Ch. 46 Epilogue

"That's all class." Jaden said as his class filled out of the room. Jaden is in his Origins and Importance of Duel Spirits Class of Duel Academy. He, Alexis, Zane, Kassandra, Atticus, Yasmin, Syrus, and Mana have been teaching this class for 10 years now. They teach the students the importance of respecting their cards, how Duel Monsters and Duel Spirits came to be, and even introduce them to real Duel Spirits. So far, every student they have taught has taken the lessons to heart and learned respect for their cards along with their opponent's cards.

"Hey, King of Games." Alexis said with a small smirk as she walked into the room with a girl next to her. The girl appeared to be 8 years old with Alexis long hair, but had Jaden's 2 tones of brown hair. The girl has Alexis's skin color, but Jaden's eye color. This little girl was in fact Lilly, Jaden and Alexis's daughter, Lilly.

"Daddy!" Lilly said as she ran up and hugged Jaden. Jaden laughed as he picked her up held her within her arms.

"How's our little girl?" Jaden asked although he was looking over at Alexis.

"She's fine." Alexis said. "I was just telling her about the last time someone tried to challenge you for your title as the King of Games."

"You mean the guy I beat in three turns?" Jaden asked, slightly confused as he had a hard time remembering everyone who came to duel him for his title.

"No, that was the time before." Alexis said. "The last guy you defeated in one turn."

"Oh, yeah." Jaden said, theemory coming back to him. His opponent had played a monster face down in defense mode and five cards face down in his Spell and Trap Card Zone. Jaden had imminently summoned Evil Hero Dark Gaia by using Summoned Skull and Destroyer Golem causing his attack to be 4000 before equipping him with Fairy Meteor Crush. Jaden then attacked the face down monster while his opponent tried to retaliate, but all of his Trap Cards targeted Dark Gaia who was immune to them thanks to Dark Fusion. In the end, Dark Gaia destroyed a monster with 0 defense points, allowing Jaden to win the duel in 1 turn and 1 attack. "Their are so many of them that it's hard to keep track."

"Everyone wants to duel Daddy because he's the best." Lilly said with a wide smirk.

"Yes, he is." Alexis said as she reached Jaden and kissed him on his cheek.

"Get back here young man!" Mana's voice yelled as the sound of a laughing male headed their way. Jaden, Alexis, and Lilly watched as a small boy ran into the room with Mana and Syrus right behind him. The boy looks the same age as Lilly with Mana's hair color, Syrus's eye color, and Mana's skin color. The little's boy name is Mahad, Mana and Syrus's son. Just as he ran next to Jaden, he lifted Mahad by the back of his shirt, causing Mahad to run in mid-air before he realized that his feet did not touch the ground. "Thanks Jaden. Mahad here was running away because he tried magic and blew up our kitchen."

"Oh really?" Jaden said as he tried to stifle a laugh, letting Mahad go as Mana grabbed him. Jaden let Lilly down who did everything but try to hid her laughter as she pointed at Mahad.

"We heard the explosion from our room." Zane's voice as he stepped into the class room with Yasmin and a little boy. Once again, the boy appeared to be Lilly's age with Zane's hair color and Kassandra's skin and eye color. This boy is Shadi, Zane and Kassandra's son. "Do you think you could fix it with your own magic?"

"I suppose." Mana said with a huff.

"But Mahad is still in trouble." Syrus said as he scolded his son.

"It was an accident." Mahad said with fake innocence. "I didn't know that would happen."

"Then why did we hear your laugh throughout the entire island?" Atticus said as he, Yasmin, and a small girl appeared in the room. The girl had Yasmin's skin and hair color while she had Atticus's eye color. This girl appeared to be the same age as the other three and is in fact Atticus and Yasmin's daughter Diamond.

"Yes, please do explain if it was an 'accident'?" Mana said as she glared at ther son. Mahad could only chuckle nervously and pale in fear as his mother's glare grew colder.

"Ha ha, Mahad's in trouble." Diamond and Shadi laughed. Lilly only smirked as Mahad glared at her, Diamond, and Shadi, the parents laughing at their kid's behavior.

"Makes everything we went through worth it." Alexis said as she looked at the others, everyone else agreeing with her. "Oh, we got a post card from Bastion and Jassmine. And this one from Chazz and Mindy."

"What do they say?" Jaden asked as Alexis held out the post cards.

"They both say that their marriages are doing fine and that they are happy in the Pro Leagues." Alexis said, referring to Bastion and Jasmine's marriage and Chazz and Mindy's marriage. "It also has a picture of them and their kids." Alexis first showed a picture of Bastion, Jasmine, and their son. Their son appears to be four with his Bastion's hair style, but his Jassmine's hair color. His eyes are the same as Jasmine's while her skin is the same as Bastions. Their sons name is Jake. Alexis then showed a picture of Chazz, Midy, and their daughter. She was Mindy's hair style and color while having Chazz's eye and skin color. She is also four and her name is Jessica

"They both look well." Yasmin said as she examined the pictures.

"From what I hear, their pretty close." Kassandra said.

"So is Lilly to Mahad and Shadi to Diamond." Jaden whispered to the other parents, making sure the kids can't hear.

"Maybe they will start dating when they get into their teen years." Mana said with a smirk.

"What are you guys talking about?" Lilly asked.

"Nothing." the parents answered with a smirk.

'Grown ups.' thought all the children.

"Anyway, kids." Jaden began before looking at them. "We have to go to the Duel Monster Spirit World today to celebrate the anniversary of the defeat of the Tainted Light."

"What happened between you and the Tainted Light anyway Daddy?" Lilly asked.

"I'll tell you when you're older." Jaden said before Jaden surrounding them all in a veil of darkness.

"Welcome my King." Yugi said with a bow as Jaden and the others appeared in the thrown room. Soon after the defeat of the Tainted Light, Jaden appointed Yugi, Kiaba, Tristan, Joey, Pegasus, Mana, and Bakura as his Seven Mages, similar to what Atem had. Not only did he appoint them, but Jaden had discovered that the Millennium Items had not been destroyed, but transferred to the Duel Monster Spirit World to to keep away from undeserving humans. Yugi got back the Millennium Puzzle, Pegasus got the Millennium Eye, Kiaba got the Millennium Rod, Tristan got the Millennium Key, Joey got the Millennium Scale, and Mana got the Millennium Ring. Jaden was originally going to give Bakura the Millennium Ring, but he refused to take it because of bad memories and Bakura received the Millenium Necklace instead. Jaden then destroyed the resting place of the Millennium Items to forever trap Zorc within the darkest depths of the Shadow Realm.

"How is everything?" Jaden asked as he stepped out to a balcony overlooking the area in front of the castle. Their were the rest of the other five mages along with their wives.

"They are all celebrating just as hard and loud as last year Jaden-boy." Pegasus said.

"You can say that again." Yubel said as she appeared next to Jaden. Jaden had appointed Yubel as the peace keeper. She makes sure that all of the Duel Spirits get along with each other and do not fight one another except while during a duel.

"Yusei and the others would have come, but they still have classes at this time." Kiaba said. Yusei and the rest of Team 5D's had been appointed as guardians, people who made sure unwanted company did not enter this world, by Jaden the same time Yugi and the others were appointed as Jaden's Mages.

"Welcome back my King." Banner said as he approached. Jaden had appointed him as his Shadow Alchemist. Banner had discovered many new things thanks to resources he did not have in the past that are now available to him "I hope your days as a teacher are still interesting."

"As long as they don't immediately challenge me to a duel for my title, then I'm fine." Jaden said with a shrug. Jaden then looked over at Pegasus. "How is Chumely doing at creating new cards for you?"

"Just fine." Pegasus said. "He is truly talented and he is easily the best man I have ever hired."

"He truly is good." Cecilia said with a small smile.

"He even made a few new cards that go with me." Kisara said, standing next to Kiaba. Jaden smiled as he looked out over the balcony. Everyone else soon followed his lead and enjoyed watching everyone having fun and enjoying the peace that they brought. As everyone looked out at the crowed, they were thinking about their families, friends, and what else lies for them in the future.

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