"You forgot?" Jason asked.

"Sorry," Percy said. "Its been a while since I've been down here."

We walked on up toward him and he bent its middle head and growled, Marauder raised his head, no fear at all in his eyes as he gave a big roar, warning Cerberus I guess. I took a deep breath, then walked right up to him.

"Piper, that's not a good idea." Nico said, he then grabbed Harry's arm, and wouldn't let him follow me.

"Piper, Baby," Harry said. "Get back, please. Nico, let go of me." I ignored him, took another deep breath, and spoke in charmspeak.

"Good, doggie." I said, all three sets of eyes looked at me. "Nice little doggie, you don't want to hurt us do? hmm..you just want to be petted, right, you're a friendly dog."

The middle head bent down level to me, and I reached out a shaky hand, and scratched it behind the ears. "That's a good boy, yeah, Cerberus." He left head bend down and snapped at me hand and I jerked my hand back, but the middle head snapped at it, making it back off.

"Piper!" Harry cried, and Marauder came running up next to me, he growled up at Cerberus in warning. But its other head didn't try anything again, other than bending and wanting me to scratch them behind the ears.

"You're sleepy, aren't you, Buddy?" I asked. Harry had gotten free of Nico hold and walked up to my other side, the right head looked at him closely, then bent down wanting Harry to pet him. Harry grinned and scratch behind his ear. "You're sleep all three of you." Cerberus' head laid down on the ground. "That'd it, take a nap. You worked hard enough today." Three sets of eyes started to close, and before I knew it, all three heads was snoring. I looked back to the others.

"Come on." I whispered, and quietly, we walked around the giant dog, and through the gates at the Ez Death lane, and into the Fields of Asphodel; with tall black grass, black tress, and spirits flouting by, some looked at us, some didn't care, I saw one what looked like a small family, a man, a women, and two kids, boy and girl, walked by, all holding on to each other as if they were afraid to get lost, it made me feel sad. We crept along, toward a black-tented pavilion banner. I didn't pay attention to what it said, I grabbed hold of Harry's hand with one hand and his arm with the other, he looked at me and gave me a small smile. We came up on two smaller lines. Two the left spirits flaked by security ghouls, heading down toward the fields of punishment. The line coming from the right of the judgement pavilion was much better. This one led down toward a small valley, surrounded by walls-a gated community, which seem to be the only happy part of the Underworld. Beyond the security gate, was a neighborhoods of beautiful house from every time period in history. Silver and gold flowers bloomed on the lawns. The grass rippled in rainbow colors. I could hear laughter and smell food cooking.

"Elysium." Jason guessed. Nico nodded.

"Yep, come on, I know a short cut through there." He said, and we followed him through the gates and walked through Elysium, which put me in the mind of one of them some town movies, where everyone in the town knows each other, I saw people laughing and dancing, some cooking on grills, and some chatted away, if they hadn't been transparent you wouldn't have know they were dead.

"This is my favorite part in the Underworld." Nico said. Jason gave him a weird look.

"Yeah, will my favorite part was outside th DOA studio." Jason said. Percy nodded in agreement, and Nico rolled his eyes.

"Harry?" Someone asked, we turned to see a tall guy with black hair, and grey eyes, he was wearing wizard robs, and Harry took a step back when he saw him, he's eyes wide.

"Cedric?" Harry asked. My eye got big, when he said that, and I looked toward Cedric. Along with the others.

"Yeah, it's me." Cedric said. He gave Harry a weird look. "You're not dead." Harry shook his head.

"No...I had to come down here for something." He said. "Listen, Cedric, I'm so sorry, about what happen, if I had known what Voldemort had planed, I would have never told you to take the cup."

"Don't tell me you've blamed yourself for that." Cedric said. "Harry, that wasn't your fault. You got to move on, feeling guilty isn't going to bring me back."

"I guess." Harry said. Cedric gave him a small smile.

"Besides, we still won the tournament didn't we?" He asked. Harry smiled a little. And then over to the side a pretty girl with long blonde hair called out Cedric's name.

"I got go." Cedric said, smiling. "Good seeing you, glad you're still alive, and don't go blaming yourself about me." He then walked or rather flouted to the blond women. I watched as it looked as if they were flirting.

We walked on into we made it out of Elysium, and kept walking. No one saying anything, as Harry had a look on his face I've never seen before, like he was confused, sad, and happy all at the same time, and some thing told me Cedric had something to do with it.

"We're almost there." Nico said. And we walked on, and after a while I could see the Furies circling above. Nico led us into two-story tall bronze gates that stood open , the outer walls, was a black glittering fortress. Inside the court-yard was a strange looking garden; multicolored mushrooms, poisonous shrubs, and weird luminous plants grow without any sunlight. Precious jewels made up for the lack of flowers, piles of rubies as big as my fist, clumps of raw diamonds; along with stone statues of scared looking children, satyr, and centaurs. When a looked at them a shiver went down my spin.

"Those are almost as bad as Enyo's statues." Harry said, and Nico nodded.

"Medusa's statues." Annabeth said, and Percy took her hand.

"You mean the chick with the snake hair?" Leo asked. Percy nodded.

"Yep, had the horror of meeting her once." He said.

"Too bad Uncle Harry wasn't with you." Leo said, smiling, and Harry gave him a weird look.

"Whys that?" He demanded.

"You could have had talked with her hair." Leo said. "You could asked the little snakes ,if they liked being her hair or if she ever brushed them."

"Leo, you get weirder everyday." Harry said. He turned to Nico, "So, where are the pomegranate trees?"

"Right over there." Nico pointed over toward an orchard of trees, that had orange blooms neon bright in the dark. "I know the smell of them are overwhelming, but don't anyone eat anything, unless you have a wish to live down here."

"Umm...no thanks." Leo said. "I'm not hungry."

"Good," Harry said. "Because we'll have to spilt up to look for the sword, and I can't keep an eye on all you, and I don't want to.." He stopped talking and swallowed. "I can't lose any of you, you're the greatest friends I've ever had, so just be careful."

"You be careful too, Harry." Annabeth said. "You're one of the greatest friends we've ever had too." Harry gave her a slight smile, before grabbed my hand.

"Search best you can, and everyone will meet back here in an hour, no matter if you found the sword or not." Harry said. "I don't think it's a good idea to be here longer than that." We all nodded then split up, looking aroundt every tree, and digging holes in the ground, that I am sure Persephone wouldn't be too happy about, but no matter where we looked, we couldn't find it, Harry even took my dagger and covered holes in some trees, but still no sword, and after an hour of looking, we meet back up with the other, and none of them had found to sword either.

"I'm starting to think those bloody Nymphs lied to me." Harry said, looking ticked off. "If I came all the way down here for nothing."

"Calm down, Harry." Annabeth said. "Lets just look again, maybe we over looked." Harry shook his head.

"It's not here." Harry said.

"Okay, we'll just go back and make the Nymphs tell us the truth or better yet, we'll go to Olympus and make Zeus tell you." Percy said. "I bet he knew all along."

"Looking for this." A voice suddenly said, we turned and looked, to see three old hags with bat like wings, and mouths full of yellow teeth. The one in the middle glared at Percy, who glared right back.

"Mrs. Dodds,." He said to her. "What do you want?" She didn't answer, but turned her creepy eyes on Harry.

"Hello, Heracleitus." She said. "I believe, you have been looking for this, she held up this sword, that just radiated with power, it had a small sliver handle, with a gold blade, that had sliver trim along the edges, and spike like things sticking out of the top, the middle had a hole in it, with silver going around the edges of it, with a sky blue light, that looked as if lighting was flashing in it. I knew right away it was the right sword. Even though I was standing a few feet away from them, I could still feel the power it was throwing off.

"That's the Blade of Olympus." Harry said, as he stared at it.

"Indeed." Mrs. Dodds said. "My Lord knew you were coming for it, and he wished for me to show you something, before I hand it over to you."

"What?" Harry asked.

"You must come with us first." She said. "See what Hades wishes for you to see, and we will hand it over to you then."

"No, I think not." Percy said. "Harry is not going anywhere with you." He stepped in front of Harry and held up Riptide. Marauder stepped in front of him.

"It's alright guys." Harry said, walking out from behind Percy. "I'll go see what they want me to see."

"Harry , you can't trust them." Annabeth said. Harry sighed.

"I have to go, Beth, if it's the only way to get the sword." Harry said. Mrs. Dodds smiled, and before I knew what was happening, she flew at us, and grabbed Harry by the shoulders, with her talon, and flew off toward the River Styx.

"Oh, gods no," I said, my heart racing, was this it, was this when Harry and I will be part for a while.

"Don't worry Piper." Leo said. "We'll get Harry back." Marauder turned to us and growled. He then bumped my leg with his head.

"You want us to get on you don't you?" I asked. Marauder nodded, we looked at each other and shrugged. And all six of us climbed on, and Marauder took off, running after the Furies at top speed, as we held on to each other. By the time we reached Harry, the furies were gone, and he was holding the Blade of Olympus in one hand. He was ducked down behind a large black rock watching something.

"Harry," I cried, jumping off Marauder and running to him. Harry looked up and put his finger to his lips for us to be quite and nodded toward the River Styx. We all ducked down and watched. Who I saw standing there really ticked me off.

"Bellatrix!" I growled. "What's she doing here." Harry shrugged as we watched Bellatrix Lastrange pace back and forth in front of the River. Then as we watched; there was suddenly a hand that bust out of the green water, then another hand.

"My Lord!" Bellatrix rushed over to him, and tried to help pull him out, but the person pushed her away and climbed on out himself. It was a tall good-looking guy with long black hair, a slender body, and wearing green and silver robs. He looked a lot like Zeus. He stood, shook his head, and glanced our way, with glowing red eyes.

"Voldemort!" Harry growled. Annabeth gasped, as Voldemort took a green ribbon from Bellatrix and pulled his long hair back in a ponytail.

"I thought Voldemort looked like a snake?" Jason asked.

"The river must have gave him his looks back." Harry said. "Oh Merlin, Voldemort had the Achills cures now."

"Come on out, Harry, I know you're back there." Voldemort said. Harry narrowed his eyes, gripped the sword tighter, and then before anyone could stop him, he ran out from behind the rock, and at Voldemort, he then raised his sword, just as Voldemort's appeared out of no where and blocked Harry's blow, they did pretty much the same thing Ares and Harry did, when they were fighting, they hit the swords back and forth, but Voldemort had more strength this time, and was getting the better of Harry as he was forcing him toward the River Styx.

"Hang on, Harry." Jason yelled, he pulled out his sword and ran forward, Voldemort turned around faster than excepted and blocked Jason's blow, they then hit swords back and forth, lighten creaking around both of them. Harry ran forward and got back into the fight, and Voldemort was soon taking them both on. Bellatrix laughing like mad, and I didn't know if it was just me or what, but I could swear the ground as our feet was shaking.

Leo, and Nico ran forward, and got into the fight, then Percy who was matching Voldemort strength for strength, he did have the same curse as Voldemort. The others stood back as they dueled, even Harry who was watching Percy in awe, this was the first time we've really gotten to see, Percy in full Achilles curse mood. Percy soon had Voldemort backing up, the creepy smile fall from his face, as Percy acted as if he was going to the left, and then switch to the right, and got Voldemort in the side, which of course didn't hurt him.

Voldemort lowered his sword as Percy backed up he laughed, "Jackson, there is nothing you can do to me, my body is now invincible." The ground started to shake as about ten hell-hounds ran from out of nowhere at us.

Percy ran forward and stabbed the nearest one, and as one jumped at Harry, Marauder jumped in and took it down, he then ran into the mist of them, and begin to tear some apart,

"PIPER, LOOK OUT!" Harry suddenly yelled, I looked behind me to see a hell-hound running at me, Harry jumped in front of me and drove the Blade of Olympus right through it. It bust to dust, and he gave me a kiss, before moving on to the next one, then ran toward Voldemort, and as they fault I felt a stinging hex hit me in the back, I turned around to see Bellatrix, she gave me a creepy grin.

"You know, I have missed be able to do this to you." Bellatrix said, then lifted her wand, and I knew what curse she was going to throw at me. before she even said, it, but I dodged, by ducking down, then rolling up to Bellatrix, kicked her feet out from under her, then started laying into her, punching everywhere I could.

Suddenly the ground started shaking again, and this time, I wasn't the only on to feel it, everyone stopped what they were doing as a large crack formed in the ground.

"What the?" Leo cried, even Voldemort and Harry paused their fight, Harry was down on the ground. and Voldemort had stood above him, what hell-hounds were left fled, as these big black root looking things, came up out of the big hole the crack had formed in the ground, they passed by all us and headed right for Harry, his eyes widen, and he tried to get out-of-the-way, but they wrapped around both his legs and dragged him toward the pit. One hand still holding the sword and one hand grabbing at the ground, the roots dragged him real fast, Percy tried to grab his hand but missed, so did Nico and just as Harry was dragged down into the pit, I jumped forward and grabbed his hand.

"Harry," I cried, as he looked up at me, the roots pulled him down, and I pulled him back up. "Let go of the sword, babe, and I can pull you up." Harry gave me a sad look. "Please!" I said tears falling down my face. I could fill Nico's thin arms, going around my waist as he tried to help me pull Harry back up, Percy had tried to come over, but Voldemort blocked him and he was now in another duel.

"Piper," Harry said, as the two roots pulled him down farther, almost jerking me and Nico with it. "I love you."

"No, Harry, Please." I cried. This was it, the moment my mother warned me about.

"Remember our promise." he asked. I nodded full-out crying now, as Leo ran over and tried to help, Annabeth was fighting with Bellatrix, and Jason was helping Percy. "I love you, Fancy Face, but you're going to have to let go or I'll pull you guys with me."

I shook my head, as the roots gave another pull forcing Nico and Leo to let go, and almost pulling me down in the pit with Harry.

"I love you, and I don't want to me apart from you." I said. Harry gave me a smile as the roots tugged more.

"It'll only be for a little bit, baby girl." Harry said. "Remember I love you."

"I love you too." I finally said. "Forever." Marauder came over and tried grab Harry with his claw, but only ended up scratching his arm. Harry looked Marauder right in the eyes.

"Keep her safe for me." He said, then looked back at me. "I love you too." I could see tears in his eyes. "Forever." He then let go of my hand, making sure he grabbed hold of my charm bracelet and the clasped broke as he was pulled away from me, taking it with him, I reached out and tried to grab Harry, but only ended up ripping off his camp neckless.

"NO!" I screamed as Harry was pulled out of sight. "HARRY! No!." The ground shook again, and Nico grabbed me so I wouldn't fall in. "NO! Give him back! Give him back." I struggled against Nico. but as I watched the hole closed it's self up, sealing Harry up with it. My cries and screams were so heartbreaking that everyone stopped what they were doing to watch, I heard mad laughter and knew Bellatrix was getting joy out of my misery. Nico let go of me now knowing there was no long a risk I would jump in after Harry.

As Bellatrix laughed, I pulled my dagger from my side, and turned around real fast throwing it, the dagger flew through the air, and right in Bellatrix's gut, her eyes got big as she fall to her knees, blood soaking her robs.

"NO!" Voldemort yelled, he grabbed hold of Bellatrix's arm and with a loud pop, they both were gone. I fall to my knee weeping, I felt Marauder lay his paw on my back, and Annabeth came over and put a comforting arm around me.

"Don't worry, Piper, we'll get Harry back." She said. I could hear the tears in her voice, Harry was like a little brother to her.

"And make who ever took him pay." Percy added, then he pulled Harry's wand out of his back pocket. "I didn't even get to give this back to him." I reached my hand out.

"May I?' I asked, Percy nodded and laid it in my hand, and I hugged it to my chest.

"Where did that thing take him?' Leo demanded, Nico looked at him, his eye wide and he was paler than usual.

"Tartarus." He said, with a frighten look on his face. And I bust into new tears and hugged Harry's wand, his camp neckless gripped in my fist.

"I'm getting him back." I vowed. "We have a promise to each other, and I'll get my Harry back, and I don't care who I have to beat or kill to do it."

A.N. I'm ending it there, and this is the last chapter in this story, but I will be starting the new story in just a few days, it'll be called, The Glory of Hera, and it'll be based on the Mark of Athena, but it'll be a lot different too, and they'll come across different mythology people as they travel to save Harry. And if anyone would like to suggest someone they could run acros,s go right a head, because I only have a couple of people in mind. So I'll be reading up on the Myths to find more.