Jayma smiled against his lips and respond to the kiss passionately, loving the taste of Matt's lips. Matt was getting aroused as was Jayma as they made out passionately and roughly. Jayma bit Matt's bottom lip and tugged on it, making Matt moan then smile as he made her lay down on his couch as he continued to kiss her, feeling the room getting hotter.

Jayma felt Matt pressing up against her, as she lay on her back with him above her, so she could feel how turned on he was and she put her small hands in Matt's brown curly hair, getting her fingers tangled. Matt moaned as he grinded up against her body then forced her mouth open as he slipped his tongue inside.

"Jay, are you sure about this?" Matt moaned and panted, breaking the kiss for a moment.

"Yes, now make love to me Matt," Jayma whispered in to his ear.

He captured her soft red lips with his once again and he forgot about the time completely as he kissed her passionately. Jayma moaned at Matt's actions and she moved her own tongue with his making their tongues dance together.

Matt was the one to pull away and he was panting as he grabbed Jayma's veil and pulled it off her head. He let it fall to the floor before they started kissing again, moaning slightly between kisses.

Jayma kicked off her heels as did Matt who kicked off his shoes and then their tongues joined together as they kissed, and Matt sat back on the couch. He pulled Jayma up and unzipped the back of her white dress. Then he grabbed the bottom of it and began lifting up the dress.

Jayma pulled her dress over her head, leaving her in her matching white bra and panties, then she kissed down Matt's neck slowly, biting and sucking on the skin, while her hands removed his tuxedo jacket and sweater vest.

The jacket and sweater vest fell to the floor and she quickly began unbuttoning Matt's white shirt. In a matter of seconds Matt's shirt joined the rest of the clothes on the floor of his trailer.

Matt's hands went to her waist as Jayma unbuckled his belt, pulled down the zip on his pants, undid the button and pulled them down towards his ankles, leaving him in his tight black boxers, with a huge bulge.

Jayma smiled and lay back down on the couch as Matt kicked his pants off, on to the carpeted floor. Matt then pulled down her panties slowly seeing how wet they were and he grinned as he saw her perfect body.

He then unhooked her bra as she sat up slightly and he removed it, then he threw it sideways, then it dropped to the floor. Matt then leaned down towards her as he admired her beauty, then he took a peak in to his mouth, he licked and sucked the soft flesh, making her moan deeply, sending blood straight to his groin.

He then switched to the other peak and did the same, as he massaged her breasts with his large hands. Jayma then reached for Matt's boxers, cupping him with her hands, before pulling his boxers down quickly.

"We have to make this quick. We only have 3 minutes until we have to be back on set," Jayma panted.

Matt just smiled as he pulled his boxers off and then let them join the clothes scattered around the couch. Jayma looked down at him as he lay above her, and she looked down at his long erect shaft for a moment.

"Ready?" Matt asked.

"You bet I am," Jayma smiled.

"Oh, one sec,"

Matt quickly got up from the couch as he then remembered he needed a condom which was in his pants pocket. He went over to get it and he took out his wallet which he opened and pulled it out of.

He tore open the flimsy metal sachet and he then got out the blue condom, which he slid on himself and he then went back over to his couch, where Jayma lay, waiting for him.

As he got back on the couch, he looked deep in to her brown lust filled eyes, then he kissed her passionately before moving closer to her and hovering over her. He got settled between her legs which were spread apart for him and he sighed as he positioned himself at her entrance.

"I like it rough," Jayma smirked.

"Same here," Matt chuckled.

Matt saw her nod and he pushed the tip in quickly and then he pushed himself fully in with one swift movement. Jayma moaned deeply at the feeling of him and he tried to keep himself from thrusting in to her as she adjusted to his size.

"You're a lot bigger than Adam," Jayma sighed.

"Yeah I get that a lot," Matt smirked.

After a moment, Jayma was ready for him as she started thrusting against him, which made him thrust back. He pulled out quickly, and then pushed back in roughly which made Jayma moan loudly.

He repeated this a few times, and then she put her hands in his curls as she pulled him down towards her lips. She kissed him roughly as he began thrusting at a pace and they both felt nothing but pure pleasure.

Jayma wrapped her legs tightly around Matt's waist, forcing him even deeper, in to her torturous heat. He thrust in and out of her, moaning and groaning her name as she moved her hips in time with his, meeting his thrusts.

"Matt, we have about a minute left so let's see what you can do," Jayma moaned.

"Oh, I'll show you what I can do," Matt moaned.

Matt did as she said and he pounded in to her, changing his angle and hitting that spot that made her go wild. Jayma screamed out his name over and over like a mantra as he quickened his pace, making her move her hips faster, and moaning her name. Matt could feel himself close to his climax, and he knew Jayma was too as her mouth was at his ear and he heard her breaths come in short bursts.

Matt grabbed on to the arm of the couch that was in front of him as he forced himself in deeper. He could feel her tightening around him and he moaned her name loudly as he knew he was so close now.

He could hear his cell phone going off but he let it ring as he pushed Jayma's hips up further getting a better angle for him as beads of sweat appeared on both of their bodies.

"Oh god Matt! Fuck me harder!" Jayma al-but screamed.

"Shit! Jayma you are so fucking good!" Matt moaned loudly.

Matt changed his angle again, then he moved his arms as he pinned Jayma's arms above her head, pounding faster in and out of her She could feel every inch of him inside her now as she thrust against him and she loved it. He was pushing in deeper making her scream out even louder and he was wondering if anyone had heard them.

Jayma's legs were tightening around him, her nails dragging down his back, shredding several layers of skin underneath, as she felt her abdomen contracting. Jayma screamed out his name as she came, tightening her walls around his length, making him lose control.

Matt moaned even louder, his thrusts becoming faster, as he climaxed, cumming inside the condom inside her while riding out his orgasm. Jayma felt the heat of his release in the condom that was inside her, and she smiled as she saw stars at the pleasure she was feeling.

Matt collapsed on top of her, panting and coming down from his high then he kissed her gently as he caught his breath. Instantly remembering they had to be on set, he pulled out of her, took off the condom and put it back in to the sachet which he would bin later.

Matt then leant over Jayma as she sat up and he kissed her as he was hovering above her on his couch and Jayma quickly got up as she realised they should have been on set. As they both got redressed they looked at each other with grins on their faces.

"You didn't say you were a moaner," Matt chuckled.

"Yeah, well you didn't say you did it like an animal," Jayma laughed.

"That was the best sex, I've ever had. And to be honest it was better than I thought it would be," Matt smirked.

"You weren't so bad yourself," Jayma quipped.

"So, I'm thinking that I call you later after work for round 2," Matt smiled.

"Yes I think you should,"

As they finished getting dressed, Matt put Jayma's veil back on her head making her smile widely as she leaned up towards him. She kissed him quickly and then she pulled back as she walked towards the door.

Matt was close behind her, happiness spreading through him like a wild fire as he had just had sex with the woman he loved, who would soon fall for him. Then he picked up his cell phone to see he had a message off of Cory and a missed call from him too. He read it and laughed as he left his trailer letting the door shut behind him then he smiled at Jayma.

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