Author's Note:

Hel-lo, sports fans! =) Is this what you think it is? Well, if what you're thinking is "Warp Darkmatter + Erin Frame = Dare," you're absolutely correct! I decided finally just to indulge in my romantic tendencies. So this is kind of for me, but it's also for KJ, Ranger-Nova, and Darkmatterfangirl. Hope y'all enjoy!

Erin Frame ©Aleine Skyfire, 2008

==Ships 50: Dare You to Dance==

One dared to believe in him; the other dared to believe in something beyond himself. Companion anthology to the 'For Good' saga.

==1. Young==

Rating: K+
Summary: Sometimes, he looked at her and felt that she was older.

Warnings: none
Word Count: 234

He never thought of her as young.

Well, almost never, anyway, and certainly not as a kid, though he'd called her that a few times. Always annoyed her. She could be pretty cute when she got worked up…

But the fact that he was actually old enough to be her father almost never occurred to him. She was young by any standards, but when they talked, she seemed so much older. She seemed as though she lived much more than two decades. She spoke with a deliberateness and a maturity he didn't often see in other girls her age.

Sometimes, he looked at her and felt that she was older.

It was the eyes that did it. The big brown eyes that looked like they should have been smiling and carefree… and they weren't. Memory, pain, and something else he couldn't quite fathom lurked in those dark eyes, instead. They made her look so very old, sometimes.

But she was beautiful in that premature aging. In that first meeting, he'd seen her spirit before he'd even seen her face, and he had never looked at a woman that way before. The pale scars left as a reminder from the explosion that trapped her in this time period… they didn't matter. She had been beautiful to him.

She still was.

Warp Darkmatter only wished he could get up the nerve to tell Erin Frame that.

Author's Note:

Short but sweet! If you've ever read Breakaway and still wondered why Warp would be interesting in a girl twenty years his junior… this is the answer. To him, she's not young.

Next week comes something I've been promising for years now—an insertion of Erin into my forever-favorite, "Ancient Evil". Just one little scene, and pretty introspective at that, but that's what shippin' collections are all about! Stay tuned!

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