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==14. Ice Cream==

Rating: T
Summary: Life in ice cream? Seriously? Who'd have thought?

Warnings: A bit cracky—you have been warned.
Word Count: 262

It started out as a joke: a comment made by one of her teammates that had the rest of them building off of it until they were constantly referencing it and no one else got the joke. Epic silliness at first… until the idea lodged itself in her mind and refused to let go. Not that it was all that bad, but…

Seriously. Ice cream?

Looking at life through different flavors of ice cream.

Vanilla constituted a good day. It was straightforward and simple. (Vanilla constituted a day that she and Warp had congenial contact with each other.)

Chocolate constituted a deep day. A deep day was complicated and often both wonderful and terrible. (Chocolate could be a day in which they fought and afterwards apologized.)

Triple chocolate was a deep day amped up to eleven.

Strawberry was a mild day. (Strawberry was a subtle gesture on the part of either of them, but it had to mean "I love you.")

Mint was a happening day. (Mint was a hug or a kiss.)

Cookies-and-cream was more than happening—it was serious action. (Cookies-and-cream was the two of them out on a secret date that shouldn't be happening.)

In reality, vanilla was her longtime favorite flavor, with mint and cookies-and-cream tying for second place. In reality, she didn't like chocolate as an ice cream flavor all that much, which was weird when one considered her chronic chocoholism. But in context, she preferred chocolate days, because every chocolate day brought Warp closer to coming home.

Life in ice cream. Seriously? Who would have thought?

Author's Note:

Re-reading it, it's just as weird as it was when I first wrote it. I can't tell if it's brilliant-weird or just plain weird… Ah well. Hope y'all enjoyed it anyway!

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