It Gets You Thinkin'

A/N: IMPORTANT! I am just giving you a heads up that what you are about to read will be completely stupid! You might read this and be all 'What the hell!' just letting you know. I just did this for fun! If you guys think I should write more I can promise you that they won't be all stupid. They will all be little Malec one-shots though.

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Alec Lightwood thought that he had almost seen and heard everything, being a Shadowhunter and all. However, he was still a little surprised when he opened the door to Magnus' flat and heard his boyfriend moaning. Alec looked to the living room. Magnus was on the couch but what was he moaning for? Alec flushed, as his mind was flooded with dirty thoughts. "Magnus? What are you doing?" Magnus jumped. He was so lost in what he was doing that he didn't hear Alec come in. He quickly regained his composure and turned to Alec.

"Hello, darling!" he said as he got up off the couch and walked over to Alec to give him a kiss. Alec didn't let it go on for long though.

"Hi Magnus." He said. "Um, what were you doing on the couch?" Magnus frowned thinking.

"Oh!" he exclaimed. "Here come sit down." He pulled Alec to the couch and sat him down. Magnus looked around. "Where the hell did it go!" Magnus shoved his hand into the couch cushions. "A-HA!' he yelled as he pulled something out. "Alec you have GOT to smell this lotion! It's uh-may-zing!" Magnus' voice got higher on each syllable. He sat down next to Alec and shoved the lotion in his face. "Here, smell!" Alec shoved it away.

"Magnus I don't want to smell it."



"Alexander," said Magnus. "you will want to smell this lotion eventually so why not do it now?" he said while moving the lotion closer.

"Never!" shouted Alec as he sprang up from the couch and darted to the kitchen. Magnus caught him before he could get there though thanks to his fabulous magic. He tackled Alec and straddled him. "You are a horrible person!" said Alec as Magnus popped open the lotion cap.

"No. I'm an awesome person." Magnus replied. Alec rolled his eyes. Magnus squirted lotion on his hand and smeared it all over Alec's face. When he was done he said, "Alexander, take a whiff of that wonderful smell!"

"Magnus nobody but you smells lo-" Alec stopped. "By the angel! That does smell wonderful!"

"Told you." Said Magnus. So, for the rest of the day, Alec and Magnus sat around and smelled the lotion like they were druggies and the lotion was their fix!


A/N: I will leave what the lotion smelled like to you. Now I know most of you probably hated it. That's ok though because I had fun writing this! Even if you didn't like it, though I hope you did, review! Tell me if I should continue this stupidity or just give up. Thank you for your time!