Hinata's Problem

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Hinata had a problem.

It hadn't been that bad before he left, but with his return she couldn't keep it quiet anymore. It was clawing at her mind and distracting her from being capable of rational thought.

Naruto had returned to the village and Hinata had been aware of their return hike into town with Jiraiya for the last ten minutes.

One of the little known facts, outside of the clan at least, is that 80% of the Hyuuga clan can activate their bloodline, 25% of those people are chakra sensors, and a fraction of a percent of the sensors are chakra tracers. Tracers are people who can act very much like a bloodhound, tracking people over extreme distances by the feel of their chakra alone. Hinata belongs to that last group having been exposed to a certain chakra in the second to last month of her mother's pregnancy. When the Kyuubi attacked Konoha she had been happily dozing beneath her mother's heart enjoying the warmth of her environment and the soothing *thump thump* above her. The malevolent chakra of the beast had washed over her, inundating her senses and forever ruining her chakra tracer sense, except for Kyuubi's chakra. She had been able to feel Naruto from anywhere in Konoha and surrounding areas the instant the beast was sealed into his belly button.

When she had been younger this hadn't bothered her much, she just felt an attraction to the young boy and had stal …followed him around and watched him from a distance. That had been enough at the time to keep the strange feelings at bay. As they had grown older her need to be close to him had evolved into a crush of fairly massive proportions as she watched the other girls around her flock to the Uchiha's side, and did what was natural for young girls. It is a well-known fact that girls tend to mature faster than boys, but Naruto took this to extremes as he was completely clueless about any woman around him other than Sakura. Kami above how Hinata hated Sakura! Had Naruto shown Hinata a shred of the affection he attempted to lavish upon Sakura she would have dragged him into a corner to have her way with him, sadly the boy showed nothing of the sort and as far as Hinata could tell he never would.

Then he had gone off on his training trip with Jiraiya leaving the village for three long, long years. Once he was miles out of the village his presence in Hinata's mind faded, she could still feel his general location, but that feeling of fullness had slowly left her. This had happened a few times before, when he had gone out of the village, and it had irritated Hinata to no end. She had managed to keep it from her family, no small feat in a clan of people with x-ray vision and a pathological need to feel superior, but she had on these occasions broken into Naruto's apartment and sated her need for his chakra by taking in what had soaked into the apartment in the years he had lived there.

That had lasted a whole two months after he left with Jiraiya, and with the loss of her source of his chakra she had nearly gone mad at the emptiness. Her family and the Hokage had marked it down to a genjutsu she had been hit with in a recent mission taking effect late. Her father had run her ragged in Byakugan exercises for a month afterward for shaming their clan by having the audacity to be affected by a genjutsu, they were Hyuuga, Hyuuga did not fall into genjutsu, not with their all-seeing eyes!

In retrospect, the harsh training, morning, noon, and night, may have been the only thing that had kept her from going off the deep end in those early days while she weaned herself off of the dependency to the fox's chakra. After the constant training had slackened off somewhat she still visited Naruto's apartment from time to time in a vain attempt to gather some of his chakra. Each attempt left her feeling hollow and left her crying herself to sleep on his thin mattress. Eventually she had given up, but it hurt, both missing the chakra and Naruto himself. He had been her unknowing rock, a source of constant inspiration, and with him gone her world seemed gray and dreary. It wasn't just her; she could see that others were affected by the lack of the little blonde ball of energy.

But it was over! FINALLY! She could feel him again, and that empty hole in her had begun to refill and it felt SO GOOD. She felt complete for the first time in almost three years and she was near to bursting out in song over the fact. She was currently sparring with Kiba and was having a difficult time maintaining concentration on the fight as she mentally tracked the Naruto from that glorious chakra; it had grown so much over the intervening years. Her loss of concentration should have lost her the fight instantly, but she was letting off a certain scent that was distracting Kiba even more, evening the odds.

When she was younger staying close to the young boy from time to time was enough. When they entered the academy, and she entered puberty, she had needed to be closer more often, which had been fine with them both being at the academy five days a week. Once they had become genin she had a lack of Naruto time, but had made up for it at his apartment when he was gone on missions and she wasn't. When he had left she'd gone through withdrawal like symptoms and cleansed her system eventually. With his return it was like the flood gates had been opened and on her more mature body and mind the result was much less subtle.

Hinata Hyuuga's panties were soaked clear through and her nipples could cut glass, had you been able to see them through her thick jacket.

Kiba's bloodline nose had caught the scent of the woman he had been chasing for years, her arousal obvious and it was driving him nuts. He was having trouble fighting to the best of his ability with his dick being so hard and his instincts screaming at him to bend Hinata over the nearest rock and have his way with her.

He had made the unfortunate mistake of thinking that the woman in front of him was hot and heavy for him, and in a moment he would pay for that. In an inspired move Hinata launched forward, no longer being able to wait to go find Naruto, and hit Kiba with twin jyuuken strikes to both sides of his hips. Kiba dropped to the ground as he lost all sensation in his legs and could no longer hold himself up. Hinata sketched a quick bow to him, her sensei and Shino and excused herself from the training ground with a soft sigh of "Naruto-kun is back!"

Kiba had been moaning in pain on the ground and so didn't hear her, Kurenai giggled slightly at the antics of her student and Shino, well, Shino stood there woodenly as usual.

"Oh, I wonder what he's like now? How tall is he? How much has he grown?" Hinata mused to herself as she launched herself across rooftops and over trees where necessary to follow her sense to her Naruto-kun. The last thought there had nothing to do with his height and much more to do with some of his… other… measurements. Being gifted with x-ray vision and burdened with a supressed libido she had known and watched the boys grow into men when she had been younger. She almost felt bad for the one who finally bagged Sasuke, that poor girl was in for a little surprise, emphasis on little. Not her Naruto-kun though, at 13 he had been able to measure up to a large number of fully grown men and she couldn't wait to see what the years in between had done for her future plaything.

She leapt over a particularly tall building and dropped to the ground, stopping in awe as he came into the range of her active Byakugan. He looked delicious, tall, just muscular enough, and those eyes, those penetrating all forgiving eyes, were still that piercing shade of cerulean blue that made her melt. Her eyes also spied out a certain part of the man's body and she smiled, vindicated in knowing that the Naruto had been far from full grown when he had been younger.

~glurkle~ (1)

The eyes, among other things, did other very interesting things to her lower extremities as well.

She had just a few blocks before the boy came close enough to affect her more than he was already, and she intended to do more than stammer and faint like she had when she was younger. She had discovered years ago that the closer he got to her the more she was physiologically affected, more blood rushed to certain parts of her body, cheeks included, and she tended to feel somewhat faint with the feelings that stirred in her. The closer he got the worse it became and in her youthful confusion she had previously either run away before it affected her too badly, or stood her ground and met it as he got too close.

"I'm a grown woman now! I should be able to handle this, I can do it!" Hinata swore to herself.

She walked out from around the corner, her hands unconsciously pulling the zipper of her jacket much lower than its accustomed resting place under her chin. Leading with her chest a somewhat feral look in her eyes she strode forward. Naruto's eyes perked up and his smile went wide as he spotted the first of his precious people since meeting the Hokage.

"Hinata-Chan," the enthusiastic boy cried out as he ran up to her to greet his friend.

At 15 meters she felt the edge of his personal bubble of chakra, absolutely massive for anyone his age, or even for those twice his age, wash over her and felt the dampness in her panties redouble in appreciation.

At 10 meters she started to breathe heavily and felt her knees weaken as his ambient chakra washed through her, more intimate then any lovers embrace.

At 5 meters hers eyes started to droop as the effects started to cumulate on the poor girl, and she could sense that she was about to drop to the floor.

Contact, full body contact in fact, as Naruto swept her into a warm hug.

"Ungh, oh KAMI-SAMA, UNGH!" The words and grunts escaped Hinata's mouth involuntarily as she came with the force of a dozen freight trains. Her vision began to white out as libido supressed for three long teen years hit her in the span of a ten second long double orgasm that could have supplied the entirety of Konoha with power for a decade such was its force. Actual body contact with Naruto after such a long period of withdrawal from his presence was too much to bear and despite her preference she hung loose in Naruto's arms, insensate and unconscious from the massive orgasm and being filled with Naruto's chakra.

"Oh man, did I hug her too hard? I know that civilians aren't as durable as shinobi, but Hinata's a kunoichi, she should have been okay. I better take her to Obaa-chan and get her checked out." Decision made Naruto put the girl in a bridal style carry and leapt to the rooftop to make his way to the hospital.

At some point myself and a few other friends decided that while dicks have plenty of noises associated with their state change (shwing etc.) the female form needed its own, and thus glurkle was born. Glurkle is the sound of a vagina crying out in need and sometimes frustration as well as the noise of it becoming very, very damp, in the very, very, fun way.

AN: This little plot bunny has been bugging me for awhile and I decided that I'd put it down on paper. What if there was a physical reason for Hinata's blushing and stuttering? What if Naruto's presence caused her to react as if they were being intimate? This isn't the end and there will be much more fun had at Hinata's expense and embarrassment before this stories conclusion.