What if Jaden was trained in Duel Monsters by Yugi Muto? What if Jaden has the Egyptian and Wicked God Cards? What if Synchro Monsters were available during Jaden's era and he didn't use an "Elemental Hero" only deck? What would happen if Jaden has the ability to control the shadows and Kaiba hired him to find the missing students at Duel Academy? And what is the hidden powers sleeping within Jaden and the treat that has been awakened after thousands of years? (The events of Yu-Gi-Oh 5D's took place in the 10 year gap between the events of Yu-Gi-Oh! and the beginning of Jaden's days in Duel Academy.)

Ch. 1 Prologue

Many people are sitting inside the Kaiba Dome, watching duelists fight against other duelists. Right now, these duelists are dueling in a tournament were the winner will earn the right to meet the King of Games, Yugi Muto. After several hours of watching many duels, only two duelists remain in the tournament as the finalists. One of these duelists is known as Jaden Yuki while the other is known as Steve. On Jaden s side of the field are Elemental Hero Wildheart and two facedown cards. On Steve s side of the field are Dark Blade and Sabersaurus.

"Attack, Dark Blade!" Steve shouted, hoping to win since Jaden only has 200 life points left.

"I activate Negate Attack." Jaden said as the attack was absorbed. Steve ended his turn after the failed attack. Jaden drew his card and smirked when he saw that it was Elemental Hero Bladedge. "I activate Polymerization to fuse Wildheart with Bladedge to summon Elemental hero Wildedge!" Wildheart and Bladedge jumped into a vortex that appeared in the sky before Wildedge leaped down in front of Jaden. "I now activate Wildedge s special ability! Wildedge can now attach each of my opponents monsters, meaning you lose since you only have 1400 life points!" Wildedge destroyed both of Steve s monsters, causing his monsters to be shattered into millions of little pieces and disappear.


"And the winner of this tournament is Jaden Yuki!" the announcer yelled over the speakers as the crowd cheered at Jaden's victory. A door on the side of the arena slide opened. Jaden waved to the cheering fans as he headed over towards the open door. Once inside, Jaden discovered a hidden room within. Jaden looked around the room befroe he noticed Yugi walking up to him from a croner of the room.

"Hello Jaden." Yugi said, his eyes showing a child like nature, but also showed wisdom beyond what someone his age should possess. "Your dueling skill is excellent."

"Thanks." Jaden said with a wide smile. Winged Kuriboh appeared over Jaden's shoulder as Kuriboh appeared over Yugi's shoulder, casuing Jaden and Yugi to gasp as the two Kuriboh's happily floated around each other. "You have a Duel Spirit?"

"Yes." Yugi said, still slightly shocked that Jaden not only has one, but that it is also very similar to his own. "Apparently so do you." Yugi snapped out of his slightly shocked state before he thought, 'I can see the potential in his eyes. If I trained him, he may even be able to defeat...' Yugi let the his train of through drop as he walked up to Jaden and surprised him with a question. "How would you like me to teach you all I know about Duel Monsters?"

"I would love it." Jaden exclaimed with a voice overflowing with excitement.

"Very well," Yugi started to say as he smiled, "starting today, you are my student and I ll teach you everything there is to know about Duel Monsters." Right after Yugi finished talking, a card slipped out of Yugi's duel disk and fell on the floor. Jaden picked the card up and saw that it was The Dark Magician Girl. A dark fog appeared next to Jaden before a brown hair, Dark Magician Girl wearing her usual outfit appeared.

"What the?" DMG asked as she looked around the room, wondering where she was, before she noticed Jaden and Yugi.

"Mana, is that you?" Yugi gasped out in shock.

"Yugi?" DMG, also known as Mana, asked. "How did I get to this world and why am I human?"

"I think I did it," Jaden started to say, slightly embarrassed, "but I m not sure how I did it or how to reverse it."

"That s alright." Mana told Jaden with a simple shrug of her shoulders. "I ve always wanted to return to the human world with a human body." This part left Jaden in a state of confusion until Yugi spoke again.

"This is getting interesting." Yugi said, looking at Jaden with great curiousity. "Not only can you see Duel Spirits, but you have the power of the shadows." Yugi went on and told Jaden about his own experiences with the power of the shadows with Jaden listening to the whole story in fascination and awe.