Emma is on her way from picking lunch up at Granny's to the Mayor's office for their monthly 'mommy calendar' creating when she begins to think about the drastic way her life has changed over the past two-ish years. She has gone from being a bale bondsperson to becoming Sherriff of this small town in Maine because her son asked her to save Fairytale Land… The kid is twelve years old now and still believes that this town is filled with fairytale characters that have forgotten their memories, and honestly the more he's talked, the more she's started to believe him.

She then starts to think about the mother of her child; the 'evil queen'. She doesn't believe that for a second… maybe two years ago she would have if she believed in the curse then, but she didn't… And now that she does, she doesn't believe that Regina is the evil queen. Maybe it is because they have been sharing a bed for the last week or so… literally just sleeping—get your minds from the gutter… Maybe it is because she thinks fondly of the mayor… oh who is she kidding? She is so fucking hopelessly devoted, she beats out Sandy to Danny in Grease.

Honestly, she doesn't know when she fell for her, but she can pinpoint the beginnings of the falling… About six months before, Emma finally got it through the powerful brunette's head that she isn't out to take Henry away from her, and that she just wants to know him…to know them. So, in order to prove that, she proposed to said powerful brunette and Henry that they begin having Friday night dinners out with her. From there, it's actually started to become Friday night dinners at the Mills' house and not out at one of the like four restaurants Storybrooke has to offer.

At about that time, Emma began hanging out after Henry was sent upstairs to shower and get ready for bed. She and Regina just started…talking. There was no bullshit, no lies, no deception. They started holding actual conversation, they bantered, and Emma fell fast and hard.

As she enters Town Hall, she begins thinking about the week prior

It had been her 30th birthday; it also happened to have been Friday. She called and cancelled because Mary Margaret and Ruby and Ashley wanted to take her out… and she can't say no to Mary Margaret's puppy eyes. She had told Regina that they could do Saturday, but Regina reminded her of the plethora of meetings he had on Saturdays.

She was sitting in the booth with Ashley and Mary Margaret. Ruby was making her way back with their third round when her phone buzzed. Please God let it be Regina. It's not like she wasn't having a good time, she was, she just… Liked being with Regina and Henry on Friday nights…she felt like it was family night. She took the shot that Ruby gave her then pulled her phone out.

'If you're not too drunk, maybe you could come over when you're finished with your birthday party. I actually have a present for you.'

It was from Regina. She smiled then stood up, "Well, ladies… It's been a pleasure, but I think I'm gonna head out."

"Emma!" All three of them said together…more like whined together.

All Emma did was shrug, "I'm just… I'm not feeling it tonight, guys…" And with another shrug she was off to Madame Mayor's house.

"Hey." Emma said into the phone as she rounded the street that would lead her to the mansion.

"Sherriff Swan…why are you panting?"

"I walked from the bar…It's a long way…"

"It's not that long a walk, Sherriff…"

"Alright. Alright, fine… I've been playing hopscotch for like a block and a half… I'm a little tipsy, but not too drunk for a birthday present!" She said excitedly.

"Wow, you really are tipsy. You would not show that much excitement to me."

"Hey, hey… I show this much excitement every time you make roast and potatoes and carrots…"

Emma heard the sweet sound of Regina's quiet, genuine laugh, "Alright, Sherriff. The door is open."

Emma walked into the house and found Regina at the coffee machine, "Trying to sober me up?"

"Always." Regina turned around with a grin, "I need you coherent if I'm going to speak with you."

"I'm coherent enough…" Emma looked to the side then back to her, "Depending on the topic. Is it Henry?" She asked concerned.

Regina swallowed hard—for some reason she was overly emotional, which was something she was still getting used to since she'd found her heart again, which was all thanks to the blonde before her. She shook her head and smiled at Emma's genuine concern, "No. Henry is fine."

Emma's eyes scrunched together, "Alright… then what are we gonna chat about?"


"See, I'm coherent enough to make fun of words you'd use everyday by using them to freak you out." She grinned and winked.

Regina set the coffee in front of Emma, "Just as you like."

"Thank you." Emma took the cup and began drinking.

Regina looked at her, then away again. She stood up and walked to get her present, then changed her mind and walked back to sit with the blonde.

Emma stared at her, half the coffee gone—mainly so Regina would know she would remember the conversation in the morning—she knit her brows before raising one, "You okay?"

"Yes. I just… do you want your present now, or later?"

Emma pretended to think about it for a second, "I think now's good."

"Alright." She gave Emma a grin and went to get her the present.

Emma decided to wash out her cup for her as she waited, "My, my Sherriff, I do believe you've made yourself at home here."

Emma turned around with a smirk, "You mind?" She asked…she didn't realize how serious her tone was until it escaped her.

Regina bit her lip then shook her head, "No."

"Progress." Emma mumbled to herself before eyeing the wrapped present behind Regina, "That for me?"

Regina nodded and handed it over. She was so damn nervous…Emma could see it by the way Regina's hand shook as she handed the 12X17" package to her. Emma took it and ripped the perfect wrapping apart. There before her was a painting of a half black, half white swan gliding in water. The eyes of the swan were rather intense…much like the woman watching her take in the present. Emma knew that this was Regina's way of telling her how she felt. She didn't know why she knew, but she knew that's what this was. She knew that this swan was a representation of the two of them. She touched the swan's head and traced down its neck with her fingers, then hugged the painting close to her.

"This is lovely." Emma said.

"You really think that?" Regina asked then swallowed another lump that gathered due to the emotions that this…frustrating woman made her feel.

Emma looked up to her. She saw the floodgates open through Regina's eyes and she rounded the kitchen island to the brunette. She set the painting down. She cocked her head and waited for the brunette to look at her again, and when she finally did, Emma pulled her in and hugged her.

"Yeah," Emma whispered into Regina's ear, "It's beautiful."

Regina pulled from Emma and saw the look in her eyes; she knew that Emma knew what it was supposed to be. She inhaled a surprisingly shaky breath. She cleared her throat and took Emma's hand, "Would you like to stay the night?... With me?"

Emma's voice got caught in her throat; she was absolutely stunned. She nodded and breathed out, "Yeah, uhhhh, yeah. That would be nice."

Regina nodded, smiling and grabbed the painting before leading her up the stairs to her room.

After they entered, Regina went to the closet. She began changing, so her voice was a little muffled to Emma, "I don't know what you like to sleep in, Emma, but I have sleepwear if you'd like to borrow…"

"Nah…" Emma started, then thought better, "I mean, if you don't mind…I sleep in my skivvies."

Regina walked out and gave her a look, "Your skivvies?"

Emma grinned at her, "I'd say someone is not very ecstatic about my word choice tonight…"

Regina closed her eyes and shook her head smiling, "No, 'skivvies' is just… Haven't heard it in a while…"

"Well, if it makes you feel better, I got it from Tony Danza." Regina gave her a look that told her to explain, "Growing up in the foster system, there wasn't a lot to look forward to…but somehow I did get to watch Who's the Boss? late at night, and there's this episode and he calls underwear skivvies… Always thought it was funny; sometimes it slips out." Regina gave her almost a pained look. Emma knew that Regina would probably shut down if she asked, so she snap her fingers then threw a fist into her palm, "So… is it alright that I sleep in my skivvies?"

"Yes Dear, it's fine." Regina walked around to the side of the bed she slept on and sat down. She heard the distinct sound of a fly being unzipped. Her breath caught in her throat and she stayed facing away from Emma. She reached out and pumped a couple dollops of lotion into her hands then spread it over her arms. She felt the bed dip, then felt dips move closer and closer to her.

Emma leaned over and whispered into Regina's ear, "Is that why you always smell of apples?" Regina grinned and leaned into the blonde as she wrapped her arms around her, "Hmm?"

"I guess you'll just have to find out…" Regina smirked as she looked up to see bright green-grey orbs looking back at her.

They stared into each other's eyes and Emma decided to take the plunge. She leaned in and pressed their lips together. They laid down and Emma settled herself on top of Regina, managing somehow to keep the kiss light, but still very passionate.

She pulled away and settled next to her, "This is real, isn't it?"

Regina closed her eyes and bit her bottom lip while she put her hand over her eyes, "More real than Daniel ever was…" She barely whispered out.

"What?" Emma cocked her head.

"More real than anything I've ever experienced…" Regina looked over to the girl next to her.

Emma smiled. She leaned over Regina to turn out her light for her, then settled in next to her. She held her throughout the night.

Emma sighs with a happy grin as she walks passed Mallory, the receptionist. "Hey Mallory." She says with a wave.

"Hi, Emma." Mallory has always been a bit of a flirt… this has always made Emma a bit uncomfortable.

Emma just smiles and walks into the Mayor's office without knocking. Regina is pacing back and forth from either side of her desk. She has a rubber band in hand that she is playing with. When the door opens, she flashes a glare, but softens when she sees who it is.

"Mr. Gold, my appointment just walked in. We'll discuss this further later." She picks up the phone, then replaces it in the receiver effectively ending the call.

"Everything alright?" Emma asks warily.

"Fine, Dear." Regina sits down.

Emma gives her a look that tells her she doesn't believe her. She puts the bag on the table and hands Regina her food, "I got your favorite."

"Thank you." Regina gives her a small smile of appreciation. She sits at her desk and opens up the calendar on her computer, "Shall we?"

"Yes, let's." Emma settls in the chair across from her and grabs her food.

They talk about which events either or both would attend in Henry's life that month while they ate their lunch. Regina has been staring off at the screen for a while.

"You okay?" Emma asks her.

"Our colors run together quite often… In fact, the only time our colors are separate are on the weekdays he has nothing extra and you have him for the hour or two before you take him home." She turns the computer to Emma.

The blonde looks and nods, "Hmm," she thinks a little, then looks at Regina, "Is that a problem for you? You actually getting along with your son's other mother? You actually being able to hold a real conversation with me and not bullshit or undermine me? You having a relationship with me? Being with me? Does it bother you that you trust me?"

"Does it bother you?" Regina asks her; she wants to cower in fear of the answer.

Emma looks at her straight on, "No." She shakes her head and reaches for Regina's hand.

She's actually been entertaining the idea of asking Regina out on a proper date, a date minus Henry as a buffer, a real live dinner at a restaurant, see where the night will lead date.

She is tracing Regina's hand as she thinks these things then decides to go for it. "It does bother me that we haven't gone on a date yet and I've been spending every night with you for the past week."

"It's not like anything has been going on Sherriff Swan." Regina gives her an embarrassed look, which Emma thinks is probably the cutest fucking thing she's ever seen.

"That's where you're wrong. Lots of stuff has gone on. Like our first kiss and I learned that you have nightmares…but if I hold you and whisper to you they go away. Like uh, we've…talked… meaningful, intense talks about us and our future… Henry's future. And we haven't been on a date yet… how backwards is that?"

Regina smiles and turns her hand over, "Alright, then. Take me on a date. You might get lucky." She subtly raises and lowers her eyebrows.

Emma uses her other hand to grab her heart, "Woman after my own heart."

Regina retracts a little, "Umm, so I'll see you later when you come pick me up." She walks around her desk and to the door, opening it for the blonde to leave.

Emma finds all of this behavior rather odd, and not leaving without a bit of a struggle, she picks up Regina's hand and kisses it…in front of Mallory. She winks at her then walks out of the office, "I'll see you tonight."

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