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Chapter 11:

The Potter Manor house was in an uproar as Harry and Daphne arrived. Hermione was in high dudgeon. "Where have you been?" she screeched. "I thought you and Daphne would have been back yesterday! Surely it couldn't have taken all day and this morning to search the library! What have you two been up to?" Suspicion crept into her voice as an unwanted thought formed. Tears crept into her eyes as the thought took hold. "I was worried…"

Daphne smiled, delighting in the passion shown by the bushy-haired witch. Here was a worthy partner that would keep him focused. Whether they could get Hannah back or not, she was going to use all her Slytherin wiles to make sure she and Hermione were part of this handsome wizard's harem. She could share, and she'd talk Hermione and possibly Hannah into it as well.

"Hermione, cool down," Harry admonished. "We had a bit more trouble locating the books than I imagined. It took all day and we ate in London. Grimmauld Place was not exactly the best place to stay or search. It took all day to check all the various places and hidey-holes that the Black family had built into the place. We managed to find less than a dozen books that showed promise."

"So you didn't… erm, that is…"

Harry looked at her suspiciously. Hermione could always tell when he was hiding something. "I didn't what?" Actually, he didn't want to go there, but she had forced the issue.

Hermione huffed and decided to drop the subject. "Never mind, let's see the books."

Miles away, Luna sat up suddenly from her studies. "Morgana's floppy tits, what does he think he's doing? Meddling with time is always disastrous!" Then she sank into another dream state. Harry was moving through time with two girls. The possibilities branched many ways and she couldn't follow any of them until he had chosen. She hated when that happened. Her seer ability had limitations and until a decision was made, she couldn't interfere. Awakening, she sighed, knowing that momentous changes were in the works.

Susan and Neville had just fed the babies when they heard Hermione's tirade. "Harry must be back," Neville smiled.

"Honestly, that girl needs to snog him good and maybe shag him thoroughly as well." Susan responded.

"You really think so?" Neville smirked. "I don't think Harry would recover from that. She'd devour him with the state she's in now."

"You noticed too? She's been mooning over him for weeks now. I don't think she really believes that Hannah can be saved and is waiting until Harry admits it as well. She'll jump him soon if Daphne doesn't get to him first. Maybe I should tell her…"

"Don't meddle, Love. She can figure it out for herself. She's not the brightest witch of the age for nothing, you know."

"Yes, but she doesn't have an ounce of courage anymore. The final battle took something out of her. She lost too many people. Harry's stronger than her; he's dealt with way more and recovered. But he really is clueless when it comes to women. Even with Hannah, she was the guiding force in their relationship."

"Just like you, Sue. I never could have figured it out without your help." He smiled and kissed his wife. "When are we going to start our own family? I like taking care of Lillian and James, but I'd like to get on with our life too."

Susan sighed in his arms, cuddling closer. "The twins will need a mother and until Harry chooses, I can't abandon them. There's still lots of time; we have to finish school, you know."

A month passed as they delved into the books again. Hermione was frantically researching and planning; Daphne was scouring the new books for any hint of the location of the crystal. Harry, not taking any chances of a similar accident, warded the stairs against falls, checking for other hazards as well. In the evenings, they all pooled their knowledge on what they needed to change if their plan was to succeed.

The discussions went on for days, refining, adding, and defining responsibilities until finally they were left with the only problem not resolved: the location of the crystal. The books from the Black library had given tantalizing clues, but they needed to research several locations in situ. Italy seemed to be the general location, but there was too much ground to cover.

Hermione, as usual, came up with the most promising idea. "The Vatican Library," she stated flatly. "That's where we'll likely find the answer."

"Hermione," Susan warned. "You can't just go waltzing into the Vatican Library. It's restricted to Vatican scholars."

"Harry's cloak," she smirked, but her face fell when Harry shook his head.

"It's gone, Hermione. It was destroyed along with my trunk in the final battle."

"Are you sure, Harry? I thought it was indestructible."

"So did I, but I couldn't find it when I searched the remains after I recovered in the Hospital."

"Harry, it wasn't in your trunk. Don't you remember? You wore it to sneak back into the castle before you fought Riddle."

"But then someone must have found it in the wreckage afterwards. It's gone in any case."

"Not necessarily, Harry. You're powerful enough to summon it if it's still in the castle."

"You can't summon any of the Deathly Hallows, Hermione. You should know that," he replied.

"The Deathly Hallows?" Daphne asked in surprise. "It's not just a myth?"

Harry smiled and showed her his wand. "This is one, the so-called Elder Wand. I also had the Resurrection Stone and my dad's cloak was the Cloak of Invisibility."

"Y-you were the master of death?" She shivered at the thought.

"Yes, and no. It's complicated; I'll explain it sometime. I guess we'll be paying a visit to Hogwarts. Susan, Neville, do you mind looking after things for a day or two? I really don't want to take the twins…. Hmm, why not, they could use a check-up from Madam Pomfrey. Maybe we all should go."

After readying the twins and their food, Harry held both of them on each shoulder and entered the floo to Hogwarts. He had checked with Madam Pomfrey and Professor McGonagall and were expected. The rest of the entourage quickly followed.

Harry hated magical travel, but managed to land properly this time, perhaps due to the twins balancing him. The rest of the group landed and they made their way into the hospital.

"Hello Harry," Poppy greeted. "You've brought the twins; good. It's time for their checkups and while you're all here, I can check you as well."

"Thanks Poppy. It's good to see you again. Is the Headmistress around?"

"She knows you're here and will be in soon."

"I have to talk to her about an item I'm missing. Um, was anything found after the cleanup that…?"

"Oh, you mean your 'special' cloak?" she smirked. "Yes, I know about that cloak. Your father used it many times and although I could never catch him, Lily showed it to me once. Minerva has it and will return it to you. It was found in the Great Hall the week after you left. I'd forgotten about it until just now."

Harry breathed a sigh of relief. "Thank Merlin. I had feared it lost."

Minerva McGonagall was slowly working her way to the hospital wing, checking on all the repairs and new construction. Returning students would hardly recognise the school now. Gone were the shifting staircases, the dungeons were bright and airy with the addition of window charms to reflect the outside, much like the Great Hall. The ceiling of the Great Hall was repaired and its magic restored. A few of the classrooms had been combined into bright study rooms with bookcases and comfortable armchairs. She had dismissed old Professor Binns and hired a talented witch that had specialised in magical history. Severus' departure and death enabled her to hire a very talented DADA teacher from the ministry. Hestia Jones had survived the final battle and wanted to help students defend themselves. Minerva welcomed her wholeheartedly. Horace Slughorn was returning as Potions Master now that he felt safe. Madam Pince, the Librarian and Rolanda Hooch were also returning as well as Filius Flitwick and Pomona Sprout. She still had to find someone to replace her Muggle Studies professor and Septima Vector, the Arithmancy professor. Both had died when a ceiling had collapsed as they were herding students to safety. The Ancient Runes Professor, Bathsheba Babbling was still recovering but promised to return. Professor Sybil Trelawney had fled and was eventually killed by Death Eaters. Minerva decided not to replace her and dropped the subject from the curriculum. Events however, would eventually change her mind.

She also decided to add a few new subjects but was having trouble convincing the Board of Governors for the school that they were necessary in view of the considerable costs of reconstruction. Maybe Mr. Potter could be convinced to help convince them. Harry's importance could not be overstated. Everyone wanted to acknowledge the young man that had saved them all. 'He should have arrived by now,' she thought. 'I'll have to talk to him.'

Madam Pomfrey had checked the twins and pronounced them in perfect health. A look at Harry had her worried though. "Harry, you haven't been sleeping!" she accused. "Your magical core is fine, but your body is showing signs of exhaustion." Then she looked at Hermione and quickly decided they all showed signs of exhaustion. "What's going on, Harry? Only Susan and Neville show few signs of exhaustion. Hermione and Daphne look almost as tired as you."

"It's nothing Poppy," he replied. "We've been studying."

Poppy gave them a gimlet eye, not believing for a second that was the true reason. She huffed and told them to get some quality rest or they would be susceptible to illness. "There's a nasty strain of dragon pox going around that I don't want you exposed to. Your immune systems might not be able to cope and goodness knows you can't afford to pass it on to the twins. Miss Greengrass, you should know better."

Poppy examined all three girls and Neville and was just checking Daphne when Minerva entered the hospital wing.

"Mr. Potter," she smiled. "A pleasure to see you again. Miss Granger, Miss Greengrass, Miss Bones and Mr. Longbottom. Ah, I see you brought the twins as well. How are they Poppy?"

"The twins are fine as are Mr. Longbottom and Miss Bones," she replied. Mr. Potter has a need to get more rest as well as Miss Granger. I'm still examining Miss Greengrass." She carefully waved he wand over Daphne's body and frowned. A second inspection and the frown deepened. "Miss Greengrass, will you step over here for a moment. I need to talk to you in my office."

Daphne blinked in surprise. "Of course Madam Pomfrey. Please excuse me, guys?"

Wondering if anything was wrong, Daphne followed Madam Pomfrey to her office.

Harry's eyes followed her but soon were brought back to the Headmistress. "Headmistress, I understand that my cloak has been found and that you have it?"

"It's in my office, Mr. Potter, you can retrieve it when you leave. I have a few professors that need replacing before the school opens. Normally, I would be able to fill those positions, but with the war and so many deaths, I'm finding it difficult. I was wondering if you might have a suggestion for a new Muggle Studies professor? I also need an Arithmancy professor, but I know you won't know anyone for that. Perhaps Miss Granger or Miss Greengrass might know someone. I've tried all the usual sources and advertised, but so far, nothing."

"I don't know, Professor," he replied, I've been out of touch for awhile, but I'll certainly ask around."

Daphne came back with her face pale.

"Is everything alright, Daphne?" Harry asked.

"F-fine. Everything's fine," she answered shakily.

Everyone gave her a frown, not believing a word. "Daphne?" Harry prodded.

"Later, Harry, not here."

Bidding Madam Pomfrey goodbye and thanking her, they gathered up the twins and made their way to McGonagall's office. After Harry had retrieved his cloak, he reluctantly bid the Headmistress goodbye. Harry was worried about Daphne, as she seemed unusually quiet.

The boarded the Hogwarts Express once again and returned home. Daphne had not said a word and excused herself when they got home, going quickly to her room and locking the door.

"What's with her?" Hermione wondered aloud. "She didn't say two words since before we left Hogwarts."

"I don't know. Best leave her alone until she's ready to tell us," Harry replied.

Susan and Neville took the twins and prepared their dinner. Lillian had fussed a bit on the way home, evidently sensing something was not quite right. James had picked up on it soon after and both were fidgeting as Susan tried to feed them.

Harry was exhausted and bid them goodnight, retiring to his bedroom and falling into bed, only taking the time to undress.

Hermione, determined to find out what was bothering Daphne tried to visit her in her bedroom, only to find the door locked. She knocked and receiving no answer, likewise prepared for bed. It was a long and stressful day.

Harry was having a nightmare again and Hermione, noticing the muffled screams, entered his bedroom and slipping under the covers, cuddled him. He stilled almost immediately and returned the cuddle, spooning up to Hermione's back. Drifting off to sleep, Hermione shifted during the night, now facing Harry. Unconsciously, they pulled closer to each other, wrapping their arms around their bed mates bodies. A whispered word from Hermione, deep in dreamland, and a muffled answer from Harry as he burrowed his face into her neck was a prelude to a very pleasant dream for both of them. Her leg had found its way over his thighs as her slip rode up. A sigh escaped her lips as Harry's member stiffened and touched her entrance.

Still asleep, their bodies answered the call so long denied them. A soft thrust, a softer moan as they rolled closer together. Hermione was now slightly underneath Harry as he slipped inside her. She was wet and pulled him deeper inside, her hips driving them together, needing to mate. In and out, gently at first and when that wasn't enough, Harry buried himself deep inside her.

They both awoke at the same time—eyes wide, emerald meeting cinnamon—frantically copulating. Harry's lips were all over her, kissing nibbling, sucking at her most sensitive spots. She kissed him back with a ferocity he had never known.

He had risen above her, her legs clamped around his waist, driving him deeper into her, as the age old mating ritual played out. A high keening sound left her lips as they were both driven over the edge. As their racing pulses abated a bit, they looked at each other. Harry was still hard and Hermione was ready for a second round. Unthinking, they resumed their lovemaking, driving them to climax again and again. Then reality took hold.

"What are we doing?" they both said at the same time.

Both blushed a deep red as Harry pulled out. The bed was soaked and both were freely sweating as they came down from their high.

"Harry? I-I…"

"Hush, Hermione," he replied softly. "We both needed this." He smiled in the darkness and kissed her tenderly, feeling the smile on her face as well. "We'll figure it out. Even if we can't go back to save everyone, we'll still have each other. I love you, Hermione. I think I always have. I love Hannah too, but she's gone, maybe for good. I think I may love Daphne as well. Could you accept that?"

Hermione relaxed against him and shivered. Her love for this young man clouded her thoughts as she tried to sort out her feelings. "Daphne?" A bit of jealousy pricked at her emotions as she considered sharing. "I-I'm not sure, Harry. I've loved you for a long time, maybe as far back as first year. If I have to share you, it'll be hard, but Daphne is someone I might be able to share you with. I didn't know Hannah, but I love the twins, so if we get her back..."

"Let's sleep. We can think on this tomorrow… err later today," he replied.

The next morning, Susan felt the group dynamic change. A smiling Hermione and Harry exited Harry's bedroom full of life and vitality.

"Well, you two seem happy. Did you get a good night's sleep?"

A blush greeted her from both teens. "Er, yeah," they answered.

'So,' Susan thought, 'Hermione must have claimed him last night! Good for her, he needs that.'

Daphne had yet to rise and Harry figured it was time to see what had happened at Hogwarts yesterday. "Daphne not up yet?" he asked.

"No, she seemed off, last night, I'm not sure what happened," Susan answered.

"I'll talk to her. How are the twins this morning," he asked, hoping to divert attention from Hermione and him.

"They've just been fed and have settled in for a nap. You should go see them, Harry."

Harry, happy to be away from Susan's knowing smirk, raced up the stairs to look in on the twins. They were sleeping peacefully, angelic looks on their faces. He bent over and kissed their foreheads and left them to check on Daphne.

Her door was locked and he heard muffled crying inside. "Daphne? May I come in?"

"Go away Harry," was the answering response.

"Come on Daphne, speak to me. Is it something I did?"

"N-no, y-yes, maybe," she answered weakly.

The door opened slowly and a tearful Daphne pulled him into the dimly lit room. She was a mess. Tears had stained her cheeks and her face was red from crying.

"What's happened Daphne?"

"Oh, Harry! I-I'm pregnant! Remember that night at Grimauld Place?"

"Oh shit. I'm so sorry Daphne." Harry folded the crying girl into his arms, rubbing soothing circles on her back.

Daphne hiccoughed and buried her face into his chest. "It's just as much my fault, Harry."

"Shh, it happened, I-I have to tell you… It… happened with Hermione too, last night."

Daphne looked up in shock. "Harry? You… erm, you and Hermione?"

"Daphne, we didn't even realise it until we awoke. It was a dream… well obviously more than a dream. Just like us, it happened while we were asleep. Then it became more."

"Harry? What about me?" she asked fearfully.

"I asked Hermione if she could share," he replied, a slight smile on his face.

"Share? I like Hermione, but you want me to share? Yes I'll share. Do you love me?" she asked softly.

"Honestly, I think I do. I've always loved Hermione and of course Hannah, and I've developed feelings for you too. I know this is awkward, but can we try?"

Crying, she leapt into his arms. "Yes, Harry! We can certainly try. I've had a crush on you since third year, but, well, Slytherins and Gryffindors didn't exactly mix at school."

Susan had cornered Hermione and was grilling her. "Spill, Hermione! You slept with him again, didn't you. And more than sleep happened, didn't it?"

Hermione blushed scarlet and answered weakly; "Yes. I didn't plan it though. He was having another bad dream and I cuddled him until he calmed and fell asleep. I drifted off and the next thing I knew, we were making love. In our sleep, no less, and then we were full awake and I couldn't stop myself. Harry was so gentle to start with and then it was too much. We were like animals. I've loved him since first year, but was too afraid to lose him if I said anything. Then Hannah… He loves me too and I think Daphne as well. He asked me if I could share and honestly I'd do anything for him. I said yes." She finished in a whisper. "You don't think badly of me do you? I mean, we may never get Hannah back and I don't want to lose him again. I'd share with Hannah too if he wants."

Susan smiled and hugged her friend. "No, Hermione, I don't think badly of you. I wondered why it took so long to claim him though. We've been, well, there was a betting pool. You were odds-on favourite to be the one to be with him. It was certainly a surprise when he married Hannah. Don't get me wrong; Hannah loved him almost as long as you. That 'Heir of Slytherin' thing; she was the only one in Hufflepuff that didn't believe it. Oh, she went along with us, but I knew; it was just out of loyalty to the rest of the house, but she told me that she didn't believe a word of it.

"So what happens now?"

"I don't honestly know, Susan. Does Neville suspect?"

"Neville? Oh he was just behind of me in figuring it out."

"You knew?"

"Of course, silly. We all knew, even Hannah. Oh, you mean about last night? No, not yet, he's still taking a bit of a lie in. And I think dear Harry is working it out with Daphne as we speak."

"Speak of the green-eyed devil," Hermione smiled, as Harry and Daphne made their way down the stairs hand in hand.

Neville had finally made an appearance, sleepily rubbing his eyes. "'Mornin," he yawned. What's up?"

Daphne blushed and stuttered. "I- that is we have something to tell you."

Hermione smiled. 'Yes, he's accepted her and she…' She stopped when she remembered something. Something about Madam Pomfrey asking to speak to Daphne alone. 'Surely not…'

"I'm apparently going to be a father again," Harry proudly announced.

Susan and Neville were in shock. "Daphne?" Susan asked.

Daphne smiled. "Madam Pomfrey told me. It's early yet, but I won't be able to accompany you when we finally time jump. I can still help with the research though. Hermione, I have to talk to you."

Hermione was just recovering from the shock and glared at Daphne. 'How dare she. She beat me to it. Well, maybe after last night…'

'Oh oh, I don't like the look of that,' Harry thought.

Daphne grabbed hold of Hermione and guided her to a secluded corner and cast silencing spells.

Susan, Neville and Harry watched as the silent conversation took place. Apparently they were arguing, if the sour looks on both witches' faces and arm gestures were any indication. Then smiles broke out and arms enfolded each other. The silencing spell was dispelled and they walked back, arm in arm.

Harry let out a breath he didn't know he'd been holding. "Thank Merlin for that," he breathed.

Hermione smirked and kissed him. "Maybe there will be more than one pregnancy, Harry."

Harry was gobsmacked. "H-Hermione?"

"I won't know for awhile, Harry, but it's about the right time of month and we did erm…"

Harry grabbed her and swung her around in joyous abandon.

Luna groaned as the latest scenes played out in her mind. "Too many permutations! I can't sort out all the possibilities! Argh. The future is too shadowy. It's slipping away from me. I can't predict. Mum, where are you when I really need you?"

Suddenly a shaft of brightness shone through and for a brief moment, she saw. But what she saw, puzzled her more than what she'd seen before.